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  1. c-leg5

    Sol y Mar

    I wrote direct and was told anyone could use this section. We are going soon and will try and remember to report back. We booked through cruise line in the end since it was cheaper.
  2. c-leg5


    Up to date as far as i know. Prices are posted at the taxi dispatch at each pier and some island locations. https://www.cruzely.com/complete-list-of-cozumel-taxi-rates/
  3. c-leg5

    Day passes at Resorts

    Just a heads up, Paradise thru Rony was more expensive earlier this year than booking direct. I don't know if that has changed - you would have to email for current pricing, unless you are visiting several places and need a driver for the day.
  4. c-leg5

    Little French Key Questions I’ve Not Found Answers To

    Yes that is what i had heard, which is a far cry from the owners original claims for LFK when it first opened not that many years ago. I have not been to either but have two upcoming cruise stops to Roatan so always on the look-out for somewhere different. Incidently, I remember you recommending a bar once between the ports and French Harbour with a pool, did it close down?
  5. c-leg5

    Snorkeling at Punta Sur

    Ah, OK that is how we did it several years ago, but i would like to go for a longer time if i went again. I wondererd if you had just arranged a round trip fare.
  6. c-leg5

    Snorkeling at Punta Sur

    I am not sure whether the snorkeling arrangements have changed, sorry, just wondering what arrangements you are making for transport? i know Papitos has closed and supposedly reopened under new ownership.
  7. c-leg5

    Little French Key Questions I’ve Not Found Answers To

    Just wondering since you are so adamant- have you been to BFK, or is this just your pre-conceived idea? Just wondering if you have actually been to both and can compare. I realize your opinions are subjective, just trying to decide which would be best for me.
  8. c-leg5

    Best beach?

    I agree “best resort” would be a better question and the answer is very dependent on the amenities you require.
  9. c-leg5


    Be aware there are three piers in Cozumel, particularly important that you know which pier you are at for your return taxi trip. This can also affect what is around if you want to stay around the port. For example if you are on NCL out of New Orleans quite likely you will dock in town with access to lots of shops and local restaurants. Walk on the ocean side of the street or go in a block or two from main drag to avoid the barage of vendors. Also be sure to carry a watch (not cell phone) set to ship time not local time so that you are aware of time you need to be back on board. (Cozumel is on EST year round).
  10. c-leg5

    Best beach?

    Please report back - not many reviews for there.
  11. c-leg5

    El Cid La Ceiba Beach

    I would write directly to the resort and compare their direct price. I have not done twilight pass but have been in the day, a long time ago. It was less expensive to pay in the lobby and no prior commitment.
  12. c-leg5

    Royal Up Offers & Winners

    Thanks but i think you are missing the point.
  13. c-leg5

    Royal Up Offers & Winners

    I agree so long as the participants that take part are aware. However it appears even though it is not public it is not anonymous either so it would certainly factor into my decision.
  14. c-leg5

    Royal Up Offers & Winners

    OK, so long as we know. Thanks!