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  1. I don’t think any of us will ever understand the logic of their systems, I fully expected to start chasing them in June. You never know maybe one day when all this madness is over we will see you onboard 😀
  2. So I have followed this thread all the way through, but not posted. We were due to sail not 19th April on Britannia which was cancelled on 30th March, I filled in the refund form online that day. I didn’t contact them at all since then. Low and behold have just checked credit card and refund has arrived today with a posting date of 18 May. Delighted to get it back. Hope everyone waiting has a good outcome soon 😀
  3. Absolutely. I would not be in a position to get a gp letter, my concern is being quarantined for 2 weeks or passing it on to my elderly father on return. I am 44 days out, so I can cancel by tomorrow and get back 40%. Or take a chance it might be cancelled and hope to get 100% back. I was hopeful they would follow princess' example, but its looking less likely.
  4. They have just added another paragraph on their website If you are concerned about travelling within balance due date due to medical reasons, we are now able to look at transferring your booking, if you can provide a letter from a medical practitioner/Doctor on headed paper which confirms that you are unfit to travel on your cruise.
  5. Due to go on Britannia 19 April, have been following forum with interest. Thoughts on whether we go or not have varied day by day, current view was that if it sails we would go. Had upgraded to a suite for hubby birthday, so 2k to lose. Now just read Flybe are due to go belly up so our flights (booked separately) look to be cancelled, at least that will be nearly £500 recovered as paid by credit card. We could drive to Southampton I suppose but selfishly hope that they cancel the cruise.
  6. The cookery club on B010 is available to book today :)
  7. Just wondering if the Glass House is open for lunch on boarding day? It was one of our favourite places on Azura, we would love to have lunch there once onboard Britannia, rather than the buffet.
  8. Thank you both! Seems like prices are similar to cruise planner, so will leave it until we are onboard ... 75 days and counting:)
  9. Good to hear! We are going in October. Could I ask if you noticed the onboard prices for chops and Giovannis? Am wondering how the price compares to booking in advance. Thanks.
  10. Always used our barclaycard for onboard account and never had a problem, have never pre-notified them before travel. I know that the authorisations on the card are generally higher than actual spending but it drops off a few days after cruise ends. I would be very annoyed if I had pre-paid for the drinks package before the cruise and I wasn’t able to order a drink!
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