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  1. We Brits adore a well maintained and orderly queue, lockdown and new covid procedures have allowed us to revel in the beauty of a well spaced and maintained queue that everyone understands and adheres to. This will be no problem on my May 12th Sailing on Sirena, the over abundance of Brits on that cruise will happily mentor and help others understand the intricacies of a good queue 🙂
  2. this might not be true if the number of passengers is “greatly reduced” as was sent to me via email this past week.
  3. is there a number of days restriction on buying a drinks package? For example the P&O package is not available on cruises of less than 7 days duration. I am on the 4 day Scotland cruise by cruise in March next year (covid willing) so the drinks package may not be available.
  4. I have three cruises for 2021, never had so many booked - I am usually lucky if I get one every two years! I’ve been taking advantage of rock bottom pricing and been able to move the last one (Arcadia cruise) twice to accommodate better offers and snagged a suite guarantee for just a tad over the price of 10 days on a premium line in May in an inside accessible. If they don’t happen I have a lovely savings plan coming back to me, or an enhanced line of credit. if they do happen I will have had 3 lovely cruises on three very different lines and sizes of ship to enhance my experience of different lines in order to make even better decisions for future cruising. I am looking forward to trying small ships with Oceania, very formal with Cunard and hopefully an amazing suite experience with P&O. Turn the situation to your advantage, I very much feel like I have. March, May and October... one of those at least will go. 2022 will be easier, and I think those that are more conservative in their feelings about the safety of cruising will be more amenable to a cruise. We have a much higher chance of having a vaccine and also the economy will be in a better shape and Brexit will be more settled. I am definitely looking forward to 2022 cruise offering being announced as it will be a tombola year for me so I am wanting a nice cruise to celebrate.
  5. The photo is of a stand inside, yes, my attention was drawn to the bottom bullet point not the photo. I am aware that the layout is different.
  6. Interesting, thank you! More than likely not going to change this cabin, but thats good info to know - thank you! It would seem that the two other accessible insides on deck 4 on Sirena are now no longer available, which might be part of their Covid planning.
  7. It’s certainly a good point. At this point we either have a nice cruise in a cabin of some sort but probably not the cabin we booked, or we have a tdy savings plan financially backing up a cruise line we like to use, with the potential of a 25% return in said investment.
  8. I think so yes. I am interested to see if they leave us in the one attached to the medical centre. Time will tell I suppose.
  9. I also noticed this - one of the OV on the opposite side from 4035 is also an accessible. Not always marked on the deck plan however.
  10. Waiting on being moved from 4035 on Sirena for our 5/21 trip as it has an interconnecting door to the medical centre...Not had any feedback from Oceania about it yet.
  11. That’s exactly what put me off FO. I am also a fan of Aurora. These new Fred ships will pretty much be direct competition for Aurora and Arcadia. I can’t quite work out whether that will be a good or bad thing for their future in the P&O fleet.
  12. Yeah I am sure I saw that the new itins with the new ships were being released tomorrow. I always wanted to try Fred, but the mid priced cabins always looked a bit bleak. having followed the Amsterdam on a couple of world cruise blogs I am very curious about her.
  13. Let’s hope they are paying attention the pricing and offering of Fred now that the have the two larger ships and really are more in direct competition with P&O. I am certainly looking forward to seeing what Ffed has on offer tomorrow when they release itins. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the old HAL Amsterdam Ship becomes their new RTW vessel, which will further put stress onto P&O.
  14. Brugge (Zeebrugge) and Rotterdam are both lovely destinations, I can’t give any advice about Hamburg. I did 7 day Aurora cruise with these destinations in November last year and we enjoyed it a lot, I’d definitely do it if it was on an adult only ship - even if just to give him a break from kids 😉 It’s nothing tropical or exotic, but for a relaxing restful time and a couple of interesting places to have a look around then definitely go for it 🙂
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