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  1. My cruise has been all paid for and my lodging and transport been refunded from the first cancelled cruise. I'm going to keep hope up and trust HAL to bump me to another time if they cancel my 2021 cruise.
  2. I don't know about the CDC ban but I don't think HAL would be offering the cruises if they were not possible. I see where the cruise to Alaska will not be stopping in Canada and that is fine with me. I paid in full for my cruise months ago to take advantage of perks. Not booked all transport or motels yet.
  3. When the virus started we had Alaska cruise booked for August. We cancelled the booked cruise and all transport and rescheduled for August 2021. Very worried past few months about loosing that cruise also. Now we see HAL will be cruising then and we are sure happy. So we both have our shots now and are looking forward to the August 29th 2021 Alaska cruise. Now to rebook all the transport and motel. We will fly into Seattle the day before.
  4. Thanks for all the replies....very interesting. Think I will cross my fingers and hope for Alaska trip this year. Don't really want to postpone another year.
  5. In 2019 we moved our Seattle to Alaska cruise to August 2021. Now with the Canadian restrictions do we need to move it again ? I see where maybe they will give the cruise ships special permission. So do I wait for that or change again? Also how is it that they are still selling cruise deals to Alaska of 2021 ? We paid in full to get the perks for this cruise. Wonder if they will carry over. Same with our air fare we paid for already. Wonder if they will let us postpone again. Very confused.
  6. I agree with you Taters. It all was very entertaining. Not just karaoke. There was other acts but the guy that won it did Frank Sonatra like it was really him.
  7. This August 2021 will be our 3rd Holland America cruise. While on a different line ..I think it was Norwegian... they had a passenger talent show. Passengers were given several days to practice and the show was the last night. Winner gets a free cruise. That was one of the best shows we have been to on any cruise. Holland America seems to be lacking on entertainment shows. We would like to see that again. Hope all this virus junk gets cleared up by then so we can go to Alaska in August.
  8. I would go with full transit Panama.in either direction. . It's a daylite to dark experience you will never forget. There is a guide that boards your ship and explains everything as you go. I'm a 1944 born war baby and went to Pearl Harbor. I'm a ham radio guy and even got to run the ham station on the Missouri to talk to my friends in Kentucky. We did the circle the islands thing and was not very impressed. I'm sure if we took some of the flying around the islands trips it would be different. But there was a sort of unwelcome feeling we got from the islands. Cannot really say why bu
  9. Thanks to all and Kirk I will certainly give /delat a call.
  10. We are in our 70s and last winter booked a 7 day September 5th Alaska cruise out of Seattle. That includes buying $2600 worth of non refundable plane tickets, booking lodging and shuttle service. So can we really rely on the ports in Seattle being open by then. Always we hear 2 weeks and all will be well. But will it all be over by then? Here in Kentucky our virus cases are over 1000 and rising. We must make our final payment in mid May and I don't want to waste more money. We considered taking that non refundable flight and just driving around in a rented car for a week. I see on t
  11. This was all great information. I know I will have that dental kit on my next cruise. Thank all of you for replying. Retiredrich
  12. We were on a 14 Eurodam Panama cruise a few months ago. I got on the elevator and one of the ship's officers in great pain was there also. He had his hand up on his cheek and said he has a very bad tooth ache. I've always wondered what became of him. I don't think any ship has an on board dentist. Probably a doctor that can prescribe pain killers. But what a bad place to get a tooth ache.
  13. Thanks for the info. Sounds like just what we need
  14. We are planning a 7 day Alaska from Seattle. We always fly in the day before....can't risk late flight. So need a good motel maybe close to the airport and better even with shuttle to cruise terminal. Any advice will be helpful.
  15. Great info from all of you and thanks. I think I will do a wait and see for a while. I know I will still be in a cast by then but I should be able to walk around good. Then there's that steep walk up the entrance to the ship !!!!
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