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  1. Thanks for the Daily... Previous post renewed my desire for a Dark and Stormy so will have another tonight. The chicken sounds good so will put on list for weekend. Having leftover meatloaf tonight with potato crowns. Will spend my morning at our hospital visiting my former staff and then donating blood for the Red Cross. Best Thanksgiving wishes for the Daily Gang.
  2. Thanks to Rich and the gang... Surprised that Rich posted so early as I was convinced he would be hung over after his beloved Georgia Dawgs pulled out a victory last night. Congrats...
  3. One of the nurses I work with has lived in Bermuda and she firmly told me that you MUST use Gosling's rum for the Dark and Stormy which originated in Bermuda... Technically speaking, a Dark and Stormy (dubbed Dark 'N Stormy by Goslings) can only be made with Gosling's Black Seal rum and Gosling's Stormy ginger beer—no lime juice, but garnishing with a lime wedge is permissible. I will bow to her knowledge... Cheers
  4. Good Morning Rich... thanks for the Daily. I LOVE your drink suggestion today and will have one in your honor at 5 PM.
  5. Thanks for the Daily... Was chuckling over the e-card debate. I have never liked the Jackie Lawson types that my SIL sends me several times a year. However, I make e-Birthday cards for my friends and family with Photoshopped files. I think they are even more personal but YMMV. For example, here is the one I sent Rich (on Facebook) a year or so ago...
  6. Thanks to Rich and company for the Daily. I always appreciate the meal suggestions. Having leftover Cheesy Chicken Chili and cornbread tonight. Just had pork last night. Hope @summer slope and others in Florida do well with the weather coming in.
  7. Thanks for the Daily... As a young engineer in the Panama Canal Zone in the late 60s, we looked forward to coming back to the hotel after work where they had Black Russians as a daily special for $1. Doubt you could find one that cheap anywhere. Hope everyone has a wonderful day...
  8. Arriving late to the CC party... I, too, am addicted to stout beers. I made a promise to myself that I would have one every afternoon at 5 PM... Since it was Rich that posted about stout I thought he might be making fun of my "stout" physique AKA beer belly... Like some other posters, I was worried when I got the email from HAL this morning. Thankfully it was only the one that put off final payment for 60 days instead of 90. Cheers from coastal NC.
  9. Having spent most of the last few months under a mask, I can relate to this. Was SO sorry to hear that your holiday cruise was cancelled. Thanks for the daily...
  10. Good morning all. Thanks for the "daily"... Had Sloppy Joe Mac and Cheese last night after the suggestion last week. Not bad...
  11. Thanks Rich and good luck to your Dawgs today. Pretty happy with the CDC guidelines but am hoping that Canada opens up before 28 Feb. That's too close to our Montreal trip in April. Don't want to miss that. Happy Halloween all...
  12. Thanks for the Daily... Our capital city of Raleigh is boarding up since a certain group has called for a "Night of Mischief"... Just watched a great video on YouTube about why crews are still on board ships. You can Google the title. "Why’s the CREW still aboard the EMPTY cruise ships? What's happening with the Cruise Ship's Crew?"
  13. Thanks for the update Rich... Had to Google the Mac & Cheese variation as always looking for something to surprise Momma when she gets off work. @summer slope I spent a while this morning Googling motels in Sebring. Want to take a trip down to cruise amongst my old hangouts. Lived there from 1955 to 1960 when I left for college and my mother lived there for many more years... Finally have blue skies today and enjoying the cool weather...
  14. Thanks Rich and the gang... 3" of rain already today... I make a couple of calendars each month and one is always a cruise photo. Here is last months memory of our 1990 trip...
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