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  1. Understand your comments about giving Carnival time to catch up with recent changes but in the meantime they have our monies tied up on 2 sailings plus the one we cancelled. The one we "cancelled" was supposed to be rolled over to a new sail date, but the rep made an error which generated a refund instead. We know that the refund will take awhile to show up on our credit cards. In the meantime we will be paying for the new booking which may well be cancelled either due to the age 70+ factor or due to the ongoing virus concerns! Talk about craziness!!!!😦 On info overload right now!! MARAPRINCE
  2. With the new policy in effect of requiring those over 70 yrs. of age to have a doctor's noting that they are fit to travel, Carnival is still operating as if everything is normal regarding accepting new reservations? What gives? MARAPRINCE
  3. NYS residents no longer are able to buy third party insurance. So, either you buy it from Carnival or you do not have any other choice. Too much confusion as to what applies to what. Also, unless policy changes for those over 70 yrs. of age, Carnival should not allow them to make a reservation at this time as if things are normal. MARAPRINCE
  4. Same here....We switched our May sailing to a late June sailing at a higher rate. Plus, we have another sailing booked for Sept. Based upon this over 70 rule, Carnival never should have accepted our monies for the late June sailing and should be refunding our monies for our Sept. sailing. What about all those ads that say that they have cruises for seniors? Seems like a lot of monies will be lost in the cruise industry. No doctor will give a note...... Then, with all the different policies that Carnival is applying, it is confusing and unequal in what they are offering if you cancel and rebook. MARAPRINCE
  5. NYS residents no longer are able to buy third party insurance. So, either you buy it from Carnival or you do not have any other choice. MARAPRINCE
  6. Our TA, along with lots of others, was unable to get through to Carnival the last few days to cancel our May sailing and book a new sail date at the end of June. Now, according to what was posted on Carnival's website we lose out on the $100 OBC because we did not book by 3/10! Our new reservation was booked yesterday. This is on top of losing the money paid for insurance through Carnival and paying almost $500 more per person for the same number of days, same ports, but a different ship! It seems unfair that due to their inability to handle the volume of calls, we are being penalized. We are staying with them and giving them our monies. We did not cancel and not our fault that we could not get through to them. 😬 MARAPRINCE
  7. Cancelled our May 25th sailing and rebooked for late June. However, it seems that not only has the cost of insurance risen along with the cabin pricing for the same ports, same number of days but a different ship, what I paid for insurance for the May sailing cannot be transferred over to the new date. That means I have lost the insurance cost for the May sailing and now I have to pay once again for new insurance and a higher cabin price!!!!! It seems if you choose to rebook, you are indeed being penalized!☹️ Hoping our cabin rate drops and soon! MARAPRINCE
  8. Normally, you are able to cancel a ship's excursion up to 24 hrs. prior to the excursion date. So, it should not be a problem to cancel any excursions and get a refund back to the original method of payment. MARAPRINCE
  9. Does anyone have a copy of the letter/email from Carnival regarding how this will be handled that they can post? Thanks. MARAPRINCE
  10. If I am not mistaken, if you booked with a TA they would have to deal with Carnival on your behalf since normally cruise lines do not deal directly with a passenger who used a TA. MARAPRINCE
  11. We were booked and fully paid for a 5/25/20 sailing and decided to move to a later June sailing without penalty. However, even though it was the same amount of days, same cabin category and same ports on a different ship, there was a difference of almost $500 more per person due Carnival (cabin price, port taxes, insurance)🤑! Not too happy with this, but we were not comfortable sailing in May since both of us are seniors with one of us having an underlying health condition. We "gained" a $50 OBC for the sailing which has nothing to do with the change. Hoping that our cabin pricing goes down a bit. MARAPRINCE
  12. After seeing how cruise lines dealt with Noro, which was not fatal, I am not too confident to sail. We have a trip scheduled on May 25th that we are seriously considering moving to a later date. $200 OBC is not worth taking a risk for. Both of us are seniors and the news keeps getting worse every day. MARAPRINCE
  13. Sailed on this ship last year. People see a line in the buffet and just join it without first finding out that there is different food on the other side. Both side do not serve the same food. There is also a separate line for great deli style sandwiches along with the pasta place upstairs and the burritos and Guy's burgers. In essence, you have multiple choices. On sea days, the dining room is another option. Finally, there is always pizza. Look around first before you get on a line to see if there is anything you want. Try to go earlier or later to avoid most of the crowds in the buffet. Easy to get around the ship. MARAPRINCE s
  14. Anyone able to use the Carnival gift cards you can buy at Target for purchases on board or towards your tips? Thanks. MARAPRINCE
  15. How far back was your cabin and on what deck? MARAPRINCE
  16. Forgot to ask...was there a Cruise Critic Meet & Greet? MARAPRINCE
  17. Has anyone done a Journey sailing on the Legend? If so, what can we expect? MARAPRINCE
  18. That's good to know! We usually store our ice bucket in the frig as well. Thanks! MARAPRINCE
  19. Are there mini frigs in the balcony cabins? My cabin mate needs to store her insulin. Thanks! MARAPRINCE
  20. So, is there an indoor place to see movies? Looks like the roof on the pool deck can be retracted? MARAPRINCE
  21. How were the shows? Anything on board that we should not miss? Did you have a Cruise Critic Meet & Mingle Party on your sailing? Thanks! MARAPRINCE
  22. Looking into sailings that are scheduled to stop in San Juan and wondered if the ships would indeed go to San Juan. Our stop last year was on a Sunday so not too much was opened in town near the port. Hoping that things improve for San Juan with the damage they suffered from the hurricane and now the earthquakes. MARAPRINCE
  23. Are the ships stopping and offering excursions in San Juan? MARAPRINCE
  24. Heard something last week on the nightly news that Carnival has recently banned something from being brought onto theirs ships. What is it? MARAPRINCE
  25. Lots of places to get breakfast on the ship besides going to the buffet which makes it a lot easier to find a seat and a quiet spot. MARAPRINCE
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