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  1. c-leg5

    Skye Reef for snorkeling?

    Money Bar website used to claim the whole site was wheelchair accessible which I presume means hard surfaces and ramps, although i am not seeing it anymore on their website. However the access to the sea was over slippery stones unless they allow you to enter from the deck area, which was reserved for the condos opposite last time I was there. I think Sky Reef has access which looked easier from wooden steps at the end of their pier but I was only there for a short time and can’t really remember how accessible the restaurant and other facilities were. Both places have websites and have replied to my emails previously if you have specific questions.
  2. c-leg5

    Moneyback Mexico

    As I posted above several have posted previously that they have the tax rebated but it takes considerably longer than advertised. I don't have time to search through the old posts with CC search engine in its current state, but posts are certainly there if you care to search. Of course stores are going to bring it to your attention in their sales pitch, its up to the individual whether or not they make the purchase. The OP did not say they had any regrets about their purchase.
  3. c-leg5

    Cozumel island tour

    Thats a shame - they have a lot of drivers, are there a lot of ships in port? you can always contract a driver at dispatch for a set number of hours if you have an idea of where you want to go. Just realize they are drivers NOT tour guides and some are better than others at making suggestions and commentary, or speaking English if that is important.
  4. c-leg5

    Christmas Day in Cozumel

    East coast bars would be my choice if they are open but you will need to arrange transport. I am sure the taxis will be running and you could contract a driver to stay with you for a few hours. Otherwise Palancar, Buccanos, Money Bar, Uvas. Biggest problem will be finding which ones are open. Paradise is almost certainly open but it is not small or laid back although some of its amenities are third party contractors which may/may not be operating.
  5. c-leg5

    Cozumel island tour

    ToursPlaza is who we use. Black Hat is sometimes suggested. You can also book through some broker sites but I don’t know which company they subcontract to.
  6. c-leg5

    Skye Reef for snorkeling?

    Both Money Bar and Sky Reef offer similar amenities. sky Reef probably offers easier acces to the sea if that is important. Cannot comment on comparable snorkeling and i havent eaten at Sky Reef.
  7. c-leg5

    Nachi Cocom WiFi

    I emailed and they said it was free. They apologized for confusion but didn't explain the FAQ statement.
  8. c-leg5

    Timing for San Gervasio?

    Sounds good! I looked at Tati’s current website. We took her original (first) tour years ago but i think the street option would be interesting. You can certainly use ToursPlaza for your San Gervasio tour we did that also several years ago on one of our early tours round the island. I see Pablo de Maiz, (which can be visited independently) is also an option with Tati and isn't far from San Gervasio. I haven't been there and am waiting to read reviews, am interested in taking grandkids.
  9. c-leg5

    Snorkeling West Bay

    Never heard of a pub crawl in Roatan. Was that self organised or through the van company?
  10. c-leg5

    Blue Kay

    Sargasso has been extremely bad in many places throughout the Caribbean since February this year, especially Costa Maya. A local recently reported to me that it appears to be improving in recent weeks.
  11. c-leg5

    Nachi Cocom WiFi

    Have you just booked or have you actually been? I vaguely remember Mitsugirly having a problem with cost of internet in her review but don’t remember the details. The FAQ and your booking link definitely say “free” and yet then it says there is a fee? Not really understanding although i dont recall too many reports about it and i dont think it’s much use unless you are by the restaurant. I am sure some regulars must know!
  12. c-leg5

    West Bay Beach/Paradise Beach Hotel

    Thanks again! We have been to Turquoise many years ago when my husband, son and SiL went fishing while the ladies chilled on the beach. Much preferred the peace and quiet there ( lack of vendors although large group from the ship but they kept to themselves). Actually took a walk round and found it quite picturesque. We didnt eat there as we wanted to check out Parrot Tree, which we have also been to for the day on subsequent occasions (also vendor free). Parrot Tree had a beautiful pool but i think the resort has fallen on hard times in recent years although I read is now being renovated? Temporary Cal’s was not open at that time as it was between when the old location burned down and building new but have thought of returning to try it now. I agree, Infinity was very expensive a few years ago and seems to have fallen in line with other resorts recently. We prefer quieter, less touristy venues- have been to Club Natale several times - but was looking for a change. Unlike many people, Roatan has never given me a warm fuzzy feeling that many people seem to find there in the 12+ years we have been visiting. Apologies to OP for hijacking thread, Paradise is still on my list of options and would still welcome your opinion on it too!
  13. c-leg5

    Tram to Mahahual problem

    Price per taxi is common in Mexico, surprised it hasn’t been this way before, although $8 seems a lot for that short distance. We went beyond the malecon last time and i think it was $12.
  14. c-leg5

    Tram to Mahahual problem

    $3 pp for tram or $8 for taxi. You can only get tram from port you need to take taxi back.
  15. c-leg5

    West Bay Beach/Paradise Beach Hotel

    Thanks for review. If we went we would be going for the pool option as i said we were only at West Bay for a very short time last trip and it really didn't appeal to us unless you went solely for the snorkeling. We took the wAter to West End last time and much preferred it. thinking of trying Sol y Mar next time but would really like to try Ginger’s too if I could get some feedback. I think it would require a private driver for the day.