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  1. Enjoy your day. The east side is great away from the crowds. Not sure which company you are using but there have been mixed reviews on here of some jeep tours. Please research carefully, don't drink if you plan to drive and be sure the jeep is insured for you to drive. As John says please report back.
  2. c-leg5

    Free wifi at the port?

    This link claims free wifi somewhere? Maybe contact to confirm? https://costamaya.com/
  3. c-leg5

    Carnival Cruise - Day in Cozumel with 2 year old!?

    Day pass to Allegra or if you are at International or Puerta Maya pier and want to avoid transport, day pass to Park Royal
  4. c-leg5

    Cozumel port map

    The tour operators generally know if there is a change of pier (which can happen forvarious reasons) but always a good idea for you both to exchange phone numbers.
  5. c-leg5

    Snorkeling West Bay

    I would write direct, they have different passes. I had good communications with christopher.amaro@paradisehotels.com
  6. c-leg5

    Cozumel port map

    Probably Punta Langosta, in town
  7. They will be picked up at the pier dispatch area. You need to book in advance so they can get clearance from the taxi union. They will drop you wherever you want. If you want a 3-4 hour tour and then get dropped off somewhere and get an independent taxi back thats OK. Just make sure you get dropped off somewhere in the tourist zone to be sure of picking up a return taxi. we have done many tours with them, enjoy your day!
  8. c-leg5

    Best beach?

    Oh, I remember some reviews (mixed) of Ocean Club some years ago - I think it is attached to some condos? Haven’t heard it mentioned for a long time and we have never been. Sorry to hear you will be staying on board - it is one of our favorite stops. Sometimes we take it easy near the port, or in town, sometimes private driver but we always find some where to go but agree sometimes it can be fun to enjoy a quiet ship.
  9. c-leg5

    Best beach?

    As I said there seem to be various reports on the cost so please report back and let us know what the current situation is as i am trying to research the price for next summer. I have been before and there is certainly more space and “less” vendors at Blue Kay. I see in your reply above you said you paid $17 in Cozumel? I was wondering where that was as I have never paid an entrance in Cozumel except at an AI, an entrance fee to a theme park and possibly Buccanos for cruisers on the pretext that they give you snorkel gear whether you want it or not, so just interested to know.
  10. c-leg5

    Best beach?

    See above.
  11. c-leg5

    Best beach?

    It is more usual for the bars to include tables, chairs, loungers, bathrooms for “free” with the purchase of some food/drinks to use amenities on a PAYG or AI basis. It is considered polite to purchase proportional to your length of stay. However it has been reported that Blue Kay (first bar from the lighthouse) has been charging an upfront fee ($5-15 negotiable) for use of lounger including 1 or 2 “free” drinks. I suppose if you consider the fee appropriate you could decline the free drinks. Not sure about the internet but I am sure if you find one of the two reviews of Blue Kay by Mitsugirly, she will have reviewed internet availability and cost. otherwise I agree you could use the free loungers at the port.
  12. c-leg5

    Sol y Mar

    I wrote direct and was told anyone could use this section. We are going soon and will try and remember to report back. We booked through cruise line in the end since it was cheaper.
  13. c-leg5


    Up to date as far as i know. Prices are posted at the taxi dispatch at each pier and some island locations. https://www.cruzely.com/complete-list-of-cozumel-taxi-rates/
  14. c-leg5

    Day passes at Resorts

    Just a heads up, Paradise thru Rony was more expensive earlier this year than booking direct. I don't know if that has changed - you would have to email for current pricing, unless you are visiting several places and need a driver for the day.