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  1. Sorry to be so late to the party... Loved Port of the Day - Saguenay Quebec Canada RAFINMD - Thoughts and prayers for a safe surgery...
  2. Since I am addicted to the Dark 'n' Stormy, I will add to the description. This drink originated in Bermuda is was originally Gosling's Black Seal Rum and Barritt's Ginger Beer. Gosling later started selling their own labelled Ginger Beer and now we can even get it in diet version.
  3. When Rich was at Ft. Sherman (I think), I was on the south side of the canal and lived in Balboa for a while then Panama City. Most of my photos from my three cruises to the Panama Canal are mostly of the Pacific entrance since I spent so much time there. In the 60's, I spent hours of my free time at the various locks watching the ships go through. Never dreamed I would, one day, get to be on one of the ships.
  4. Two photos of the colorful pier at Cristobal from the Zuiderdam in 2009.
  5. Thanks to the gang for the postings... Was happy to see the suggestion for chili since I have thawed out venison and beef for chili... Thought you folks might be pleased to see the latest graph from Johns Hopkins with a noticeable downward trend in total cases. I need a blue hulled beauty in my future...
  6. Thanks to Rich and Roy. Happy Monday to the Dailyites... Birthday greetings to @Av8rix Good morning from coastal Carolina. Will check back tonight as I'm off to yet another clinic. Here's hoping we don't run out of doses. It is heartbreaking to have people "drop in" to see if we can give them a dose only to have to insist that they go through the Health Department for an appointment. Wear your mask...
  7. Yes, ma'am... 6 days a week. And when she is home, she is writing orders for the store. Her store has stayed quite busy despite the virus. Since the holidays are the busiest, we can only cruise after Christmas for a long trip (14 days). Summers in a beach town are pretty. crazy too... Since we saw you, I un-retired for another 14 months then retired again for the third time. Now I only do vaccine clinics and cook. Just bought a smoker and learning it. Guess I will weigh 200 pounds by Easter... Hope you are well...
  8. This sure brought back some memories. Our first cruise was on the Nieuw Amsterdam in 1990. Sorry for the crappy photos as I haven't retouched them yet.
  9. Great to be able to follow along today in real time. Thanks, as usual, to Rich and Roy and the rest of the regular Dailyites... Enjoying sunshine for a change but would be happy to send the cold weather back north. We are at about 12,000 vaccine doses today which is reassuring since our county is about 70,000 total. Another clinic at Carteret Health Care tomorrow. After Saturday week, all clinics are moved to the old K-Mart where there is a lot of parking and all equipment can be left setup for the next clinic. Happy to hear Rich is doing the BIG cruise in just ove
  10. Hey there... I'm still above ground but just this minute returned from another marathon vaccine clinic. We used every vial of our allotment. Back again Monday to do another "second dose" clinic. We only have one more hospital clinic after that since the health department has rented the old K-Mart building and will be doing all first and second dose clinics... I have some catching up to do with the Daily and it is on my list for tomorrow morning.
  11. Finally back to the Daily after some really long vaccine clinics. We were at the hospital at 0630 yesterday to set up for a 0700 clinic. People were already lined up by 0640. Once again, we used up our allotment of second doses for Pfizer. Another team set up a very large first dose Moderna clinic at an abandoned K-Mart. Didn't read the Daily until after 8 last night. The first 5 or 6 clinics were for first dose and there was NO complaining. It was so super to see the smiles as we registered folks. Now that we are doing second doses at some clinics, the mood has changed.
  12. Not at all unusual. I was down for the count on day 2 with severe headache, chest tightness and body aches but on day 3 I was back to my normal self. Usually indicates a good response for building up immunity. We had another clinic at our hospital this morning for second doses of Pfizer. We were swamped for two hours then things slowed down. Again, we used up all of the doses we were allocated. There was a second clinic across the street at the Civic Center for first timers that was also very busy. Can't wait to start cruising again... Wear your mask, PLEASE...
  13. Tylenol is fine after your vaccination. Anti-inflammatories should be avoided (Advil, etc.).. We even had a case of Tylenol sample packs that we gave out at a recent clinic. Today was wild with 400 doses given and not one dose left over. It was all first doses of Moderna. Monday we have a second dose clinic for Pfizer.
  14. Thanks for the daily... Can't do yogurt but would do ice cream if I had some. Shepherd's Pie for dinner. Gotta check out early as we just scored 400 doses of Moderna so will open clinic at our hospital for first timers. They anticipate we can give them all by 5 PM today. There is also a big clinic across the street at our Civic Center for previously scheduled 2nd injections. Gonna be a busy day. Wishing good health to all...
  15. Good Morning to the Daily Crew. Thanks Rich and Roy. Loved Groucho and of course was saddened the day the music died. Just got a text that our hospital got another round of vaccine so I will spend my Saturday at a hastily called clinic. It is already full despite only a couple of hours of notice. 99.9% of all the folks are happy and appreciative but I got cussed out because I asked a fellow to fill out a form for the hospital. He had filled out an online form and didn't want to complete our paperwork. Thank God our security guard was just a few feet from me. Short
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