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  1. What has happened to the check-in feature on the Princess web site? I do not use an iphone and cannot check-in as usual to get my boarding pass and luggage tags. So what do I have to do now to check-in? The previous Princess check-in isn't on the web site anymore. Can anyone help me out? Thank you.
  2. Thank you for your response. Did you receive a full refund from Norwegian? Those I have talked to didn't receive a refund from Norwegian and had to use their insurance to re-cover the cost of the cruise.
  3. Has anyone who was booked on the Breakaway for 9-1-2019 received any compensation from Norwegian? When something like this happens, the cruise line normally issues credits for future cruises. I have spoken with others that were booked for 9-1-2019 and they said they received nothing from Norwegian. So the cruisers had to pay for their airline fares to Miami to board a ship that didn't show up. I could not believe that Norwegian did not issue future cruise credits to compensate cruisers for the cancelled cruise.
  4. I think it is very disturbing that Princess would try to scam cruisers with non-refundable deposits when the cruise market is becoming more and more competitive. Princess offers Future Cruise Deposits (FCD's) that you can purchase while on board a cruise for $100. per person. This was supposed to make it easier for you to book cruises in advance and now they have come up with the non-refundable deposit to complicate booking in advance. The FCD's are supposed to be refundable but if you use an FCD to book a cruise with a non-refundable deposit, you will lose your FCD. I have talked with Princess several times about the non-refundable deposits and using an FCD and I get a different answer every time I talk with them. I have also emailed Princess about the non-refundable deposits and they have not answered the emails. I think Princess is doing to great disservice to their clients and frequent cruisers by not being completely upfront and open about whether FCD's are refundable if they are used as a deposit for a non-refundable fare. Princess refuses to give a straight forward answer and their employees who interface with us cruisers don't know the correct answers. When booking a cruise now I make sure it has a refundable deposit or I will not book the cruise.
  5. I think I would double check that because I have been told by Princess that if you book a non-refundable deposit with an FCD then you are subject to the rules of that booking and if it is a non-refundable deposit fare you will lose your FCD as a non-refundable deposit. Princess does have a fare that offers a refundable deposit, check that out.
  6. Has the Breakaway left Cozumel yet? Wondering about the 9-1 sailing.
  7. We are thinking about booking on the Coral and wondered if anyone has been on the ship since the dry dock in Jan 2019. What improvements were made like adding big screen TV's that are interactive etc. and any other upgrades to the staterooms. Thank you.
  8. We are thinking about booking on the Coral and wondered if anyone has been on the ship since the dry dock in Jan 2019. What improvements were made like adding big screen TV's that are interactive etc. and any other upgrades to the staterooms. Thank you.
  9. If you use an FCD then you don't have to put down more deposit unless it is a world cruise or such but your FCD may not be refundable or transferable if the booking offer states that the deposit is NRD. But you can call Princess and get the pricing for the RD deposit so you don't lose your deposit. You may still get all the same amenities with the RD deposit fare. This NR deposit stuff has really complicated booking a cruise. You have to look at all the fine print so you don't end up losing your FCD in case you can't make the cruise. Frankly, when one has to be an attorney to read thru all the fine print when booking a cruise, it takes all the fun out of cruising.
  10. This is the latest offer from HAL. These $25. deposits are non-refundable. Doesn't look like the NRD's is helping HAL with bookings. "Book your next adventure with a $25 deposit! Journey through Alaska's calving glaciers, explore the wonders of Europe or relax on the sun-kissed beaches of the Caribbean. Wherever you decide to take your dream cruise your deposit is just $25! Hurry—offer ends August 19."
  11. You bring up some very interesting points. We have been cruising for nearly 50 years and have never booked with a NRD. The Future Cruise Deposits that you can buy while on board the cruise that are refundable has made it easier to book a cruise in advance. Without the FCD's, we would only book one cruise at a time but now with the FCD's we have as many as three cruises booked in the future. But we would not book them if the deposits were non refundable or non-transferable. We like cruising but there are many other options for vacations that are less expensive and just as enjoyable as a cruise. If the cruise lines require a "guest" to make a non-refundable deposit, I think it will reduce their bookings.
  12. I don't think anyone likes to book in advance with a non-refundable deposit. I agree with you, more will book at the last minute.
  13. Sounds like you work for the cruise line.
  14. Have started to see the non-refundable deposits on Princess cruise fares. This limits flexibility if you want to switch cruises before your final payment.
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