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  1. Hey...I had forgotten about that 'work around'...not thinking like a 'solo' anymore...😉 Thanks for reminding me!🙂
  2. And before Sydney, was St. John's, NL.... I like them all....🙂
  3. I have usually gotten a sailaway inside or above, for less than what a studio cost, by waiting to book late. I did book a studio once, just for the experience. I would not do it again. My main complaint was having the shower area and sink, within the bedroom. The shower often leaked out onto the floor. Only the toilet is in a tiny separate room.
  4. I was there when the OP returned to the ship. I will agree, that the security firm screening were very nice and polite. As far as bringing visitor's on board at various ports of call, there is nothing mentioned in Oceania's website policies. I called them, and first they said that they do not permit it due to 'security' concern's. When I mentioned that I had seen it in many ports of call on my ATW cruise, they said that the world cruise was an 'exception' to that policy, due to its extreme (180 day) length, but it still required advance (at least 48 hours) permission from the special services office in Miami, including full names and passport or official ID number's of each guest. I too am puzzled by the 'fine'... I don't see how it could be a "cabotage" issue, as that would be for boarding in one port, and disembarking in another port in the same country, on a 'foreign' registered ship...not getting off in one, traveling overland, and then reboarding in another port in that same country. In the USA, it is covered by the PVSA (Passenger Vessel Services Act) https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/23/~/the-jones-act-%26-the-passenger-vessel-services-act Note that the "Jones Act" only covers transport of freight. In fact, Oceania shore excursion's on world cruises offer several so-called "Overland Tours", that do just that...disembark in one port, and reboard in another...could be in the same or different countries. So...I am still puzzled over that fine...I have never heard of the longshoreman's union objecting to passenger's carrying their own bags aboard....only objection would be if ship personnel came ashore and carried passenger's bags. That is the longshoreman's job, to put 'checked' baggage aboard.... * One other thing I noticed that day...there was a nice souvenir market set up in a tent outside the terminal for the passenger's to shop at, with several vendor's. We saw several local's ask to come in to shop, as well as other tourists, that arrived by other means, but the security guards would not let them. All they would have to do, would be move the 'checkpoint' to the other end of the tent, where it adjoined the terminal building. Our relatively small ship did not provide very much traffic for the vendor's, and I am sure they would have welcomed the additional business. I suppose the local shop's might have something to do with them not allowing anyone but ship passenger's access....
  5. Since my new wife and I both have owned the required 100 shares, and since they only give one benefit per cabin, and no other dividend... it makes no sense to hold her shares any longer (not even as an “investment”). So we will sell her shares, and use the proceeds toward the purchase of RCCL stock.
  6. I was still on the ATW cruise when they made the “cutover” from outside bottled water, to the ship-refilled bottles of Vero Water.... however, as of July 8th, they were still providing small bottles of outside bottled water to take off when going ashore...
  7. I had that issue in my cabin (428), at the beginning of my ATW cruise... The plumber came and opened the cabinet outside my cabin, and discovered that the filters were clogged with “rust?”... He changed the filters, and the water cleared up for a couple of days. Then the discolored water returned. He came back and said that for some reason, they attached my cabins inlet line down to Deck Three’s supply during the drydocking. He would need several hours to change my supply line to the decks above me. I have no idea what difference that should or would make, but.... it worked somehow, and my water was clear for the rest of the six month long cruise.
  8. I like it mainly because dinner there takes very little time, compared to the MDR, where it can take over two hours if seated at a large table. And all the other reason's mentioned above...
  9. I'm doing great, Lisa...thanks for asking. Did you clear the wait list for the next cruise?
  10. Just because I happened to recall reading that number, I don't want to give anyone the impression that I ever did laps in pursuit of some fitness goal... I thought it might come in handy some day as a trivia quiz answer....my main exercise was never using the elevator's....a lot of good that did me...🙄 😉
  11. I believe it's 13.3 ....
  12. The reservation system, if done properly, would not put any cancelled space on a wait-listed ship back on sale, until the wait list is polled, If the wait list is cleared, only then should unsold space go back on sale. Could be programmed automatically or done manually....
  13. Thank you. I did read those negative comments in the other review's posted, and while my view is certainly from a different perspective than those doing segments, I think that most of the ATW passenger's, or at least many that I knew, treated segment passenger's warmly, and friendly. I can understand resentment for being excluded from certain ATW events, but there were usually no more than one or two of those, per segment, and there were plenty of other parties that were shared by all of the guests on board. I have never seen any instance of crew showing any preferential treatment of any passenger's over any other.
  14. I got on the wailist about a year before departure, even putting down a deposit. As expected, on final payment date, six months out, there were several cancellation's. However....I found the wailist to be very unsatisfactory....Late at night, while the 'O' office was closed, I noticed an inside cabin available. I thought, good, that means they must have assigned me one. Not! When I called the office as soon as they opened, they said I had not been assigned one, and that there were still none available. I told them the cabin number I had seen available during the night, and they put me on hold for a while, and then apologetically told me someone had already 'grabbed it'. I asked why they didn't hold cancelled cabins, for those in order on the waitlist, and they admitted that there 'system' was not programmed that way.....they apparently only go to the waitlist if cabins remain unsold, so not knowing that, I missed my chance to grab it when I saw it. I aked to speak to a manager, and voiced my displeasure with their whole operation, saying how disappointed I was, and to kindly refund my deposit. A couple of days later, I got a call back from the manager, telling me they found another room for me. It turned out to be the accessible one, which I suspect they were holding the whole time, and finally decided to give it to me, to make up for not doing it the right way to begin with. I accepted it, and told them, that if someone needed it, I would be happy to trade for a regular room, but that never happenned...
  15. Just came on here to let anyone interested know that CC has posted my review....I would hope to see some more from my cruise mates.... https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=661007
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