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  1. The issue is that you're essentially living on that ship and traveling to multiple countries. Once one person tests positive on that ship, they will probably lock down the whole section, maybe the whole ship for the duration of the cruise and you can be sure they won't go to any ports. You have to think about the crew too. The ship is their home for months and they are the ones cleaning the rooms, the dishes, dumping your trash, etc. Their lives matter too and they shouldn't have to risk their lives so you can have a vacation. I so desperately want to go back to traveling, trust me. But the pandemic is totally out of control in the US and it will be some time before countries want us back.
  2. I can manage 2 weeks with a carryon. It's not that hard with all summer clothes. I also wear my shirts/shorts more than once (not sweaty ones) and use the free laundry perk. I even pack multiple bottles of sunscreen, hair conditioner, snorkel gear, shoes, otc meds, etc. Keep in mind that "carry on" can mean a small rolling luggage and a backpack. I just prefer to have my stuff with me 100% of the time.
  3. I think a lot of the activities are going to have to change or be eliminated. So many of the existing ones require you to be close or touching other people or touching unsanitized items. Bingo is probably still ok since people can spread out more in the theater, but they will probably have to hold it not directly before other events. In summary, I have no idea. I think my January cruise is going to be cancelled anyway so haven't been making plans.
  4. This. I don't think there will be a cruise until there is a vaccine available to the general public, which will not happen until spring. I can't even visit my out of state family without a mandatory quarantine period yet. Imagine the poor crew members trying to force selfish passengers to wear their masks in public corridors. How many news stories have you seen about store employees being harassed/attacked when asking people to follow the rules? I really wish people could follow the guidelines so things can return to normal, but I'm afraid normal no longer exists in America.
  5. I wish him the best. I expect we will see more retirements as time goes on. Our favorite CD from RCCL is now working as a bagger at a grocery store to make ends meet. Times are tough!
  6. You realize that you just listed a bunch of mosquito borne illnesses + rabies...not contagious
  7. As someone who routinely sets up email blasts to a much smaller group of people than Carnival (and no, IT departments do not send out email blasts, that is a communications roll), it is both time consuming and expensive. You have to pay for a service to have an "audience" and the price goes up depending on the number of recipients. Sure, they have marketing people that already send out messages, but they are completely different topics and new audiences (and messages) would have to be created for this new group of people that needs notifications. On top of that, I'm sure the email message has to be authorized by several higher ups before it can be sent out to the public. Then every time a PVP is laid off, quits, etc, the mailing list would need to be modified once again for the new group of people. Every seemingly basic task requires staff and they already don't have sufficient staff to issue refunds. Time is money and they don't have a lot of money right now.
  8. This puts the nail in the coffin for cruises this year and possibly next year. It is going to be a long time before vaccines are available to the general public (there will be a shortage initially) so I don't expect conditions to improve any time soon.
  9. Not sure if you were referring to me or OP, but nearly every job I've ever had has been in the service industry...call center, restaurants, professional associations, you name it. While I do grow fond of some customers, when I left my job I didn't take the time (or have the time) to say goodbye.
  10. We used to visit a particular restaurant a lot and one day, our favorite waitress was gone. People in the service industry don't care that much about customers. They are nice because they have to be. When the job is over, so is their service to you. Carnival doesn't have time to call people during a pandemic. They've laid off a huge chunk of their staff. Who do you think is going to make those calls and send those emails if there's nobody left?
  11. I get that and it will be interesting to see what changes they end up making
  12. One must keep in mind that muster drills are also for crew members. Every sailing there new crew members working various stations for the drill. Think of it like a fire drill in kindergarten. The kids don't pay attention but the teacher is responsible for making sure they are in their safe, designated spot and all heads are accounted for.
  13. The CDC is not responsible for people who continue to travel, not wear masks, host covid parties, etc. The American people are the ones to blame.
  14. Exactly. I listen in on CDC calls all of the time for work and the overall vibe I get is that the number one priority is public health. They are trying to prevent people from dying. They have no reason to ruin the travel industry.
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