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  1. Hi Hoya, I believe we will be on the same cruise on Riviera! Will look forward to meeting up! I also agree that velvet is for cold northern climates and not Caribbean but hey, we are not fashion police, so by all means everyone should suit themselves. I also think that even if you are on a ship where “country club casual” is the standard, that NYE and holiday season are special and dressier clothes are called for. If you don’t dress up then, then when?
  2. Well thank you Langley!! Yes, I will be bringing some bling! Hah. Thanks so much for your post.
  3. thank you. this has been helpful. Im planning on packing dressy black skirt and several dressy tops to mix like black crepe, silky red plus a sparkly wrap or two. I always bring several pashminas and thin cardigan. It is freezing in dining rooms as stated. Also have slacks to go with the tops. Daytime just a couple of capris pants and tops. One long tropical type dress. I hope to spend a lot of daytime in beach and pool attire!
  4. Thanks so much for taking the time to write that! Much appreciate and was helpful. I am also wondering about colors - Do you pack bright and light colored summer things ... for example, would you wear a summer sundress or white slacks etc or are you sticking to black for evening - or bringing some of both?... Any other time of year and I wouldn't even have a question. Thanks again.
  5. Have not been on a cruise to Caribbean before although have gone to Aruba during holidays several times. What do I pack esp for evening? 14 days over Xmas and new year leaving from Miami to various southern Caribbean ports and key west. I went shopping and everything being sold now of course is lots of black, red, sparkles, gold, winter white etc. Should I bring summer colors and styles? Will it be warm and summery? Especially want to know what to wear evenings. Only bring summer clothes or some of the lighter weight typical Xmas holiday type stuff? Can’t pack everything. Bought a nice winter white outfit with sweater top. Is this going to be ridiculous in that climate and look silly? Thanks all.
  6. I have learned a lot from some of these posts. Thats the point of a message board. Its not to pre-empt medical advice, certainly. To the person who wanted to know why I posted this question at all.... that's why.
  7. FLY EAGLES FLY! ( also from Philly) We are both going to get the HepA vaccines. Thanks for all the input from everyone here.
  8. Thanks New Cruiser. Appreciate. This stuff is not cut and dried which is why I posted in the first place. UPenn Infectious disease and travel med and the CDC state that immunity lasts for twenty years after two shots. I’m about twenty two years since. they said that one shot for me might suffice as yes a “booster”.
  9. CDC also suggests Typhus vaccination in the same sentence where they suggest HEP A yet most ppl would not get and do not need Typhus vaccine.
  10. What other random people on the internet do should have no influence on your decision making process about your health. Really? Gee I never would have figured that out on my own. I realize what you are saying. People come to message boards for opinions which i find helpful. I do believe I have the adequate IQ and intelligence to come to the correct conclusions but thanks for the warning "Mom".
  11. Would never have thought about getting it again (first time for husband) but i saw something mentioned on a message board about it. - Found out that CVS has it in stock and with our insurance a little under $80.00 per shot. I called BC/BS directly and they said not covered - but the pharmacist put it into the computer for me and found out that insurance actually WILL cover a portion of it. BC/BS rep on the phone was wrong. They often are.... it takes so many calls and digging around and due diligence for just about everything these days - almost like a full time job. Thanks for your reply.
  12. We will be going on a 14 day cruise to many different Caribbean ports. CDC says Hepatitis A is recommended. I had it in 1998 (two doses) before travelling to the Med. My husband never did. We were wondering if we really need it. It is not cheap (but getting sick is obviously much worse). 39 per person for consult at Infections Disease and Travel medicine dept plus each shot is about 86.00 (you need two each) - one of them at least 10 days before travelling and the second one six months later. Some people have said that Hep A can be contracted almost anywhere - it is a food and water borne virus. Two shots I heard are said to confer immunity for up to 20 years. I may only get one shot as a booster. However, I know so many people who go on Caribbean cruises and I have never heard of anyone talking about or having gotten this immunization. The CDC however, does suggest it. Just curious about what my fellow cruisers know and think about this topic.
  13. Thank you. yes that is the simplest. we used uber to go to airport in our hometown. worked out well. Thx again.
  14. LHT snd STEERAGE Joe (awesome map btw thanks!!); great suggestions both of you much appreciate. its not the cost of two transfers but trying to minimize hassle.
  15. Hi, We are leaving on a cruise in December out of port of Miami and want to fly in to MIA the day before. Anyone have suggestions for best and easiest way to do this? Are there any hotels where you could get directly from your flight at MIA to the hotel without needing a taxi or shuttle (walking). If not, are there any hotels near to the cruise ship terminals and or near to the airport that might provide transportation. Looking for hotel suggestions and ideas. Never sailed out of Miami before. Was looking at a Marriot at Biscayne Bay - but trying to avoid two taxi trips (i.e. from the airport to the hotel and then the next day to the cruise ship terminal) - THANKS ALL! I apologize if there are already threads about this - I searched and could not find.
  16. Thank you KLFrodo. Our issue is that I have a 91 year old mother. While maybe we can absorb a 12 K loss on the cost of a cruise - I sure would not want to risk that much money. I looked at the policy onine in detail that Oceania has.... (Aon underwrites it) - it does not contain clear language that says you are covered for cancellation due to a family member who is not travelling with you - that is a glaring omission. I am not a lawyer but I can read. In contrast, the Alllianz policies clearly state in two separate paragraphs what is covered for both family members travelling with you and not travelling with you. We don't really have any pre-existing conditions right now = even my mother - that we need to be concerned about. last cruise Atlas travel provided us with coverage via Allianz that was their own "custom blend" - it allowed pre-existing condition coverage however you did not have to pay for it until you paid the final deposit. If you purchase Allianz on your own - they will not cover you unless you pay for the policy in full within 10 days of initial deposit. That is too soon to cough up that much money imho. Also, the Citi Advantage American Airline card has excellent medical and evac coverage on it. This is way too complicated for me. I have a headache now (that may be a pre-existing condition - 😉 ) - thank you for that email - I have written it down for future reference. Take care. Happy sailing.
  17. Thanks so much for your response LDV. I think you are correct. I find that insuremytrip website borderline useless. No real descriptions given. I may actually look into the Oceania policy. They don’t make you pay for it until final payment. If it’s a couple hundred more or less than competitor may be worth it to just go with them. I like to save money as much as anyone else does, but at a certain point the hassle factor and value of my time just isn’t worth it.
  18. We have a premium credit card with American Airlines. CitiBank Advantage. Before 2017 it gave $5,000 per insured of excellent trip insurance coverage. They still offer the same coverage but now it is only $5,000 per TRIP. We recently went on a cruise and travel agent placed a policy with Allianz. They said they would not insure us unless we purchased coverage based upon the full value of the cruise. Is there a way to just purchase supplemental coverage. I do not feel as if I researched this adequately. Thank you.
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