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  1. IIRC, there used to be a means of clicking on a Yahoo messenger button for contact, if you enabled it in your profile, but that ended when they changed server's several years ago...
  2. You're correct! I did receive that. I also received early booking, and paid in full discounts, plus my Travel Agent and her consortium threw in some on board credit spending money....🙂
  3. I booked a back to back from St. Louis (Alton) to Louisville, Louisville to Pittsburgh. I received a 5% discount on the total fare, I suppose to give back the savings of not needing the Louisville hotel...
  4. I am sorry that I missed seeing that. I don't know FDR personally, only the little I've seen of him in the media so far, but my wife, Betsy, with her late husband Don, met him, and were favorably impressed. Not making excuses for him, but perhaps he was just frustrated and didn't think out his answers... As for vaccinations...I was under the impression that the entity doing vaccinations kept a record of it. In my case, it was the county health department. These should be able to serve as proof, and perhaps should be accessible....
  5. Yeah, our TA just forwarded the notice from 'O', that our 31 July, 53 day Northern Odyssey is canceled. They offered us space on the 46 day similar 2022 cruise, but it misses some of what this one offered, so we're going to do something else, instead.
  6. I think Cramer, who is a fan of FDR, pretty much let FDR say his whole piece, without any interruption, other than some positive reinforcement. I agree, FDR is an impressive spokesperson for the entire industry, and his leadership ability is clearly evident. You would have thought that Fain and Arison would be more outspoken, running the two largest cruise line conglomerates...
  7. Because of liability issues, I don't think any cruise line would dare be a part of that. I recall when HAL used to do that...if they couldn't find someone of the same sex, they would give you the whole cabin for half price, but that practice ended long ago...
  8. Looking for a 'middle ground'? How about these for a 'start'? If they handle it right, it might open up doors for more...🙂 https://www.americanqueensteamboatcompany.com/search-result/?destination=&selMonth=2021-04 https://www.americancruiselines.com/find-a-cruise?cruise=&date=Apr/2021&duration= https://www.alaska.org/cruises/small-ship-cruises
  9. As much as people are disappointed (myself included), people should realize that the CDC's mission is public health safety, first, and not recreation. If they allowed return to business as usual, and several outbreaks resulted, imagine how they would be looked at then.
  10. I don't think I could ever possibly top this one...😉🙂 https://www.oceaniacruises.com/oceania-experience/post/world-cruises/love-new-beginnings-aboard-insignia-2019-around-world-wedding
  11. Just noticed that the title of this thread says July 31st...shouldn't that be, July 30th?😕
  12. While the 'core' 180 day ATW is currently sold out, the extensions, before and aft, namely Miami to San Francisco, and San Francisco back to Miami (or on to New York) are available separately. At least one person doing the former has joined our ATW roll call. Whether one would consider those segments as part of the ATW may be debatable...and if Oceania markets them that way, why stop there? Why not add on the previous cruise(s) or later ones as well? I suppose that they might have, if they were one ways, but since they are round trips, it wouldn't make much sense. For exa
  13. Good topic. I have participated in many of these cabin crawls, on various ships and lines, through the years, and have organized a few of them, myself. They are very popular when an entirely new class of ships comes out, with new types of cabins and suites. Since most cruises sailed "full", this was the only opportunity to see other types of cabins than the one you were booked in, as the ship can't show you occupied cabins* that you might be interested in booking in the future. You also got to see so-called "secret cabins", that were in a broad category, but because of their location
  14. St. Pierre and Miquelon would make an interesting substitute for one day. They are the last French Overseas Territory left in North America....
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