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  1. My dad lived in St Mary’s for a while circa 1930 and worked in one of the banks. He used to swim at the quarry. In early 1990’s I took him on a memory trip back to Canada and St Mary’s was one of our stops.
  2. No actual beach access at the port. There are a couple of pools. maybe this will help - map to download https://www.costamaya.com/about-the-port/
  3. I will begin by stating I have zero interest in zip lining and therefore no personal experience of the activity in any of the ports you have listed. Normally you would have received several replies, however since there is very little activity on any of the port of call boards presently I will offer my opinion based on years of cruising to these ports and reading other people’s reviews and hope this provides an insight as to where to start. Costa Maya has some zip lines associated with the water park (which I believe is currently closed). It will require an admission charg
  4. It’s fun to plan, but lots of time for changes in the next 12 months. Good luck with whatever your day may bring and just know there were lots of good options beyond Nachi. We have given up on planning cruises for now (too many unknowns and restrictions) but I can’t wait to get back to Cozumel for a multi week land visit.
  5. I assume you booked Chankanaab because it was a ship excursion? I am sure the cruise line will appreciate your monetary donation even if only temporarily! I stand by my post #2, and in your case, WE thoroughly enjoyed our day at Chankanaab (after waiting probably 15 years before trying it!) BUT it is a totally different experience to Nachi. We would probably not have chosen it as a couple, (deterred by the entrance fee and activities that we knew we wouldn’t participate in), but we were meeting my daughter and grandson on this occasion and they had booked a ship excursi
  6. This was where my DH planted himself for the day! You could always try booking the Cabana Beach area.
  7. I also use that method (usually with chopsticks and a sharp knife) but you can get a slicing rack from Amazon as a guide.
  8. They didn’t mention getting cream - they said “tea and scones” although I assume they at least got jam or butter with it.
  9. Royal already pretend to do “scones” and “cream” at their afternoon tea snacks on the WJ. “Scones, clotted cream and jam” they are definitely not but they are an interesting diversion if you are looking for something sweet in the afternoon. From Wiki, Clotted cream: (It is a thick cream, with a very high fat content (a minimum of 55 percent, but an average of 64 percent). For comparison, the fat content of single cream is only 18 percent.)
  10. i think it was doing 4-5-5 out of Galveston. We did 2x5 B2B.
  11. It wasn’t much of a party ship when it was in Galveston. We are big Boleros fans and that one had to be most disappointing to date. It had very little atmosphere. Karaoke every night instead of in the small theatre. I can’t compare with Grandeur but we have done Vision and Rhapsody and were disappointed in Enchantment in so many ways. In general we also prefer smaller ships. I enjoyed our two week sailing on Empress although my husband felt it was too small. HOWEVER, if John says Enchantment is a party ship maybe it depends where it is sailing from and the crew at any giv
  12. +1 I agree. It makes me laugh when so many people say they will have a “quiet day on the ship” in unpopular ports like Nassau and Falmouth and this will makes the situation even worse. We really enjoy TAs with lots of sea days but I see nothing relaxing or exciting about spending a day docked in port with nothing open and no open water to look at. We rarely do ship excursions but even if we don't have any private plans we like to get off and walk around and find somewhere different for a drink and a snack.
  13. It varies, as I said, as to whether it is available, depending on contracts in place at the time, (and after Covid all bets are off as to what will be available). However the listing you quote certainly seems to be twister only, no beach therefore cheaper, if that is what you are interested in. I haven’t done either, twister or Passion Island, although both certainly have their fans. Passion Island always seems an expensive, too short, beach break for Cozumel which has so many other cheaper options but I think a lot depends on who is running the excursion at the time.
  14. The catamaran and twister have both been offered at times by Royal Caribbean to Passion Island but it depends on the contract negotiated at any given time http://www.royalcaribbean.com/shoreExcursions/product/detail/view.do?sourcePage=shorexByPort&ProductCode=CZ1F&DestinationCode= http://www.royalcaribbean.com/shoreExcursions/product/detail/view.do?sourcePage=shorexByPort&ProductCode=CZO2&DestinationCode= http://www.royalcaribbean.com/shoreExcursions/product/detail/view.do?sourcePage=shorexByPort&ProductCode=CZ20&DestinationCode=
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