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  1. Mine arrived via email directly from CCL. Their offer was for a measly $720....it was so outrageous I had to decline.
  2. When toilet paper price drops at the grocery, we buy more. Same with stock market.
  3. Checked again today and they only accept US Post or fax submissions. No email.
  4. Always pack My Pillow and don't leave home without it! The company offers a self vacuum pack for their pillows. Place pillow in bag...squeeze out air and it seals tight. Great for packing in your luggage. Of course, I bought mine years ago and the Press & Pack Bag (3-Pack) are 6 bucks or so. Check their website.
  5. I would rather have exceptional service rather than having them stop and force me to watch their "dog and pony" show....it really is quite boring.
  6. Never seen a casino open while docked. I believe they must be in international waters.
  7. And I remember when ships didn’t have TV.... but you just never know.
  8. Or at least a free dinner in the MDR!! That'll fix 'em.
  9. I can't recall the Maître d' ever stopping by my table!
  10. I am positive CCL charges to prevent waste like all the food you see thrown away at the hog trough buffets.
  11. It is amazing people spend thousands upon thousands on a cruise and then start nit picking over a couple of bucks. BE SURE that you notify CCL ahead of time that you are a CPAP patient and they will provide water and extension cord for your trip. Remind your cabin steward when you arrive of what you need and they will handle everything....they are very good caring for your needs.
  12. What a shame....my PVP Chris, answers his phone on the second or third ring...or I leave a message and he calls back in 5 minutes. Find a professional that you can work with. Yes, CCL is working overtime with the Cuba situation.
  13. I was facing the same dilemma. I chose Magic 8 day depart 02/28/20. Our last cruise was GT and AC so we didn't want to repeat that same trip. We had a suite on sunrise but all the suites were sold out on Magic. We took the Magic 8 day and it was less than Sunrise since we chose a OV cabin. Three extra days and it was less money....and besides, we never spent that much time in our cabin.
  14. That appears to be true for every port, every cruise line. They create schedules that NEVER change.
  15. Your Cabin Steward will handle that for you...as they did for us. Just ask them when you board and they will have the situation solved before you get back from dinner.
  16. I paid the $49 and didn't think it was worth it back then! I found out I didn't need to be the first in line. Such a shame that cruising has turned into a pedestrian "bus tour".
  17. But you can charge them for all the additional expenses involved in saving them.
  18. Never understood the "need" to exchange money before going to Cuba. Many spend 10 to 15 bucks per drink on board without a single regret. Why are they so needy to save the piddly amount at the exchange?
  19. So sorry for your loss. Unfortunately, most of us here do not have any power to assist. Only CCL has that ability/power.
  20. Don't worry....CCL will account for EVERY passenger and make sure you are in the proper location. If you need a chart to look at, you will find it on the back of your cabin door. Every cabin has one.
  21. I get a water glass & spoon from the buffet and head directly to the ice cream soft serve machine. Those stupid little cones don't deserve ice cream!
  22. We sail 01/20/20 and I am going to be very disappointed if we can't do Cuba. I have made reservations with OldCarTours but have not paid. I guess they will know if we show or not show at that time. I wanted to buy tickets to Tropicana but looks like I will be waiting until the first of January before I push the button for on line purchase! Hope all goes well for everyone.
  23. As there could be delays in debarkation....you just don't know what the weather, customs etal might bring.
  24. HillBilly Bob


    Thanks for the info....will be purchasing tickets in November for our January, 2020 visit to the Tropicana. Hope you enjoyed your visit!!
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