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  1. There is still less waste...there is always some waste. That's why when served, they serve smaller portions. You can always ask for more later.
  2. I would be totally okay with a served buffet. It cuts down on both waste and germs. A paid hot breakfast option (not those weird breakfast sandwiches) via room service would be nice and may cut down on the lido crowds in the morning. I tend to eat very little of the self serve food items anyway.
  3. Oh okay. I'll just stay in my house forever and starve to death because people like you want to live your life like there is no pandemic. And to think if people would have taken this seriously from day 1, life would be back to normal by now. I was in Japan during Chinese New Year when all of this started. I got sick (with something, probably not Covid) and I wore a mask because that's the accepted practice is in many societies. My travel companion that shared a tiny room with me did not get sick because I was careful not to spread MY germs. It is not fair to expect people to stay home because you don't want to protect others from YOUR germs. So selfish. By the way, recovering doesn't make you immune from reinfection from a mutated strain.
  4. You are correct. You not wanting to wear a mask doesn't make you selfish, but if masks are required (or are still recommended by the CDC) and you still choose to cruise/not follow the guidelines, it is then that you become selfish. No one wants to wear a mask.
  5. This 100% I have family in Taiwan, where mask wearing is common all of the time, even more so now. Life is mostly normal there right now with no local lockdowns. Cases have been under control for a long time. When more people wear masks, there is less airborne transmission. For people that can't understand this, think about blowing your nose into a thin tissue. When you stack the tissues, fewer particles get through. People seem to think that being American means that you have the right to infect the general public with your germs. The amount of selfish people on this thread is unreal.
  6. Itineraries are a little repetitive, but I think the majority of cruisers either A) don't cruise all that frequently or B) don't care about the ports. Try changing your port of departure to find what you're looking for or try one of the other Carnival brands, or another cruiseline all together.
  7. I doubt that there will be cruises this year. Our state governor has locked down our state until June 10th. Whenever we start "phase one" of reopening, we will still have limited businesses open and teleworking will continue. Phase one is expected to last for TWO YEARS or until there is widespread testing, treatment, and/or vaccine available. Sadly, international travel isn't going to resume anytime soon and even if it does, the other nations will likely not want us there. The US has around 1/3 of cases worldwide. Just like nations banned travel from China, I don't think we are far behind that. Disclaimer, this is just my opinion based on my state's expected road to recovery and various articles I've been reading. I am not an expert by any means.
  8. Please get travel insurance anyway. Accidents happen. Cancel for any reason insurance is expensive and it still doesn't cover everything. Example: suppose you decide to cancel the trip and you have flights. You have to cancel the flight (and pay any applicable cancellation fee) and the insurance will cover 75% of the remainder (but won't reimburse the cancellation fee). Of course, policies differ...but medical coverage is my main reason for getting insurance.
  9. My guess is that they simply don't have the funds to give. After taking out a massive loan, refunds are starting to be processed. You have to remember that they still have bills to pay and they are losing a ton on lost on board revenue. I still think all of the money will be returned, just not as soon as people want it. I used to work for an investment company that handled 401k accounts. When people wanted money, there was a process to getting distributed. Large corporations don't just keep all of their money in the bank. It's tied up in investments, overhead, assets, etc.
  10. We won a free snorkeling excursion in Cozumel. We had never snorkeled before and never would have gone if it weren't for the free tour. Despite being nervous, we got in the water anyway. Long story short, it opened our minds and wallets to many other fabulous snorkeling trips!
  11. I took the FFC and immediately rebooked the to the exact same cruise except in January instead of April. I paid with Carnival gift cards partially and used AMEX rewards, so I didn't want to lose my discounts. I also now have $600 of OBC to spend. Our travel insurance easily changed to the new date. Looking forward to our trip as long as things improve by then.
  12. Carnival wouldn't have a huge corporate office in Miami if "most people already worked from home." Nothing like this has ever happened in my lifetime. Everything in the world is upside down! The government has shut everything down. To think that it's business as usual for the cruiselinesand their employees is absolutely ridiculous. Refunds will come eventually, especially now that Carnival has taken out a gigantic loan.
  13. Same here, except I had to pay $4 (yes 4) and change because the new booking was slightly higher in price. Our excursions were refunded back to new gift cards and mailed within 3 days, but that was before the wave of cancellations. It did take around 2 hours on the phone. People seem to forget that the folks in Miami are going through the same shut down as the rest of us. When you have to relocate hundreds/thousands of employees from an office to a work from home situation, there are going to be some hiccups. The phone system is different, reps don't have a support system or supervisors nearby, etc. Refunds take longer than payments because they don't just go through automatically. Humans have to go through a series of steps to process the refund. Multiply that by the thousands and thousands of refunds that they are processing. It's going to take some time. The money will come.
  14. Agreed. I dislike the public bathrooms on the ship so I just go back to the cabin. The extra steps won't kill me
  15. This is absolutely correct. I don't use the casino at all, but my husband and I went on 15+ cruises in 5 years. How many special offers did we get? You guessed it! Zip. Maybe after we take some time off from cruising we will get something. It's just the way business works
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