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  1. This must be a "Hurtigruten thing"...on my recent extended cruise aboard the Roald Amundsen, we saw the top four ship officer's dining together in the public dining rooms for virtually every meal...I wonder if they even have an officer's 'mess' dining room on their ships....
  2. Interesting. Makes one wonder about how many other small ports around the world, that never see a cruise ship, may play 'host' to layed up cruise ship's...a great photo op, if nothing else...🙂
  3. Unfortunately...for the foreseeable future, memories is all we can grasp at... I would imagine that CC, along with other travel related message boards, has taken a big hit in use, since the last cruise ship has disembarked its remaining passenger's...🙁
  4. Maybe they are preparing (or were), to take it public? Or, perhaps the heirs are getting separate parts? All just my speculation, I have no clue...
  5. If MSC (all sides of it) are family owned privately, isn't that just "different pockets in the same pair of pants", so-to-speak?🙂
  6. I suppose that is why Maersk, the world's largest shipping company, is not in the cruise ship business. And the only other freight line besides MSC that still is, NYK, has reduced its cruise ship holdings to just one ship. I believe Hapag Lloyd has divested its cruise ship division... And the old-timer's, like Cunard, P&O, and HAL, have long been out of the freight business...
  7. Egads! We all know how well that system works out....just consider Boeing and their "Max"...🙄
  8. My wife and I were on that cruise, and I think that if anybody caught that virus, it was much more likely to be at the Santiago airport, or elsewhere on the trip home. So far, we have been home and doing well...
  9. Thanks...never knew that.... So plan B...just sleep on your balcony (with the door closed)....:)
  10. No, but as said, sailing to Antarctica, is a whole different matter.
  11. I was required to obtain such a health 'release' from my physician, before being allowed to join Hurtigruten's Antarctic expedition cruise. I think that in at least that situation, it is a good policy, as you are sailing into a place where there is no hope of medical evacuation in event of an emergency, not to mention the need to be in reasonably fit shape to participate in 'RIB' landing's... I might add, that I didn't have to take a new exam...the doctor provided it at the appropriate time based on my last periodic exam.
  12. Not only the SI Ferry, but the major New York subway stations used to have snack bars in them selling hot dogs, knishes, pizza, egg rolls, etc...along with gum and candy machines on the platform columns...not any more, to prevent littering.
  13. Best meal I have ever enjoyed on a cruise ship, was back in 2004, on the Celebrity Constellation. We had dinner in its "Ocean Liner Restaurant", which was a specialty restaurant that had authentic artifacts from the CGT Ile de France, and other famous liner's. We had the Steak Diane, prepared for us tableside...open flames are now outlawed in cruise ships. They also served us "butterfly style", with as many server's as there were patrons, at each table, serving each course, and even removing dishes, simultaneously. That all ended with the last major refit. Here's a link to give an idea of what once was... https://beyondships.com/Celebrity-Constellation-review-OceanLiners.html
  14. I had an unusual experience with my Latitudes status, a few years back, at the time they modified it to add Platinum Plus and Ambassador... I was Platinum at the time, but right after they changed the program, I was awarded Platinum Plus, even though I was about 20 points shy of that new level. I didn't think very much about it, dismissing it in my mind as they just "grandfathered' me into the Plus status, since I was at the highest on the old program. On my next cruise, my shipcard stated Platinum Plus, and I received the Plus benefits. However, a few months later, they must have discovered the error, and they 'downgraded' me to where I should have been. And my next cruise card reflected that. Since that time, I have gone over the required points, so now I am Platinum Plus, for the second time...😊
  15. We crossed the Drake Passage twice, to and from Antarctica, and then transited thru it a third time, on the same cruise. We were aboard the Hurtigruten "Roald Amundsen", which is a less than year old, hybrid powered expedition ship. At 20,000 or so GT, she is considerably larger than most Antarctic expedition ships, and still has a Polar Class 6, ice rating. We did encounter a strong gale, with 60 knot winds, and 8+ meter swells, but she did a great job keeping us relatively comfortable. There were occasional cases of sliding objects, and broken dishes, but overall, not so bad. My wife and I are good sailor's, fortunately, and we did not need any seasickness remedies.
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