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  1. Here in Canada's capital city there are encouraging signs: yesterday registered zero new virus cases and zero deaths with just one person in hospital. We can gather in groups of 10 preferable out doors, public pools and campgrounds are open, child care locations are operating with limits and the same with shopping malls. Next week I get my first hair cut since February. 😀 For a city of just a million we have really worked hard and long at bending this curve and we are feeling encouraged but very cautious at the same time. Just spent an absolutely great half hour going through river cruise sites just for a bit of a normal activity. Better days ahead I am sure. I would like to wish a very Happy Canada Day to all Canadian river cruisers. Stay healthy and safe everyone.
  2. "Baked Apple, if you look at the Douro Cruise available in August, the only one available departs Aug 30th, leading me to believe that Viking is planning on a September restart" You are absolutely correct and I totally missed it. Thanks for picking up on it. 🙂
  3. Yes, I noticed that as well. However, travelers can still book the Douro River cruises for August 2020 onward. I read recently that Portugal is opening tourism earlier than other European countries. Our government continues to advise against out of country travel; some Canadian provinces are also asking Canadians to stay in their own province at this time. Canada's western and eastern provinces are showing encouraging signs of managing the spread of COVID-19 while Quebec and Ontario are still facing challenges. So despite Portugal opening up to visitors sadly we won't be traveling this year.
  4. Here in my corner of Ontario, some restrictions have been lifted, caution is the key word though. We can go to garden centers now for example but we (and friends as well) are unsure we could/should. 😱 For weeks now we have been extra extra careful, just groceries and meds pick up, and this new 'freedom' is making me anxious even with physical distancing, gloves and masks. You? How are you handling this first preliminary taste of new normal? Also Happy Mother's Day!!
  5. We cancelled our Viking Rhine Getaway and our full refund was applied to our credit card a few days ago, which would have been 26 days after we cancelled.
  6. I continue to be totally in awe of front line personnel; amazing, awesome and selfless. Wow. Thank you so very very much.
  7. Hello all. We are very cautiously optimistic here in Canada's capital city. With a population of 1.1 million we have 1,150 cases with most recovered or recovering. Deaths in Long Care Homes for seniors is heart breaking though. Still closed: government offices, businesses, construction, schools and universities, parks, restaurants etc. etc Also still in place: Stay at Home mode and strict social distancing. According to reports we have 80 per cent compliance. This week our provincial government will announce new measures to ease restrictions expected to be economic related first and then social. We have been in Stay at Home mode for 47 Days so far. Yes, it is difficult and each day adds to anxiety but we will stay the course I am sure. Like so many on this board we should have cruising on the Rhine/Danube in two weeks but it is what it is and there are brighter days ahead. Funny how we adjust, just a few weeks ago dinner was often hurried as we always had something to do or somewhere to go, now it is becoming the highlight of the day! LOL. Stay safe and healthy.
  8. Haha! Our city really does resemble a "Still Life" right now!!
  9. Here in Canada's capital city it is so quiet and really for the most part residents are adhering to the Stay At Home advice. Of course everything except grocery stores, pharmacies and the liquor (!) stores are closed. Sadly this week parking lots for all our City parks were cordoned off to discourage gatherings and large Closed signs were installed. Traffic is extremely light; if I needed to I could easily cross a four lane major route without using the Walk/Don't Walk signs anytime. Public transportation is running but on a very limited basis. We have been told we are just entering a very difficult phase and to go out only when absolutely necessary and maintain strict social distance; we have been warned that the next two weeks is critical in this effort to flatten the curve. Its somber but the sunshine, budding trees and emerging spring flowers help brighten the day. Friends and family tell me they are keeping busy with reading, board games, cards, lots of baking, house cleaning (and more house cleaning) and now some garden work where we can. Thank goodness for Facetime and similar. I shop for groceries once every 10 days and it is a fast in and fast out event using mask and gloves and a very strict list! It is what it is and we do what we can to help flatten the curve. Please stay safe and healthy and look forward to the time we can be back on the rivers.
  10. This afternoon the Ontario Government issued, to our televisions, radios and cell phones, an Emergency Alert on COVID-19. In part it reads ... " Everyone but essential workers need to stay home. Only go out if absolutely necessary to pick up groceries, prescriptions or go to a medical appointment." It can't be any clearer than that! As they are saying in our area: this is definitely not a drill. Very sobering indeed. A million thanks for the front line workers who will get us through this. Stay safe and healthy everyone until we can come back to Cruise Critic to swap opinions and recommendations on Excursions on the rivers.
  11. That is a good question. We were scheduled to cruise next month on the Rhine / Danube but of course not going anywhere this summer and most likely not even in the Fall. I doubt we would re-book until there is an 'all clear' and a vaccine to be truthful. Also I wonder how much time those wonderful European countries will need to recover and be in a place where tourists would even be welcomed. I'm being optimistic here in thinking that the cruise companies will be able to withstand the financial impact and be back on the rivers.
  12. Travelers, I just received an e-mail from Viking River Cruises indicating that cruises operations are suspended until the end of June. Offers of money back, future cruises= vouchers at 125 per cent etc. You may want to check your e-mail if you were booked to cruise during May or June 2020.
  13. Here in Canada's capital city things are even more quiet as our shut down continues to include just about everything now. From what friends and family are saying, and in our own situation, we are strangely and stoically become more used to this 'new normal'. We understand we are in for the long haul here and need to adjust our mind sets. The snow has just about gone, perhaps enough left to annoy the robins and squirrels so once we can get out in our garden it may prove easier to cope. Supermarkets are reasonably well stocked and yesterday, during my lightening early morning shopping trip, I was able to purchase disinfecting wipes for the first time in weeks, only one tube per person but that was more than fine with me. We are keeping busy with house fix up projects and lots of reading. I have decided to forego most social media for a few days and just check the news once per day as the onslaught of COVID-19 bad news was becoming just too much as least for me. Still, I found myself humming the Maureen McGovern song.... There's Got to be a Morning After. Stay healthy and keep your distance everyone. 🙂
  14. Hello all, I live in Canada's capital a city just over 1 million. Other Ontario posters have accurately depicted what's going on, or not going on really. The city's residents, as far I can see from limited outings, are paying attention to the common sense 'stay at home, social distancing, don't go out unless you absolutely have to' rules. We go out for fresh air and a quick walk either very early or very late and to be honest anyone we see crosses to the other side of the street or we do!! We did the grocers run Sunday morning at 7am for the senior only population and there were just 5 or 6 customers inside. Yes, it is a challenge to stay inside day after day but these are such unprecedented times so we just do what we have to. Stay safe and stay well everyone.
  15. OP: I can hardly believe it was only 13 days ago that I posted this topic. We were wondering if we should cancel our May river cruise or just wait and see what was happening generally!! Wishing everyone good health and hope, for those of us in self imposed isolation at home, that we can keep busy and stay in good spirits.
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