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  1. Following along! We board on Saturday for a week, still haven’t made my mind up about the drinks package, we do drink so think it might be worthwhile. Lynn
  2. On our recent Harmony Cruise we disembarked at Southampton and collected our luggage and were nearly out of the terminal when I realised I had lifted the wrong bag which was identical to mine.... I only noticed because it seemed easier to wheel than normal. I hot footed it back and exchanged for the correct case, was very embarrassed but was very easy mistake to make.
  3. Oops maybe I am wrong, daughter usually buys a hoodie and I could have sworn they usually add 20% to the price ticket at the checkout. Oh well will be able to check in under 2 weeks :D
  4. Vat will still be charged in shops onboard. We stopped at Gibraltar last year and only difference was that the shop selling alcohol and cigarettes was open which normally remains closed if all EU ports.
  5. We upgraded to a GS last year on Anthem for very little about a week before sailing and were told we would lose the Select package that had been included, it was only a 3 night sailing so wasn't such a big deal. When we boarded they hadn't removed the package and we were able to just pay to upgrade it to premium. Not saying this will happen to you, maybe we just hit lucky! We also sailed on a 14 nighter on Explorer last year in a GS, the ship was full and I totally appreciated 2 things. First was use of chops grille for breakfast and also at lunch time you could get your food from windjammer and be seated in chops which meant no constant circling to get a seat. Second was suite sunlounger section, we always got a sunbed. To be honest we didn't use the suite lounge at all, so can't comment on that. Everyone is different but if I was in your position I would be trying to convince hubby to let me upgrade :D
  6. Hi, we are also on this cruise. Have you joined the rollcall? http://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/showthread.php?t=2196625 Lots of others may be able to give you advice on ports. We have booked ships excursion to Rome as it will be so busy, also ships excursion to Florence / Pisa. All the other ports we are just going to do our own thing. Regarding Nice/ monte Carlo, the train station in Ville Franche is very easy to get to so I think it is probably easy to do on your own, if you google tomsportguides you will find lots of useful information. Not sure about pre-booking the dining package, I think if you do they allocate first restaurant for 1st or 2nd night and then you book the rest on board. On explorer last year they were trying very hard to upsell these packages onboard so you should be able to purchase onboard. 3 weeks to go, getting excited :D
  7. Hi Claire, Do you know if they had the cheeseboard on the MDR menu still? Was on Harmony recently and was gutted it wasn't on that menu! And one other question.. did you use the voom internet? Was going to pre-purchase it but reading other reports, seems like it was rubbish, just wondering if it improved Thanks Lynn
  8. Oops last one was clearly not the balcony.... Let's try one last time!
  9. We stayed in gs 1324 last year, no noise or smoke issues, will try and upload some pics
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