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  1. It is good to buy it through a third party and not from Carnival, even though their's is technically through a third party. I always book it for non refundable, expensive trips that involve going out of the country. The big reason is for the medical coverage. I would cover both the flights and the cruise though because it won't affect the price much. I don't usually book it for road trips. I have not needed to file a claim yet.
  2. It's been this way for a long time. Cruiselines have recruitment centers in south east Asia at least where they recruit the hospitality jobs. The pay would be low for Americans/Europeans but the wages go much further in those countries where stable jobs are hard to come by. They hire people from all over the world though. You will see more Europeans/Americans in entertainment roles vs hospitality staff.
  3. I used to save sand, but I find that the pictures are more valuable to me now than the physical sand. It was a cool novelty for a little while.
  4. They spend the night waiting in the ridiculously long line for mediocre pizza.
  5. The point is, I don't know who touched it right before I got there. Besides, the ice cream is not that good anyway.
  6. That's what security cameras are for. I'm sure I wasn't the only person to see it. Why is it my responsibility vs someone else's to waste my time in the guest services line for something that will have already been cleaned by the time I get a chance to talk to someone? I am not the cruise ship police.
  7. Well I guess I am just not kind then. Who knew? They clean the ice cream machines constantly. Half the time I walk by. There is an employee cleaning or filling it. Reporting what I saw maybe would have accelerated the process by 5 minutes. Eat at the buffet at your own risk. Most of the stuff that passengers have an opportunity to touch is nasty...just like land buffets.
  8. If I complained to a crew member every time I saw a passenger doing something unsanitary, I would have no time to do anything else. Most of the time, the adults are worse than the kids.
  9. I watched this happen before too. I only order ice cream in the MDR now. People are nasty.
  10. La Romana. While I had a decent time on a ship excursion, it just wasn't my favorite port. There isn't a lot available right at the port area and there is a mixture of reliable and scammer taxis. Not very tourist friendly in my opinion (near the pier at least).
  11. According to Forbes, 42% of Americans now have passports. That's approximately 137.4 Million people that have passports. As of 2018, there were around 12 million US cruise passengers. I think it is safe to say that the majority of them have passports.
  12. Millions? I doubt that. Just thinking about the time an employee at the car dealership accidentally checked the wrong box on a dmv form, saying that my husband was not a US citizen, which went to the DMV and then to the county who then revoked his voter's registration. He needed his passport to prove his citizenship to get it all straightened out, which took months all because of one idiot. Shi(p) happens! Just saying, if you are leaving the country, I think the adults at least should have a passport. I understand not getting it for the kids. We didn't have much money for our first cruise either, so we got our passports in lieu of buying excursions or drinks. Still had an amazing time though.
  13. My family lives near the canadian border too and Canada doesn't require a passport. The islands in the Caribbean are not as simple. If one can't afford travel documents, should they even be going on vacation? God forbid a traveling mishap cause someone to spiral into financial distress. Compared to the cost of the vacation, the one time passport fee is extremely small. $14 per year (valid for 10 years) is the cost of less than 2 drinks on the ship.
  14. No. You won't die...but you will spend a heck of a lot more than $140 to get a passport issued at the embassy in a foreign country in order to get home...not to mention your accommodations while you wait for it to be processed. There is a very long story somewhere on CC about a guy who got left behind in Nassau. It was quite the ordeal to get new documents and costly.
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