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  1. Look up el gaucho...been going there for years since our first trip in 1988
  2. LINDAE3213

    ABC Tours

    Done ABC several times and can recommend them...one tour included light house...and natural pool...another one did the caves..baby beach....sorry don't remember names of tours...both times were land trips to Aruba. Whichever tour you choose will be a good time.
  3. Thanks...coworker heading there this weekend so I will let her know.
  4. Freedom ex San Juan ....how early can we board on departure day?
  5. We made it to Roatan in March...it was one of the reasons we booked that cruise on Allure. Unfortunately i picked a shore excursion that was sub par for snorkeling ( see my review under Roatan) and felt bummed I had made a bad choice. I certainly can understand how you feel.
  6. Hi everyone...booked on 3.29.2020 freedom and starting to price airfare for flying in sat 3.28 then departing day of disembark sun 4.5 Right now nonstop ewr to sju showing over 1k per person. Seems expensive...assume pricing will drop...was not really planning to buy air til dec right b4 I pay cruise in full etc....can anyone advise target or avg airfare. Not sure how to look up march 2019 prices for rough indicators in case a really good deal shows up. Thanks Linda
  7. As i mentioned on another thread. .ex miami allure end march cruise...we got to the disembark line at 6:15 am and were about 50 people back from the front of the line.
  8. Was on the Allure end March ex Miami...we did self disembark...got on line at 6:15 am and were about 50 people from the front. By the time.we started moving at 7 am there were at least 100 plus people behind us. Once it moved it went quickly but there was also a wait for taxi once we got outside...they were not lined up waiting for us....they trickled in one taxi at a time.
  9. I had an interior studio balcony on Quantum....originally booked just for myself...but then added my husband as we married about 1 month before the sailing. The cabin was fine...a bit small but definitely manageable...and I hate to feel crowded. I think the bed was more like a full size. My stepson has since sailed with us on the Anthem in an interior studio with virtual balcony...that one seems tight to me...even for 1 person.
  10. The weather was ok...i just think the area this tour was in perhaps was not a prime location for snorkeling....i will have to look at a map to see where Bight is.....we passed mahogany bay on the 30 min ride to Bight. And I don't think this tour group company was good...meaning experienced....they went through the motions..but nothing else....having snorkeled in aruba...st martin...st thomas on tours you kind of know good vs lame. I blame myself..i picked a bad tour. The description read well but ... If anyone else took the tour...i hope they report it here....it would be great for everyone to hear others opinion besides mine.
  11. took the tour today and it was delightful. Jesus was our guide -- very informative -- told us lots of stories including family ones about his life in Mexico. the ruins were interesting -- the buses are large ones with seat belts -- yes I thought of the accident while we took the tour -- they stressed safety and seatbelts several times. I had seen the excursion before the trip in our planner for $94 but did not book it. Once on board it was $105 ps we saw a monkey in the trees and bought the local chewing gum from the gum trees
  12. On Allure today - day 6 walking to windjammer for lunch and offered Samba Grill at $15 pp for dinner tonight. basically ate Windjammer all week ( our choice ) so said sure -- we can splurge on a dinner tonight for that price. meal was good - tried all the meats -- salad bar just ok -- but I have been eating salad and grilled veggies all week for lunch and dinner so to me the salad bar is nothing special. Dessert very decadent - service top notch. nice change of pace. linda ps and they had lobster tail too - but it is formal night so maybe they just offer it everywhere tonight
  13. still on ship now -- Roatan was nice but this particular snorkeling trip was not good. It was disorganized -- they did not communicate with us - we stood on the pier a long time, we stood in the parking lot waiting for buses a long time, there was no engagement or conversation driving us the half hour to the location - basically piled 20 of us in a small boat -- gave us snorkel and fins and at each stop told us ok get in the water. Starfish alley - which boasts dozens of starfish in the tour description was a joke -- i think i swam all around and saw 5. the reef area was ok - i saw a few fish - but the water choppy and we had trouble with fighting the current to get back on the boat -- no one around to help us...we did get a little nervous until we could grab the ladder. we did not bother to get off at the shipwreck and others said it was tough getting back. As I mentioned, our ticket said Unique Excursions and Charters but at the boat launch area - -the man in charge had a white shirt saying Christopher Tours ?? It honestly felt like they hired some kids to drive the boats for the day. They were not experience tour guides - -they did not insist we wear life vests, they did not have one leader in front and one leader in back when the group was in the water. I made mention that night to our Diamond Lounge Concierge that the tour was lacking and I did not think represented RCCL tours well. That the snorkel trip I had taken with Celebrity the last time I was in Roatan was better run and nicer experience. I was sorry we lost the day on this tour and felt I should have picked another snorkel tour. Especially as we only took this cruise from Miami as we never did Oasis class and I wanted my husband to experience the snorkeling in Roatan. ( we had priced out a land trip just to Roatan but it was expensive and involved stopover flights from NJ - we could not find anything direct ) She said she would pass along our comments. Today while we were out at Chaccobean in Costa Maya on a good tour - -the Shore Excursions team left me a voice mail - they were sorry the tour did not meet our expectations and they refunded us 50% of the price. I appreciate that but honestly still wish we had a better snorkel experience. Linda
  14. I will be in Roatan tomorrow for this tour -- the ticket states Unique Excursions and Charters is the tour operator. I can't find them online.
  15. On allure right now -- in Cozumel -- did Paradise Beach this morning and found it a nice place! My TA had suggested it. entry fee $3 -- taxi ride from international pier $15 and we had a little food ( 1 beer, 1 soda, 1 steak and cheese burrito ) for $21 total. We started at the beach area then moved to the pool area and before we left. No complaints -- the service was attentive and the place clean. Linda
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