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  1. Glad this old thread came back up. Thought I was 2 days short of platinum but just checked and I am now Platinum. Woo-hoo!!
  2. I agree that thermal spa pass is a great item to treat oneself to.
  3. I have waited too long and the price increased.
  4. Good to know the A/C problem I had was hopefully an exception to the rule.
  5. Thanks smplybcause -- This was my 1st time in a solo studio and the ability to adequately cool the room as well as other cabins have the ability to would be the only thing keeping me from booking a studio at the right price in the future. Will probably give it another shot and see if this experience was just a fluke. Thanks for the response.
  6. smplybcause -- Looks like you have some experience with studio cabins. I was recently in a studio on the Breakaway out of N.O. and I could not get my room cold enough to sleep well. Maintenance supposedly worked on in the entire 7 days but it never worked as well as the A/C in 3 other room types I have cruised in on the Breakaway in the last 4 months. I turned the thermostat as cold as it would go when I embarked and it never really cold....only cool. What have you experienced in regards to the A/C in studio cabins? Thanks
  7. Each individual must decide for themselves about max length of cruise they are comfortable with. For me, 21 days is the longest I have been on a cruise. I would be fine with a longer cruise. Sounds like you have a great cruise adventure scheduled. I am envious of your upcoming trip. Relax and enjoy every minute of your cruise.
  8. No advantage that I know of for purchasing from a third party. I was just one short of what I needed for a cruise I wanted to book. I try not to keep too many "on file".
  9. NCL Breakaway from New Orleans 3-31-19 to 4-07-19 --- SailAway Inside $329 --- going in and out of availability Inside GTY $479
  10. You can contact me at nolacruiser at gmail dot com This email address is only for invited responses. It is not monitored unless I am expecting a response from someone I have contacted by some method. Thanks
  11. Recently did B2B on Breakaway out of NOLA. Your onboard account will carry over from 1st to 2nd cruise. Don't know about OBC. You do have to leave the ship to clear customs at end of 1st cruise. Two options at this point. There will be a meet up spot for B2B guests where you will be escorted off ship and through customs and right back on. Unlikely food or bars available this early. Check your daily paper for operating hours for venues. 2nd option you can disembark and do whatever until you are ready to get back on but you loose the very early re-boarding and have to wait until the ship has disembarked all passengers and is ready for boarding the current cruise. Don't have accurate answer for muster as it seems to vary. Take everything I have stated in this reply as my experience with recent B2B. NCL tends to change procedures on whims so you never really know what might change. I experienced several changes on recent cruises on Breakaway.
  12. Did security confiscate your fan? I had a usb powered box fan security took from me in December which was much smaller than the one in your packing picture . Had a hassle getting it back that evening from guest services.
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