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  1. Thanks Bob. I also confirmed with people who were on last week's cruise. If I don't die of seasickness overnight, it will be a great day for football. 😁 Strong winds sailing out of San Juan tonight. 🤢 Tomorrow's water based excursions were all canceled in Tortola. Hope the winds die down soon.
  2. Can someone tell me if the NFL Playoff games have been available to watch on the Vision of the Seas this year? If so, where on the ship?
  3. Thanks for the link. Looking at those flyers it seems that you can only get ANY of the deals if you book a non refundable fare. So needing a refundable fare will mean paying literally thousands more? Can you change anything about a cruise with a nonrefundable deposit without penalty? sail date? Ship? Anything? I spoke with my travel agent who told me to book on board, and she will be able to move me into her group later, for some additional on board credit and more perks, if I were to book with one of the one perk deals. I'm not sure if anything will be able to be changed with the reservation, like including me in my travel agents group, if I have a non-refundable fare.
  4. It's my understanding that you can book a Celebrity Cruise while onboard Royal Caribbean, for a reduced deposit. Right now, Celebrity has what appears to be a pretty good sale going on with 4 perks included in the price. By the time I'm on my Royal Caribbean cruise next week, the sale will be over (presumably replaced with some other "spectacular" deal) Any thoughts on whether it's worth waiting to see what deals might be offered next week, and get some additional on board credit and a reduced deposit. Or, should I just call my travel agent today and get this thing booked while the four perks deal is being offered. I know that will come around again, but if I wait and book onboard to get OBC, and then change to a better, lower cabin price deal later, I'll probably lose the OBC, correct?
  5. https://www.thesun.co.uk/travel/10146455/royal-caribbean-passenger-balcony-selfie/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebarweb
  6. I noticed that too. Of course, Cruise director schedules are always subject to change. There are still a few months to get schedules synced up. Maybe someone else is going to fill in for part of someone's vacation, and then someone else will take over for the next part. Who knows
  7. I didn't get exact dates. I've always liked Dennis. He's been my cruise director on four different cruises now. Yes, some of the jokes get old after a while. But he's a very nice guy and full of energy.
  8. I spoke with Dennis Charles on the Anthem last week. He is going to be doing the fill-ins for both Harmony and Symphony after he comes back from vacation. I guess he will be alternating between those two ships when the regular CDs are on break.
  9. I feel really bad for those who had their cruises canceled, and NO, the refund and 100% credit does not even come close to making up for a vacation planned and anticipated for months or even years. It would be especially bad for those who flew a long distance to sail on Oasis. Luckily, some of the canceled cruises are far enough out that people won't have started their journeys yet. Last year, my Radiance cruise round New Zealand from Sydney was canceled with three days notice. I (and many others) were already in Australia when we got the news. Would you have just flown home the next day on another 24 hour journey and given up a vacation you'd been planning for OVER TWO YEARS? I chose to try to salvage my trip. I had insurance, but because the cruise being canceled had nothing to do with going to/from Australia I was out of luck with airfare - technically I still got a "vacation". All Royal would have done would be to pay change fees - still out the cost of the ticket, or in my case, all my frequent flyer miles. End result - I was out roughly $1,800 - $2,000 more than the cruise would have cost me by paying for hotels, sightseeing, and additional airfare - that's over and above anything refunded. Then my "free cruise" was not free. I was supposed to be in a corner aft balcony on Radiance. My credit did not even cover the cost of an outside cabin to the Caribbean last year. I was out an additional $200 or so, plus the cost of airfare/hotel to get me to that "free cruise". Please just stop telling people they've "hit the jackpot" by having their vacations canceled. Ugh!
  10. Not necessarily. Don't know how Viking does it, but when my Royal Caribbean cruise was canceled at the last minute we got a full refund plus a future cruise credit equal to what we paid, less taxes & fees. So those of us who booked early at lower rates got a MUCH lower credit than the ones who booked later at higher rates (almost double), for the same class of cabin. So, not everyone was treated the same when it came to the future cruise credit (not a "free cruise"). We were all out $0 for cruise fare, but people in balcony cabins probably received anywhere from $1100 to over $2000 each in the form of a credit for the same class of cabin. If I'd had a working crystal ball, I'd have booked and paid for a suite and would have been sitting on a $5,000 credit for being out of pocket nothing for the original cruise. Then I could have had four "free" cruises instead of one that ended up still costing me $200 out of pocket (plus my FCC) for an outside cabin. Royal Caribbean's compensation sucked. I hope Viking does much better considering what those passengers went through.
  11. Scary situation. Sounds like it's under control though. Hopefully the rest of the evac will go smoothly.
  12. From Marc Walker's Facebook. Yay! So happy for him. CD schedule update: I’ll now be permanent on Harmony. Back on March 29 in Miami then I bring her to Port Canaveral in May. This means I can see the kids every Sunday !! BingBong is back in town.
  13. Thank you for the great info. I think I'll probably just take Uber to Liberty State Park. The other option is good, and I hadn't heard of the $2 ferry, but Uber will probably be quick and convenient, and less walking (considering I'm once again leaning towards climbing up to the crown). Assuming I'm done at the Statue of Liberty with enough daylight left, going to Ground Zero Saturday rather than trying to cram it into Sunday (when my main destination is in the opposite direction) would be a better option. I appreciate all your help.
  14. Called today and got my points. The C&A rep first started telling me that I booked using a "promo" so I started to get a bit angry, but then he cut me off and said he would contact the department that takes care of adding the points, and get it fixed. So, after a slight scare, I got the points credited. Now my friend has to call and hopefully get the same result for her cruise. What he couldn't help with though, was the fact that I never got a post-cruise survey. Too late for that. Next time I'll call the same day I get off the ship if I don't have it by the time I'm disembarking.
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