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  1. We got the notice about the Health Assessment today (sailing on Saturday) - but when going to the site, it's not there. Several of us have looked and so far, nothing. Is this a common problem?
  2. WE are on the Freedom on Oct 9 - can't wait to set foot on her again!
  3. In the past I have often gone to the lido buffet and mixed iced tea and lemonade. During these covid times is that self service bar open for drinks of lemonade or iced tea etc.?
  4. You'all have made me feel much better about it. I'm feeling like we don't HAVE to have it printed - but I will check with the hotel and see about a printer. I DO like to have a paper to back me up, JUST IN CASE......2 Weeks from today - I'll be getting on the Freedom!! Finally! Thanks again
  5. I'm hoping that "results on the phone notification" will work - as we'll be driving down for two days and not positive I will have access to a printer by the time my Antigen Rapid test results arrive.
  6. #1 Posted just now I don't KNOW that you have to print it. That's just what we do. I'm assuming you can access your email directly on your smartphone. It is certainly possible that a screenshot of the letter is acceptable. Someone here can confirm that. So, if true, you can simply download it in the car via 4G. Yes, we all have smart phones and we all have the CVS app on our phones - so we will have access to THEIR site as well as to the emails they are supposed to be sending us. - if we can just show that at the port - then we are good to go. If not, then I need to find access to a printer along the way - or WAIT possible an extra couple hours to start the drive...
  7. Right - but you still have to have a printer available. I'll check with my Miami hotel tomorrow and see if they have a computer and printer.
  8. Not bad return time - but we have at least 7 hours of driving on Thursday and another 8 or so on Friday. I don't especially like driving late at night - so it's looking like we'll have to wait to print and have a shorter day on Thursday and a couple extra hours on Friday. Not overly fond of THAT much driving in a day - but may be no alternative
  9. I was hoping to not have to go home and wait for all of our results and have to print them before we could leave town. Sounds like my "late start" to the drive may be a bit later
  10. For those of you that have have your Rapid Antigen testing at CVS - did you have to wait the at pharmacy for your results? I was of the understanding they would be sent to you, but we booked our todays - and their instructions say that you are to remain in your car for the results. I'm not sure that is truly the case but need to know - as we are heading out for the drive to Miami after the tests are completed. It's a long drive and I don't want to lose more time than we already are by getting the test done that morning.
  11. Super - thank you. Then when we get there - our account will be ready to go. Sounds great!
  12. I don't attach my personal account to my Carnival account. I only use cash or carnival gift cards. I normally do this once I get on board. But, does anyone know if I can deposit PRE-cruise, so I don't have to carry cash or even bother with the Carnival Gift cards. I would prefer to have my Sign and Sail funded BEFORE I get there. Is this possible?
  13. My husband, the the last few years, has used walkers, wheelchairs and scooters. We've not had cruises lately with tenders so I can't answer that question - but I want to assure you, regardless, you will have a great time. Enjoy what you can - just don't over-do it, and wear yourself out.
  14. Thanks - I do have the booking numbers. I am the "unofficial" cruise manager - and the one that looks into everything and lines most things up with their approval of course. So, all of them are showing on my carnival website page. If I can indeed go in and get the times picked, and save them, they can go back later and do the account info etc. Thanks so much
  15. It's been a while - and I don't remember what all info we need to complete our check-ins. I know that's when we pick our "arrival time", can I complete just that part and finish the rest the next day or two? I will likely be handling it for several of our cruisers - as not all of them seem to get to those types of things immediately. And that is one thing they will need to do pretty quickly on their allotted day.
  16. We will be stopping at St Kitts, St Maarten, San Juan, and amber cove. Do these ports accept cash? we don't use Credit Cards and not using my personal debit if I can avoid it on islands. How about buying a generic visa or Mastercard? Do they accept those?
  17. I didn't know if it was done automatically or not. You are correct, Guest Services always accommodates - but I like to avoid it at the beginning day, as they are typically swamped. Thanks
  18. I have normally cruised with DH - and we had one JOINT account. So OBC just went to that account. This year, DH cannot go so I have a friend going with me instead. We have some OBC that we have earned through a couple different promotions. Will that $ be divided between our two accounts - or will it be all on one account?
  19. I think I know the answer, but wanted to get opinions anyway. We originally booked Early Saver (21 months ago, for our Oct cruise). A few months ago, I decided to go for the Casino P1R rate that was being offered. Now that same P1R rate has dropped by another $140 per person. Does the fact that I originally started as Early Saver have any bearing on being able to get the lower rate now? It seems like on prior cruises, we had multiple drops even after full payment, when Early Saver was no longer being offered. Thoughts on this?
  20. Just a bit curious, with all the safety precautions, are there fewer tables in the dining room or are they spread out a little more than usual to keep a little social distancing, or it just the same as always?
  21. A few cruises ago, we hit 75 while ON a cruise. However, we were considered platinum for that entire cruise.
  22. I read something on here a couple weeks ago, about the Platinum gifts - that they are not automatically in your room at this point. It told where you had to go or what you had to do to get them all. Unfortunately, I did not think to print that out. If anyone comes across it, and can repost it, I would certainly appreciate it. I don't mind going and getting things or setting them up, I just need to know where to go and for what. Thanks very much
  23. I'm just a little confused reading all of this. Can someone tell me what the cost is for this "at home" test? Is it a base price to get 6 tests? or can you buy them individually or in smaller numbers? There are several of us going - some of us are on Medicare - and the rest all have insurance through their work. WE are also located over 3 states, so we'll be doing them, for the most part, individually.
  24. I've tried to find an answer to this by reading, but finally gave up. As Platinum, we normally get a couple of bags of laundry done for us. Is this still being done during this "covid" period where some things have been eliminated/changed? Just trying to figure out for sure, because it will affect the amount of clothing I take. Thank you
  25. Thanks for the clarification. Have ALL ships changed to that method, or just the newer ones. I just want to make sure we are all prepared. We've cruised quite a few times, but this is the first I heard of that.
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