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  1. John has given good synopsis. I would add if you want quiet and limited activities- Nachi. if you think you want more activities- water inflatables, kayaks, parasailing etc either of the other two although Paradise has excellent facilities and very nice pool if that is important. If you don’t need AI Sanchos and Paradise have the option of PAYG but everyone in the group has to chooses the same. 4 ships is a very light load but there will be more traffic if you dock at Langosta and have to make your way back there.
  2. Are you going before the clocks go back in US? Cozumel is on EST year round now. Swim time will be local time.
  3. Glad you were able to book it. I have never booked anywhere through Resort for a day because unfortunately they always seem to add a surcharge ( I see Shore excursioneer currently has it on sale for $52 but you don’t always get exactly the same deal through different vendors - length of time, what’s included etc) Seaweed is always an unknown. Generally speaking that coast of Cozumel is fine but never a guarantee - we went two years ago in December and Nachi ( next door) had quite bad seaweed and Costa Maya the next day was complete clear! The opposite of what we might have expected! At least as you say, with a resort you have a pool to fall back on! Enjoy your day and let us know how it went.
  4. c-leg5

    Paradise Beach

    It is generally taken over the group as a whole per tab, rather than per individual. Little kids exempt. From their FAQ: ARE WE EXPECTED TO EAT OR DRINK WHILE WE’RE THERE? Yes, we are just like your hometown bar/restaurant, we ask you to eat or drink during your visit. A minimum consumption of $10usd per person is required. (Kids 0-4 are exempt from this policy.)
  5. If you go to the broker sites I suggested above you will find details of many day passes - at both hotel resorts and beach clubs, plus a description of what is included. many of the beach clubs like Sanchos, Paradise Beach, Nachi also have their own websites outlining what is included and what is extra.
  6. Price depends on the number of people in your group and is fairly standard between the operators on Roatan. There is some variation sometimes between the entrance fees quoted from one operator to another.
  7. How was Paradise Beach? Did you buy a day pass? Did you use the pool?
  8. Have you tried broker sites like Shore excursioneer or possibly Resort for a day? I would also contact hotel directly as sometimes hotels are cheaper direct, sometimes not, or they offer different hours of validity. Remember they are now owned by Barcelo. You may have to contact a central address and specify Cozumel. Some hotels you can just turn up (El CID/Park Royal) but we pre- booked Allegro. December is high season, I don’t think I would “just turn up”.
  9. I was told you had to book through the ship for Costa Maya.
  10. Have you tried requesting a price direct from Paradise? I seem to recall they have different package options and I think(if I remember correctly you like to choose your food from a menu?) shoreexcursioneer price varies depending on whether they are running a sale or not. Sometimes we have found their price to be good, other times not do much. My preference would be Paradise but I have only looked, not experienced, but the pool and quieter area would win for me.
  11. I don't know about bookings through the UK though as in many cases they are very different from those of the US. Exactly and since OP booked through next cruise I think the rules are different again. However, it appears OP now has an answer. Who knows if they phoned again if they would get a different answer.
  12. Are you booking from the UK? Did you book through a UK or US outlet?
  13. Prices for massage and activities are all listed on their website. http://cozumelnachicocom.com//eng/activities It is possible you can negotiate extras on site.
  14. There are boards with prices at each port, prices vary slightly. About $17 each way for 4. Nachi can be good if you just want a peaceful day- no activities. Be careful where you pick your palapa- we found the waiters like to place you where it is convenient for them. We could have had a much quieter location further from the pool.
  15. I would second Maya Key for convenience. We have done it twice from Coxen Hole with toddler. No transport problems- no car seat necessary. 5 minute ride on ferry - beach, pool, animals, room to run around.
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