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  1. Today was another fun day at sea... The entire ship’s crew entertained us with each department hosting a “booth” around the pool deck with appropriate skills activity, during the “Country Fair”... Participants received raffle tickets for various prizes, while the band played.😎
  2. Had a wonderful tour in Suva, Fiji yesterday...went to their cultural center, where we were treated to some wonderful historical performances by Fire-walkers, and dancers. They did a re-enactment of how their ancestors had tribal wars, and touched on cannibalism. The Suva bus terminal was organized chaos after school dismissal...
  3. Hi Bill! Since this is really “off-topic”, I will email you....😉
  4. Big O Officer’s Challenge around the pool... Crazy Golf, Baggo, Ping Pong, Pool Ring Toss, and Shuffleboard, passenger’s versus crew. Lot’s of fun.🙂
  5. bob brown

    Oceania and Regent Club Points

    Only RCCL owned companies have limited reciprocity between their individual loyalty programs. NCL Holdings does not, and neither do the Carnival Corporation companies...
  6. Fashion and Jewelry show, part 2... I go just to watch the models😉 Marcia looking stunning, as usual...🙂
  7. Everything to your satisfaction, Jim? 👌😉
  8. Sunday brunch at sea, in the dining room...
  9. Sitting here in the Horizon Lounge, after finishing Big O point activities. We did them indoors account wind and rain. I have to say we have been Blessed with great weather, the entire cruise. The port days have been great, and the worst weather on sea days, where it doesn’t matter much.🙂
  10. bob brown

    Hello from ATW 2019

    Why don’t you post on our “Live from...” thread? If we all contribute to the one thread, it makes it easier not to “miss” something..🙂
  11. Sharing the port with Hapag-Lloyd’s Europa 2, today...only the second other ship since leaving Miami...🙂
  12. And yet another gorgeous day in paradise...can it get any better than this?🙂
  13. Speaking of the Good Captain...
  14. Thanks! I take them with my phone. Then, I make a new post on the thread, then click on “click to choose files” then select recent photos then click on a few photos then click done it takes a very long time using the ships wifi, so I usually only do a few at a time. After they all appear, you click on submit reply... Good luck!🙂
  15. Took the “Tahiti’s Natural Treasure’s” tour. Very nice! And the weather held out for us, until I went back ashore after lunch.