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  1. It sounds like the TA has packaged a "cruise tour." I'd read the fine print very carefully before I booked. It may be that any refunds in case of cancellation, etc. will be in the form a credit from the TA and not from the cruise line. Good luck getting that.
  2. As much as I would like to see people get back to work in the cruise-driven economy in South Florida and elsewhere, there is no way that I would trust my health to any of the call's participants. They all have ulterior motives - political or financial and none of them are looking out for my welfare. Sorry Mr. Donald, after several grueling months of anxiety over the pandemic, I have made peace with the fact that I will probably never cruise again. I have already begun to re-allocate my travel and leisure budget to renovating and redecorating my home. If I'm going to be shut in, I
  3. Thanks everyone. It probably is a Casino rate. We had gotten discounts in the past but they were always just a percentage off the cruise fare. (FYI: we do gamble but not huge amounts.) As enticing as a free cruise is, thanks but no thanks at this time. And possibly never again. What a shame.
  4. DH just got an email from a PCC at HAL (not the person we have been dealing with for the past few years. I hope our original PCC is OK.) This is the important quote:
  5. You can check the thread for the Zuiderdam Northern Isles cruise July 2, 2020 to read the same responses about Saga. I was also booked on that cruise but after doing some research I chose not to book private excursions in Iceland and instead booked our Iceland excursions through HAL. On March 10, a few weeks before final payment was due we canceled our reservation. This was about a week before everything really "hit the fan." Fortunately, our credit card was refunded by HAL for both the cruise and the excursions within a week. We've had luck disputing other charges with our
  6. Probably not in a long while. I have what Dr. Birx calls a "co-morbidity illness" (hate that term) and I'm afraid that if the Covid-19 catches up with me the outcome won't end well. Everyone else can do what they want, when they want, and suffer the consequences or not, but when the all clear comes for my state I'm still not going to the mall, restaurants, museums, gym, theater, etc. and most of all on a cruise. I'm hopefully waiting for a vaccine. But then again the anti-vaxers will begin their protests...
  7. This is true. On March 10, we canceled our cruise scheduled for July 2. Within a week, HAL had refunded our deposit (we were outside of final payment and it was still a few days before the situation got really dicey), and a few weeks later United Airlines agreed to bank our miles without a fee. There was one outstanding cost - in order to reserve seats on SAS Airlines for the Amsterdam to Copenhagen flight we had to pre-pay for the reservation on top of the cost of the flight. Relative to the rest of the cruise, it wasn't a lot of money but it seemed unreasonable that they would grant a fu
  8. Often, many well meaning people over the years have said to me "you MUST go see....take an excursion to..." One excursion that comes to mind was the excursion to Ft. Louis (?) in Sydney, Nova Scotia(?). It was a ship's excursion and we arrived before the characters dressed in period costumes even got there. To me it was a complete waste of time and money. But I did it because I listened to someone's advice. I'm much more careful now. I think many cruisers who don't do in-depth research beforehand on a particular port do the same thing. Ask around, listen to some opinions an
  9. In some cases, depending on your cabin selection, the cost of excursions (private and/or ship) can easily equal or exceed the actual cost of the cruise. I often ask myself, do I really want to spend $$$ to see or do something I'm really not interested in. Especially if it involves an all day excursion.
  10. As of today, over 50,000 deaths in the United States. I believe our finest hour has come and gone.
  11. I must be in a different FaceBook group because all I see are posts from people who "are so excited" that they've booked an upcoming cruise, asking for travel tips, etc. I get that they're happy to be looking forward to a cruise but to me its insensitive, almost infuriating, that they are posting about a cruise that maybe will sail a year from now while my friends and neighbors are suffering, and in one case dying, from COVID. I just wish they would temper their enthusiasm while we in the Northeast and still in the midst of this awful pandemic.
  12. I'm sure your TA is a wonderful person, but I just read that Princess is going to continue to PAY COMMISSIONS to TA's if the cruise is canceled but fully paid for by the guest. HAL will probably do the same. So if you make the payment, your TA gets to keep the commission. I would definitely hold on to my money and cancel.
  13. Ship of Fools - 1965 - about a ship from Germany to Mexico Voyage of the Damned - 1976 - dramatization of the story of the St. Louis which was rejected from the U.S.
  14. Not the United States finest hour. Several years ago a movie was made of the incident “Ship of Fools.”
  15. I apologize for my comments in an inappropriate thread. I too would really like this thread to continue. I just want to remind some of the posters here that you may know one or two or more of the passengers currently on the Zaandam or Rotterdam - having met them on a previous cruise and enjoyed their company. HAVE A LITTLE COMPASSION!
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