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  1. Cool. I have no beef with vaccinated people. The more the better. I'm angry at the people who are making excuses.
  2. Again, not a right. It is a luxury! You don't have to cancel your life. But you can't get whatever you want. Even colleges require vaccines. If you need a vaccine for college, you definitely need one for an optional activity.
  3. I'll probably switch over to a cruiseline that requires vaccines. If carnival doesn't, it's a big fail.
  4. Or, you could get vaccinated to help protect everyone.
  5. AMEN. Vacation is a privilege that should only be awarded to people who do the right thing. Remember back in the beginning of the pandemic when people told "scared people" to stay home? Well if you're afraid to get the vaccine, STAY HOME.
  6. False. Florida still has a testing positivity rate of over 10%, which places Florida pretty high on the list for cases. That also doesn't include the spring break idiots that took covid home to other states as a souvenir.
  7. It's not shady when people voluntarily pay up. It's been a hassle for sure, but I feel like Carnival handled it pretty well. I would have requested a refund right from the beginning, but I paid half of my fare with gift cards. By the time I actually get to go on my prepaid cruise, I will have booked, and paid for it almost 3 years ago. Since they are offering the option to cancel with no penalty, they are doing nothing wrong.
  8. Please don't. Adults go to adults only areas for a reason. If you want to grab a pre dinner drink, I'd suggest taking them outside of the bar area. There are plenty of family friendly areas to lounge and very few adults only spaces.
  9. Probably the same amount of rust or more since the crew has been limited and the ships still sit in the ocean.
  10. This is the ultimate list of first world problems. "I'm going on a luxury vacation that many people would never be able to afford and I have to wear a piece of cloth on my face. Poor me." I get it, masks and restrictions are annoying. My glasses fog up, my ears hurt, I have acne, etc. However, I would gladly deal with those minor inconveniences to be able to look at something other than my house. For the past year, I leave my house only to get groceries. In 2019, I spent 4 weeks out of the country on vacation. I'm ready to go just about anywhere at this point.
  11. I would like regular straws for frozen drinks, but I can do without for everything else. I drink slowly and my sugar straws tend to melt shut before I can finish a daiquiri. Then again, if they provided straws for select drinks, people ordering other drinks would just ask for straws and the staff would comply, so I understand why they don't have them at all. I just wish I could vacation at all.
  12. If you get sick at Walmart, Disney, on a plane, at home, at a hotel, etc, you're not too far from a hospital. If you get sick on a ship, good luck.
  13. Since covid, the only trips I've been on have been ones where I could stay away from people. Camping and boating, hiking, and beach trips are great options (preferably if you can go by car). In October, I'm going to Hawaii. Hoping that most of the population will be vaccinated by then, but I'll still be able to stay isolated from others if need be. In 2022, I'd like to get back to traveling internationally.
  14. I'm assuming that carnival sponsored excursions may be different than the usual selections. They may very well have options to transport guest to a beach and back (like when ships have been stranded in ports with mechanical errors. We'll see what happens
  15. Cruises can still be enjoyable with restrictions. I went on a land based short road trip over the summer and the same precautions applied. Unless you're going to an isolated destination, covid is still going to tag along for the ride. Outside of grocery shopping, I haven't left my house since August. I'm ready to be anywhere but here. I'll happily stay away from everyone, reading a book on my cruise ship balcony while soaking up the sun, sipping on a fruity cocktail, and hearing the sounds of the ocean while my work emails are completely ignored for a week. A mask is really no big deal.
  16. I think a paper menu delivered to the cabin would make sense. They already have printed ads for the art auctions, spa stuff, etc. They would only need 1 per cabin and if people want to bring it along, no problem. Phone can be a backup option in the dining room, as well as a copy posted outside of the dining room.
  17. Why do you assume people will understand viruses when you certainly do not? Masks do help stop the spread. However, there are waaaaay too many people letting their guard down. Holiday/family gatherings? Check. People going on vacation? Check. People protesting in the streets without face coverings? Check. Overcrowded hospitals filled with infected patients? Check. These are the things that are causing it to continue to spread. The only countries that have managed to stop the virus in its track are those who care more about public health than themselves. I.e. in Taiwan, borders have been closed since March. Anyone who is allowed in must quarantine in an approved location alone for a full 14 days and it is monitored. Everyone is required to wear a mask in buildings and on public transit and everyone willingly does so. Now, they have pretty much no cases (and only 7 deaths since March) in the entire country because people did what they were told to do. Masks work.
  18. Does stopping at a foreign port without disembarking count?
  19. Yes, some islands will have access to vaccines sooner than others (like your example of the caymans), but the caymans will still likely not accept cruise passengers this year. More vaccines are coming, but it will be a long time before we can travel freely like we once did.
  20. If they are cruising in May, I would expect that missed/canceled ports will become sea days. Vaccines/immunity will not be widespread by then, and who knows when the island nations will have access to vaccines. I'm guessing that the first few months of cruises will be cruises to nowhere (all sea days).
  21. Low risk? If the number of positive cases means nothing to you, check out a map of ICU occupancy. Many hospitals have few to no beds left. This is not an ordinary seasonal illness. Cruising is extremely low priority until people stop dropping like flies.
  22. The crew's home countries aren't as undeveloped as you think. For example, Indonesia already has more vaccine doses than we do. They are not the same Pfizer vaccine, but it's still a vaccine that has been tested to be safe. The US and other EU nations are being selective when it comes to who develops the vaccine...
  23. New York did a remarkable job in turning things around, but when it comes to community spread, the governor has little control over those who refuse to limit social interactions.
  24. I think some states in the US attempted to restrict border crossings, but it was more on the honor system than any actual proof for those traveling by car. Plus in many of our states with busy tri-state areas, people cross borders daily for work, shopping, etc so it would be very hard to enforce.
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