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  1. While there will definitely be a large number of passengers from NYC on sailings orignating from NY, large numbers of passengers from NJ and Connecticut will tend to book as well for the convience of not having to fly to board the ship. Sailing while kids are out of school also makes a big difference in that there will tend to be larger family/extended family groups on board. At all costs, try to avoid sailing during school breaks since you can be assured to have very large numbers of kids, teens on board. Canada sailings tend to have less children on board with more seasoned passengers want to see the sights more so than to just party on board. Where you sail to and when you sail make a difference. MARAPRINCE
  2. No..we will have priority disembark as Platinum. MARAPRINCE
  3. Would you say that 10 -10:30 AM is a good time to order a pick up from the pier on the return to NY? MARAPRINCE
  4. Amen to that! Last day/night is usually a very busy time trying to get everything done prior to dinner so you can have some free time to get that last slice of pizza and see the farewell show or a movie on deck before turning in. MARAPRINCE
  5. If you are Platinum and have the priority status on your luggage tags, can you access your cabin upon boarding to leave hand luggage and any outerwear in your cabin before going up to the buffet for lunch? MARAPRINCE
  6. Perhaps, instead of having one big party the amount of guests eligible could be divided between 2 or more smaller parties and held in one of the smaller lounges. This would also cut down on those "additional" attendees who really aren't even platinum attending. It could be done by limiting the parties by diving the ship either by zones (front, mid, aft) or by decks. Something to consider. MARAPRINCE
  7. Regarding the cabin, are you able to adjust the temp in it? When it was the Triumph you could only adjust the amount of air coming from the overhead vent. MARAPRINCE
  8. How did you find the temperatures in the public rooms/lounges -- on the cooler side? Would you say that a sweater is definitely needed? MARAPRINCE
  9. How did you find the temperature in the public rooms/lounges -- on the cooler side? MARAPRINCE
  10. Our current ports are Grand Turk, Amber Cove and San Juan. If it becomes necessary due to the problems in San Juan to change ports, any ideas on where Carnival would go instead? MARAPRINCE
  11. Are you saying that the MDR was open for breakfast on port days? MARAPRINCE
  12. Is the safety drill still held on an outside deck prior to sailaway on day 1? If so, what deck? MARAPRINCE
  13. As long as we dock and providing that we do not book a shore excursion, we will at least get off the ship and have a look around. MARAPRINCE
  14. I hear you! I have the same situation with my cousin/cabinmate who says that "I know everything" and that she would rather be surprised. My take is that if I know ahead of time what to be aware of I can plan so we can make the most of our time on board and not be frustrated by crowded areas and come away unhappy. There are alternatives to going to the buffet everyday and I will be sure that we avail ourselves of them. I plan to try all the included alternatives where possible during the sailing. MARAPRINCE
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