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  1. So from what I have seen, it has been spotted on Indy, Navigator & Enchantment. Any others? Hoping it comes to Allure by December.
  2. Hi I just downloaded the Forums Apps. I am unable to login. I tried logging in on the laptop and am using the proper username and password, but when I try the same on the app it comes up and says "Log In Failed". Just wondering are you only allowed 1 login at a time, ir is the a certain amount of time you have to wait after logging out on the laptop?
  3. On another board, someone made the comment that they had seen a Vegan menu on Enchantment, and that the head waiter said that it was coming fleet wide. Just wondering if anyone is able to confirm this, or has pictures of the menu. My wife is a strict vegan, and it is always stressful having to jump through the hoops trying to get a vegan meal, then having to settle for usually a single choice, then getting that meal almost every night for the entire cruise. We are going to be on Allure in December so are really hoping it is available at that time.
  4. I suspect that when the chair hogs grab their towels first thing in the morning, when there is no one there to scan their seapass. If they had been scanned they would not likely be so inclined to leave then unattended. Or, could it be that 90 % of those in line on the final night to get the charges removed are chair hogs whose towels were taken by others?
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