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  1. I read the book last week. I found it very interesting. It was probably a very harrowing for all onboard. Our only Viking experience was the 2018 Inaugural World Cruise. We loved the ship and crew.
  2. Expedition ships seems to be the new wave. That’s good in my opinion. Exciting travel opportunities. Smaller, better control of the onboard environment. The ship is not the destination.
  3. Ref the Moon's transAtlantic Nov. 8 cancellation: I got the previously quoted email directly from my TA at 5:35 a.m. on Tuesday, Sep 22. The TA's email from SS only listed the two options: 15% savings on a future cruise if booked by Sep 30 and a FCC of 110% to reserve a cruise within 2 years. No mention of a cash refund. However my TA was on top of it and she immediately sent my request to Silversea for a cash refund. Still surprised there hasn't been any direct communication from SS. Also surprised the line waited so long to "pull the plug" on the crossing. Hopefully the refund will be sooner than the 90 days my TA said it could take. Not going anyplace until I see what the cruise lines are going to do in their-day-to day operations, what countries will allow entry by US citizens, how excursions will be handled, what tourist locations will be open, etc. It's going to take a while folks.
  4. The Moon's first cruise is now a TransAtlantic on Nov 8 from Barcelona. Is anyone betting on this happening? Several cruise lines are cancelling the remainder of their 2020 cruises. Why move a ship to the Americas in 2020?
  5. We returned home two years ago today from Viking's inaugural world cruise. Our 120-days on the Viking Sun were wonderful. Comfortable ship, great Captain Atle and crew, fun itinerary, and lots of new friends. So many fond memories and photos Pleased we did it when we did, quarantine free.
  6. Ragnar -- I am sorry, I was writing a detailed reply to your request for my opinions and comparative observations regarding our Regent World Cruises (in 2007 and 2010) and the Viking 2018 Inaugural World Cruise. I was in the midst of writing a detailed response, but was not smart enough to compose in Word instead of directly on the Board before posting. I lost that text. In conclusion, all three were great fun. We found that shipboard life is almost as big a factor as the memorable places you visit. We were blessed with wonderful crews. They were led by the beloved Capt. Dag (and his serendipitous events) on both Regent WCs, with Jamie (CD) and Dana Logan. On the Viking WC, Capt. Atle Knudsen and Lara became good friends and Heather Clancy (CD) added so much to the trip in various ways – operatic concerts, atrium concerts, formation and performances of a passenger choir, and leading church services. In 2018, I personally thought Regent had priced itself out of consideration and Viking added a number of incentives to join its inaugural cruise -- ending up being cheaper than either of the Regent cruises. We are not ready for a full WC again; but, all being the same, I’d travel on either ship or line again. But all is not going to be the same. It’s going to take time to figure out what the "new normal" is going to be and our confidence level as travelers. Stay safe and healthy. Larry
  7. Thanks for the inputs regarding compensation from those who were on the recent planned 245-day World Cruise. It sounds as if Viking is being more than generous...and I am not surprised! I have been reading the 65 pages of this thread and am aware of what great service the crew provided throughout and the Herculean efforts Viking took to seek out alternate ports, excursions and travel arrangements, etc, for passengers. My wife and I were on the inaugural Viking Sun 2018 WC (as well as two previous ones on Regent). We love the Viking ships and can't wait to travel on them again -- using in part the future cruise credits from our recent April 5-15 Amsterdam river cruise that was cancelled.
  8. I am interesting in knowing if people on the full world cruise or some of its segments are pleased with the cash payments or future cruise credits that Viking is offering. Not asking for specific amounts, but just whether or not folks believe they have been treated fairly and in general how Viking is handling the issue. I know it will be a qualifier in any of our future Viking cruise plans. Thanks.
  9. An excellent reply to Jim Avery's mindset. Over 75, with a wife with underlying lung issues. We have self-quarantined, except for long walks on the Southern California seashore. Our daughter and two grandkids delivered groceries today to our condo doorway and stood outside for a chat. Our Brooklyn daughter is in the midst of a hotspot and is also taking extreme precautions, but is terribly worried about us. Yes, American life has shut down, and should, as we and more and more Americans and communities are beginning to realize. People with opposing attitudes don't help.
  10. Understandably some passengers are upset with the changes to the current WC itinerary and are complaining loudly about Viking. Our friends, Norma and Gary Hirsh, feel differently and sent a complimentary email to Viking regarding their handling of the situation. They boarded the ship n LA and are traveling thru to London. Neither of them are on Cruise Critic, but Norma asked that I share their positive thoughts on this thread. They were also impressed that Viking Customer Service called to thank them for expressing their appreciation: "Just received a personal thank you phone call from Viking Customer Service. They are truly appreciative of our support and sympathy. "I feel they are doing their absolute best effort to keep us safe, provide excellent service and experiences in spite of the world health catastrophe. As you know they have to instantaneously change our course , supplies, staff arrangements, port approvals, excursions , entertainment, departure flights for departing guests, and consider weather patterns each day." On our Viking Sun 2018 WC some 60 of us were stranded at the airport in Siem Reap when our flights to Sihanoukville were delayed/cancelled. The ship kept to schedule and moved on to Bangkok. Viking had find lodging and meals for another night in Siem Reap and then airline tickets for the next morning to Bangkok. Corporate, the Sun's general manager, Viking's excursion rep who was with us, and the local vendor worked quickly and efficiently to make the new arrangements. The current WC situation is categorically much more complicated. So give them a break and your thanks.
  11. I agree with Jim. It's great and is on a board over my wife's desk in our MBR. We also brought our own larger, more detailed World map on the 2018 WC. Had marked the entire planned route in red and then marked it in black as we went along. Held it up in the cabin using powerful small magnets.
  12. Bon Voyage! Know several friends joining you. We haven't cruised with HAL yet, so that will make your thread even more interesting.
  13. I hope Heidi13 and others will continue AND take up the primary mantle from Jim Avery keep this threat alive. We had friends Norma and Gary Hirsh, from San Diego, get on today in LA. They are first-time Viking Ocean cruisers and will be going all the way through to London. They live in our condo complex in La Jolla. We were so enthused about our experiences on Viking's Inaugural World Cruise in 2018, that they decided join you on the second half of this WC adventure. However, they are not members of Cruise Critic. Maybe someone could invite them to a CC Meet & Greet and they might see why they should join. Bon Voyage!
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