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  1. Hi, I was on the Star Breeze for 2 weeks in December 2022 (including Christmas). Single traveler. I had a fabulous time. Our Ship was not full at all---low 100s of guests. They offered everyone the next week at a hugely discounted rate. How could you resist? I just asked to sit at a large table for 6. I met some wonderful people at dinner and we did excursions and got together after dinner as well. The crew was also top notch! They knew all of our names and I felt like they were watching over me. They always asked if I would like to be walked back to my cabin!! I cannot say enough great things about the crew! Have a fabulous time----if I can find the picture of our Christmas dinner menu, I'll post it! Here is by blog: https://gypsyjilly.blogspot.com/2021/12/its-happening.html
  2. Hi Everyone, I was on the Star Breeze in mid-December, 2021. I've been wanting to share the journey with all of you. I blogged the trip--the good, the bad and the ugly! There is a link to my blog in my signature, below! If you have questions, let me know. It's easier for me to answer if you post a comment on the blog itself, but I'll try and stop here regularly to look at comments! jill
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