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  1. Just googled Maya Palacar and seems to be a sub-section of Playa Palancar so in retrospect your title seems a little harsh.Seems to have good reviews and here is the description on TA from management: Response from Maya Palancar C | Property representative | Hi Jennifer we are at same area and the entrance it's the same for both beach club, the difference are on concept, service, menu, hammocks, wifi, private and very clean bathrooms and many many other things, that's wy we are the VIP zone of palancar beach club. I hope this explain a little bit wats the difference. Thanks for ask and we waiting for you. We have enjoyed Palancar but it had become busier on our last visit. Sorry it didnt work out for you.
  2. Sorry for your experience. Would be more helpful if you mentioned the company so people could be aware. Hopefully you also brought this to the attention of the owner of the company concerned so they can address the problem in the future? i am unaware of this new beach bar but assume it is along the beach towards where Carnival used to have their private retreat since you were able to walk from one to the other and check out the prices? Have you been to Palancar before? It is a long way off the highway.
  3. c-leg5

    Best beach?

    I have been to Maya Chan more than once. Change is good. Its nice to have options. Its good that you enjoy it but it is not a good match for everyone on all occasions.
  4. c-leg5

    Best beach?

    Apologies, I missed that was price for two! Yes that price was reasonable. I prefer a pool option but it isn't really available in Costa Maya.
  5. c-leg5

    Best beach?

    Thanks for the review, appreciate the feedback. $78, not including transport, would be too much for us for a cruise ship day without a pool but we may look into a lesser option some time.
  6. Which pier - we dont walk through Dufry. Is this Puerta Maya?
  7. c-leg5

    ATV/Speedboat excursion Cozumel

    This may be the same tour through a different broker? I realize this one is not available to book but if it sounds like a similar description this one lists the requirements and resrictions, which may help? https://www.cozumel-tours.com/atv-speedboat-tour.htm
  8. c-leg5

    Cozumel port map

    Generally Royal docks at International Pier but if there are a lot of ships in port some of the smaller, older ships dock at Punta Langosta. if you dock there you are in town within reasonable walking distance of ferry. If you are at International you will need a taxi each way.
  9. c-leg5

    Cozumel port map

  10. c-leg5

    Playa Mia Grand Beach Park

  11. Enjoy your day. The east side is great away from the crowds. Not sure which company you are using but there have been mixed reviews on here of some jeep tours. Please research carefully, don't drink if you plan to drive and be sure the jeep is insured for you to drive. As John says please report back.
  12. c-leg5

    Free wifi at the port?

    This link claims free wifi somewhere? Maybe contact to confirm? https://costamaya.com/
  13. c-leg5

    Carnival Cruise - Day in Cozumel with 2 year old!?

    Day pass to Allegra or if you are at International or Puerta Maya pier and want to avoid transport, day pass to Park Royal
  14. c-leg5

    Cozumel port map

    The tour operators generally know if there is a change of pier (which can happen forvarious reasons) but always a good idea for you both to exchange phone numbers.
  15. c-leg5

    Snorkeling West Bay

    I would write direct, they have different passes. I had good communications with christopher.amaro@paradisehotels.com