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  1. Maraprince


    Good to know! Once I get my reservation number I will sign up for the M&G and check out the Roll Call for our sailing. MARAPRINCE
  2. Maraprince


    Booked 9/4/19 sailing and having sailed on this ship when it was the Triumph wondering what will be changed. MARAPRINCE
  3. Maraprince


    Great! First time on this ship so we have not seen any of the shows! MARAPRINCE
  4. Booked on a 5/31/19 sailing and I am curious if we will have to reserve show seatings, if there will be an ice show, etc.? Very little info available. MARAPRINCE
  5. Maraprince


    If you have food poisoning it hits you very hard and very soon after eating a meal. Noro is a slower process and you start feeling unwell gradually depending on how great your exposure is. Speaking as someone who has had both once on a flight returning to NY and last year with RCL. MARAPRINCE
  6. Maraprince

    Choir of Man Encore

    So, no more dinner show for Choir of Men --- not that the dinner was worth paying for! If both shows are in the Main Theatre no extra cost for either of them??? MARAPRINCE
  7. Maraprince

    November Contest! Thanksgiving

    I love the egg, bread, raisin and cheese stuffing my mom used to make. Mine comes close, but it is not quite the same! Also love dessert (doesn't matter what type of pie) with whipped cream on top with coffee topped off with cinnamin. Yum! MARAPRINCE
  8. Maraprince

    Platinum disembarkation

    On other cruise lines they have special boarding and departure lounges for Platinum/Diamond and suite passenger only. This entitles the passengers to priority boarding and departure as well. NCL does not do this. You get a color tag that allows you to get off the ship sooner than most of the passengers. Although Haven guests who may not have Platinum status are allowed to leave earlier as well because they are in the Haven. MARAPRINCE
  9. Maraprince

    Platinum disembarkation

    'Thank you for confirming that Platinum does not priority disembarkation on NCL as on other cruiise lines. MARAPRINCE
  10. Maraprince

    Platinum disembarkation

    We had to ask at Guest Services for the yellow tags since they were not put out with the other colors. No mention by GS of where to wait to get off the ship when they handed us the yellow tags. I question why they would not tell us at that point. Unlike NCL, other lines deliver the correct tags to your cabin along with special instructions on where to wait until your color tag is called. Normally, we would leave after self carry, the suites/Haven guests and passengers needing special assistance. Getting an elevator was a real problem! After about 10 elevators arrived full, we, along with about 8 others, rode up to deck 17 after stopping on every floor and we began the descent again stopping on every floor on the way down to deck 7. Found seats in the casino as close to the end of the line as possible and waited until yellow tags were called to leave the ship. Once again we had to wait to get an elevator in the terminal due to the large number of wheel chairs and baby strollers. MARAPRINCE
  11. Maraprince

    classic 'bait and switch'

    You will never, ever geta cabin for $299 since you must pay the port taxes and other fees associated with any sailing! MARAPRINCE
  12. Maraprince

    Platinum disembarkation

    Just off the Escape with Platinum status. We had to pick up luggagee tags since they were not delivered to our cabin as on other lines. ONLY Haven passengers get special perks on both ends of a sailing (private seating area in NY terminal with food and beverages). Platinum gets you nothing with NCL!!!! Yellow tags are not even put out -- you must ask for them and show your card. You need to get on the long line that goes around the ship to get off as soon as the last self-carry group departs the ship. No desiginated area for Platinums to sit and wait until you are able to get off. We waited as close as possible to our departure time to go to deck 7 and sat on chairs in the Casino. Once in the terminal in NY (at least) we quickly found our luggage since there are not too many Platinum members on board. Once you reach the equivalent of Platinum status you have a designated waiting area with seats and refreshments. If there is any delay, at least you are sitting comfortably instead of waiting on a line that winds around the ship with grumbling passengers. MARAPRINCE
  13. Maraprince

    Choir of Man on Escape

    There were several tables around us asking if they could get something other than beer to drink. The table right next to us ordered hot tea. My cousin and I ordered soft drinks. What you are really paying for is all the "free"beer being given out. Food is better than the original menu but isn't the greatest. The vegan option (pasta) was ordered at the table next to ours and looked pretty good. We already decided that we would need to get more food after the show since we booked the 6PM show and they really served as soon as you were seated. It is a set menu and doesn't take into account any special dietary needs. Besides, most are going to see the show, the free beer and not for the meal. My understanding is that the show used to be free when it first started. One of the ladies at the next table didn't like the first seat assigned and asked to be reseated since she was waiting for her friend. That was how she came to be seated next to us. Her friend was also not happy with her seat but after she was told that we could not really pick our seats she agreed that our seats weren't all that bad since the guys worked the room. We were seated where one of the guys comes out and does a tap dance on all the wooden planks. It seemed that they seated larger parties close to the stage no matter how early you arrived. MARAPRINCE
  14. Maraprince

    Choir of Man on Escape

    You are seated -- meaning you do not get to choose your seat. For our show, we arrived 1/2 hr. prior and there were already people lined up! Passengers seemed to arrive very early for everything on board. New menu is as stated: beef wellington (pastry shell so-so); they do ask how you want your meat and even put a sign on your table to ensure you get the right on; salad is preseasoned; no extra charge if you wish to have a soft drink instead of beer; not sure if wine had a charge or not. If you drink beer, you will get a lot of it. Show was great!!! Meal was just okay but better than the original bangers and mash which is now back in O'Sheean's free of charge. Since we went to the 6PM show, we ended up eating again later that same night. MARAPRINCE
  15. We missed the 9AM ferry and planned for the next (10AM or !0:15 ) ferry. No matter whether it was for a show with reserved seats or the ferry passengers lined up an hour prior for everything!!!! Our total time on line was close to 1 hour by the time the ferry docked and was tied up. No returning passengers on board from St. George. MARAPRINCE