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  1. For the first times in many many months things are looking far better here in Canada's capital city. Today we had the lowest count of new cases in 2021 at 19. Far fewer in hospital and ICU. It is so encouraging that I have started to look at cruises again and making a few little pencil and paper plans on the two cruises we had cancelled. So thankful there IS a light at the end of this long tunnel. Tomorrow I receive my second vaccine shot/jab. It was accelerated from 25 July so I feel I am getting a little bit of the summer back. Having said that it is a real dog fight to get vaccines here right now; my 2 hours plus on the phone and laptop at the same time paid off. A really hot few days here as well in the City, today it hit 33C/92F. We were all advised by Public Health to stay inside as much as we could; such irony given we have been told over and over and over to do just that. I did laugh. So nice to have something to laugh about again. 😁 Stay safe everyone. Bake Apple
  2. We received the Pfizer. Public Health sent out a email indicating that reservation would open the next morning at 8am for those 70 years of age and older. I had our reservations within 10 minutes but by 11am, from what I read, all 26,000 doses were booked. No adverse reactions except for a little tender at the injection site but a very big sense of relief!!!
  3. Spring has arrived in Canada's capital city. How can I tell? Crocuses and tulips are showing their flowery heads above chilly ground in a few sunny areas. It will be warm and sunny all the week and the pot holes are growing ever deeper as fast as the weeds on my front lawn! 😜 Unfortunately the virus has really taken hold here and we are back into a very restrictive shut down mode; a week ago there were 25 new cases a day and now we are at 200 or thereabouts every day. Happily we received our first vaccine shots this past weekend so looking towards that light at the end of the tunnel. Second shot is schedule for third week of July. But sadly no travel plans at all; we were scheduled for Vancouver to volunteer for the LPGA in late August but that is more than unlikely. I continue to browse all the cruise e-mails and booklets all the same. Hope spring.... Stay safe everyone.
  4. Well CA I think I need your blueprint for your celebrations. We are celebrating our 50th during mid-May and had all these wonderful plans to cruise the Rhine again and wine taste ourselves into a standstill. Now of course we are making a new plan and I like your style!!!
  5. Congratulations! So very very nice to read about the good things in our lives right now. Have a wonderful day. 🥂
  6. Once we get somewhat past Covid and the world is a little safer I am looking forward to being with my family (yea!!!), visiting close friends and a little local travel if possible. It has taken this horrible year to remind me that the everyday simple things, taken for granted, are so often the best. Your wish list??
  7. Thank you so much for this thread. I may not be travelling, this summer anyway, on that beautiful river but I shall read your posts with interest. Much appreciate your comments and insights; it’s a pleasure to read and I look forward to new entries. BTW: You are a great writer! 🙂🧐
  8. Well today I actually opened the daily Viking River Cruises email, first one in months that I didn't just delete. I thought I would take a peek at the 2023 cruises. That seems such a very long ways out but still.....! Perhaps it is the extra daylight morning and evening and the sunshine and the ever so slightly less news and grim statistics about Covid but I feel a little more optimistic about travelling again 'sometime in the future'. 😬 So very much looking forward to holding out my arm for the vaccine injection, I'm just waiting my turn!!! Reminds me of that TV game show from years ago...."come on down, you're the next contestant...."
  9. She wins!! As soon as it is warm enough to go to the post office I will mail her my extra duvet, ski mittens and month supply of my Air Activated Charcoal Instant Hand Warmers paks (available only to Canadians who go outside in -29C wind chill 😵) . BTW: I have heard that Winnipeg is pronounced as "Winterpeg" is some areas.
  10. Hi all, yes we still have COVID, paucity of vaccines, restrictions and Stay at Home modes but today we are just a little occupied with our weather. Yes, it can get really cold in Canada but take a peek at the temperatures here tonight. Talk about needing another log on the fire! Yep, the wind chill tonight will be -29C / -20F!!
  11. I do hope your daughter recovers quickly and completely. Please let her know that your friends on CC are thinking of her.
  12. Maybe it is the constant negative news and press about rising cases, mutated variants, lack of vaccine and a prolonged Stay At Home mode but I am slowing losing my confidence about river cruising again. I would need to believe that everyone, passengers, crews, guides etc, will have been vaccinated. Also concerned about the towns, villages and places we would tour. I know it is early days yet and there is light at the end of this tunnel but right now it feels a bit iffy to gather in crowds for a long long time. I believe that cruise lines will do everything they can to make it safe but still. Am I suffering Covid fatigue or is the reality that our beloved form of travel may not come back as it was? You?
  13. We have enjoyed three river cruises, all in Europe in the past five years. Our fellow travelers were interesting, so pleasant to speak with and awesome dinner companions. A great group of people. Only one little annoyance that I recall: during one cruise when the sun deck was closed a lot of us would hang out in the lounge to read or check emails etc. So, a group of eight travelers decided to hold a bridge afternoons, two tables and sadly they all thought we needed to hear every word of every play of every game. I know the lounge is large and there are lots of places to sit but I believe they could have been a bit more aware. Oh well, I would rather be cruising with bridge players than sitting here in Stay at Home mode!! 😀
  14. Excellent question. Our first ever river cruise was eight days in the south of France, five days cruising (mostly at night) and the rest docked. It was a good cruise but given the time, effort and cost to get to Europe from North America it was short. We knew we needed to add on some DIY vacationing at the end. We learned that an eight day cruise was too short for us. So, for the next two years we booked 14-day cruises: Amsterdam to Budapest with a week first in Amsterdam; and, the second cruise was Budapest to Amsterdam with a week either side. That worked out much better because we had more time to explore Amsterdam & area, Prague & area and Budapest. We enjoy the destination focus of river cruises and although each day can be a little regimented it was not a deal breaker. Now should river cruising get back on track we would definitely consider Amsterdam to Bucharest without hesitation. Of course it all depends on your personal travelling preferences. We enjoy the guided excursions, meeting fellow travelers, trying new foods & wine and the amazing scenery plus new culturally events. Whether it is an 8, 14 or 23 days cruise, everyday is an early start and if you are joining the ship's excursion the coaches leave around 8:30am so it is a bit up and at 'em. Back to the ship for lunch most days, out again and back for a hurried shower to get to dinner at 7pm. A busy day for the most part especially if you are going on a an evening excursion too. As an aside: One evening we spoke with a fellow passenger and simply asked if she was enjoying her cruise and she said, quite tersely, "No! There is absolutely nothing to do on this ship! No entertainment and you have to eat when they tell you". Yikes! She still had 10 days to go before she could escape! It is a good idea to read the reviews on this board and go ahead and post questions because travelers here are great and will happily give you the benefit of their experiences. Enjoy your planning and research and hopefully we will all be back on the river soon or at least soon-ish.
  15. Sorry about that, I was typing one response when the other answer came in so I didn't see it. My goof. 😟
  16. Well, you are 99% there so I think you should be the next to go. 😁 When we were there it was just after changing the guard and the Hungarian Mounted Royal Guards were heading back to the stables at the Buda Castle in the Castle District. I never tire of visiting beautiful Budapest.
  17. Hint: the location is the end/beginning of a river cruise AND the beginning of another going further east.
  18. Name what is in the photo. First guess the river. After that name the town/city/place.The person one who first guesses correctly gets to post the next photo! Who are these two fine fellows and where are they? Location was a short distance from the river cruise ship and accessed via a ship excursion coach although easy enough to get there on your own.
  19. Just a bit of a wild guess here but could it be Boldogko Castle from a river cruise you took through Hungary on the Danube??
  20. That's the place!! Awesome town and would go back there in a flash. Farang it is your turn now.
  21. Well here is a little hint: the coach trip from the cruise ship to the town was on a very romantic road. 😉
  22. Name what is in the photo. First guess the river. After that name the town/city/place. The person one who first guesses correctly gets to post the next photo! Please, DO NOT POST any PHOTOS unless it is your turn. This may be an easy one but it is one of my favorite medieval towns that I thought it deserved a little attention. 😁 Photo is from the Square and we visited on an excursion from our river cruise in June 2019. Hopefully I got the attachment right. This is such a great thread and thanks to all who are participating.
  23. Perhaps its one of the ones in the public park in Porto in Portugal accessed from a cruise on the Douro??
  24. It looks like one of those moving net sculptures created by Janet Echelman. Prague had one in the Main Square during a light festival a few years ago but this isn't the Square but may have been near by?
  25. My first thought was because it has a poppy motif and we are close to 11 November it might be at Omaha Beach in Normandy, an excursion from a river cruise from Paris to the north?
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