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    Pride of Hawaii 12/03/07
  1. I'm going the week before you on 9/23/19 ........... have fun!
  2. please recommend a hotel in Athens pre and post cruise. Best area to stay in Athens? Plaka? Thank you!
  3. anyone have any recommendations for pre cruise/ post cruise hotel? I have booked Plaka Hotel pre cruise. Looking for something different post cruise.
  4. We will be on the Crystal September 23 ...... can not wait!
  5. I had a flight at 12:00 noon after the cruise and was told that is not enough time. The info I got was the ship docked at 9:00 am and customs would then come on the ship. So who knows how long that takes? We were then told that everyone must be off the ship by 11:00 am. The airport is 1 hour away with moderate traffic. Will stay another day in Athens post cruise.
  6. I hope not either..... we are traveling Italy prior to the cruise and are limited on luggage! Hope its smart casual! When are you going in September? We will be on her September 23
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