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  1. The Serenade of the Seas will be the first cruise ship to sail out of Tampa since the lockdown. I'm hoping they will do something special, like a fireboat water salute, but even if they don't, I still want to go see the first cruise ship to sail from Tampa in 2021. Any suggestions for the best place to watch? I just moved to Tampa so am not totally familiar with that area yet. I've only been to the Riverwalk once. I want to be able to get some good photos of the ship. Would Sparkman Wharf be the best place? Any suggestions on where to park?
  2. Thanks Bob. I also confirmed with people who were on last week's cruise. If I don't die of seasickness overnight, it will be a great day for football. 😁 Strong winds sailing out of San Juan tonight. 🤢 Tomorrow's water based excursions were all canceled in Tortola. Hope the winds die down soon.
  3. Can someone tell me if the NFL Playoff games have been available to watch on the Vision of the Seas this year? If so, where on the ship?
  4. Thanks for the link. Looking at those flyers it seems that you can only get ANY of the deals if you book a non refundable fare. So needing a refundable fare will mean paying literally thousands more? Can you change anything about a cruise with a nonrefundable deposit without penalty? sail date? Ship? Anything? I spoke with my travel agent who told me to book on board, and she will be able to move me into her group later, for some additional on board credit and more perks, if I were to book with one of the one perk deals. I'm not sure if anything will be able to be changed with the reservation, like including me in my travel agents group, if I have a non-refundable fare.
  5. It's my understanding that you can book a Celebrity Cruise while onboard Royal Caribbean, for a reduced deposit. Right now, Celebrity has what appears to be a pretty good sale going on with 4 perks included in the price. By the time I'm on my Royal Caribbean cruise next week, the sale will be over (presumably replaced with some other "spectacular" deal) Any thoughts on whether it's worth waiting to see what deals might be offered next week, and get some additional on board credit and a reduced deposit. Or, should I just call my travel agent today and get this thing booked while the four perks deal is being offered. I know that will come around again, but if I wait and book onboard to get OBC, and then change to a better, lower cabin price deal later, I'll probably lose the OBC, correct?
  6. https://www.thesun.co.uk/travel/10146455/royal-caribbean-passenger-balcony-selfie/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebarweb
  7. I noticed that too. Of course, Cruise director schedules are always subject to change. There are still a few months to get schedules synced up. Maybe someone else is going to fill in for part of someone's vacation, and then someone else will take over for the next part. Who knows
  8. I didn't get exact dates. I've always liked Dennis. He's been my cruise director on four different cruises now. Yes, some of the jokes get old after a while. But he's a very nice guy and full of energy.
  9. I spoke with Dennis Charles on the Anthem last week. He is going to be doing the fill-ins for both Harmony and Symphony after he comes back from vacation. I guess he will be alternating between those two ships when the regular CDs are on break.
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