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  1. Can anyone tell me about the parking possibilities for the Port of Vancouver, WA ... for the AQ Empress?
  2. Bennett'sCruise

    Celebrity Edge's Blocks Are In The House!

    Opinion on whether there will be some kind of coverings (curtains/shade/?) for the French Door leading out to Infinity Balcony??? Please tell me there will be room darkening something or other there. ~d
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  4. Bennett'sCruise

    Pier 91 walking/sitting

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  5. Bennett'sCruise

    Pier 91 walking/sitting

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  6. Bennett'sCruise

    Pier 91 walking/sitting

    I need some advice on the taxi/Uber drop off point to the first security check. I have a friend who will be getting a wheelchair at their rental counter next to security. But he will need to sit and wait for a family member to procure the chair. Are their close benches, etc? Anyone have a pic of the entrance to Pier 91. I e only been out of Pier 66. Thx so much! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. Bennett'sCruise

    Best negative review comment ever!

    Well my goodness. Didn't she know she could request the captain turn the ship around!!
  8. [quote name='Granny DI']American Airlines...[/QUOTE] Aren't you spending an extra week in Kauai at the end of the cruise? Flying back from Kauai to mainland makes complete sense. However, for the rest of us Honolulu is the only way to go <sic>. Alaska HON to OAK is $336 economy. $499 first class. And that's a 2:10 pm flight. Nice! -dianne
  9. We booked this one the first day it hit the system. I saw the info on CC. Even the NCL phone rep at first told me it wasn't a sailing. I told her to check again. It really is a great deal. We've done several land trips to HI so it's not the itin for us as much as it is the sailing and the ship. AIR: Alaska Airlines has a GREAT PRICE flying back to Oakland. Even First Class ... The POA is configured a lot like the Sun. There's a Roll Call going. Come over and check in. -dianne
  10. Bennett'sCruise

    NCL to have HUGE announcement August 4th.

    Thx for saying that! Another thing ... as a TA it's very easy to see which cruise lines really care about their passengers. -dianne
  11. Bennett'sCruise

    Why would anyone buy UDP?

    [quote name='ndabunka'] We are suite guests so we will be eating breakfast each morning in Cagney's and have the option of eating there for lunch as well so not certain there is much value for us as there may be for others.[/QUOTE] What on earth does eating breakfast/lunch at Cagneys (on some ships its Modernos) have to do with eating DINNER at Cagneys? Different atmosphere. Different menu. Different experience. ❓ -dianne
  12. Bennett'sCruise

    Can anyone confirm if the concierge can...

    Yes. Let the concierge know of your early tour and they will get you off in plenty of time. You do, indeed, go thru back corridors and employee lifts at times. Enjoy!
  13. Bennett'sCruise

    Poll; will your next booking be with NCL?

    Yup. Jewel in December. Can't wait!
  14. It's amazing what we learn on CC. I just saw a post from March saying Rune Lokling is Staff Captain on the Sun. We first met him as Captain on Radiance of the Seas back in 2006. Crazy!
  15. Bennett'sCruise

    iConcierge On The Jewel

    Yes. It's on the Jewel. Used it with the $7.95 fee and it was GREAT!!