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  1. Was just on the Allure and we went to Chops (had the BOGO). So, it was not excluded to answer your question. I have to say that it was our least favorite amongst the speciality dining that we tried this time. The main reason being service and food was just ok. We usually love Chops. I have to say if you go, I do highly recommend the filet - because the filet was the highlight. Off topic, but I have to mention that 150 Park was absolutely amazing, one of the best speciality dining experiences I've had on any cruise ship.
  2. Just off the Allure, we were in a Grand Suite. Did room service breakfast for mornings we had shore excursions - absolutely perfect and reliable!! Very happy with it. However, we also did room service for a light lunch one day early on in the cruise - perfect and delicious. Unfortunately, we ordered room service for dinner off the MDR menu (perk of suite guests) - was told the usual 40-45 minute wait time. We did this since our son fell asleep and we had planned to see one of the shows after dinner (as you know....if you want to plan any scheduled entertainment, timing and planning is everything!). Unfortunately, our food took over an hour and a half!! and it showed up not very good - cold and not very tasty. Probably the worst meal of the entire cruise. And you guessed it....we missed our show. Didn't complain but chalked it up to lesson learned. I would say that the breakfast (which I have to add we just ordered light continental breakfast - coffee, juice, toast, cereal, granola & fruit each time) was absolutely right when we requested and was a life saver because we were able to eat, get ready and get on the gangway for our scheduled excursions. Very happy with that.
  3. I have to put in a vote for Jiffy Jeff Transportation. Check them out! We used them on our last cruise and absolutely loved them. They have Mercedes Sprinter vans - you can do shared or private rides. I did a lot of research on transfers prior to our last cruise. Glad I chose them. Just made our experience all the better. They are based in Fort Lauderdale. They service the Fort Lauderdale and Miami areas. They told us they are expanding to the Orlando/Port Canaveral area in the near future. We have also used Happy Limo, which we liked a lot too. We've done cabs and RCCI transfers in the past. Loved Jiffy Jeff the best!
  4. Just wanted to add that Blue Planet on Allure was absolutely amazing!! Also saw Mamma Mia which was equally entertaining.
  5. Does anyone know what disembarkation times are offered for Suite Guests (Grand and higher) on the Allure? I thought there were 2 times (approximately), but not sure. Our return flight has been changed and wanted to know what to advise our driver that will be picking us up in Miami. The flight is later, so we won't have to be off the ship as early. What are the breakfast options also? Thanks in advance!
  6. Wondering if and when to expect and email from our concierge pre-cruise. We are sailing in a Grand Suite. Thought it was about a week prior?? Thanks!
  7. Is a better deal to pre-book a couples massage or wait until you get on board and wait for an advertised deal - say on a port day? DH and I would like to book a couples massage but I'm thinking of waiting, but not sure. We've pre-booked about everything else so far. We've never done a couples massage, I've only done a massage for myself on previous cruises. Looking forward to it. Which one is best ? DH is not a massage person but does enjoy the thermal suite stuff. This was his idea, and I'm absolutely thrilled. I've been getting monthly massages as a part of my self care routine this past year and it has helped me so much. I'm just happy he's supporting me and trying to help himself too. Lastly, wanted to ask about the thermal suite. Is is worth getting a weekly pass or just a one time deal? Also, we are booked in a Grand Suite - do suite guests get a one time pass to the Thermal Suite or no? Thought I read somewhere something about that but not sure. We are booked on the Allure, by the way. Thanks for any advice!
  8. Yes, absolutely, meal delivered as a whole not by each course. What I was imagining/read/seen on Youtube reviews was many liked this option because you order off the MDR what you would like within the MDR hours and they seemed to like that as opposed to dining in the MDR because it was quiet, intimate and not hectic (especially if you have one of those days that you want a quiet evening). I wanted to get the details here on CC just to be clear. I can imagine us doing in-room dining maybe once or twice. However, all these things are really great to know going in, planning, etc. Sounds like we really should take advantage of the specialty dining offers. Glad to know what are options are going in so we can plan.
  9. Excellent - sounds easy enough regarding the table from the balcony. So, is this is nice as I've heard or not? Dining in room during MDR hours? Also, we have the Deluxe Beverage Package - can you order this for your room if we happen to get in room dining one night or do we have to go to a bar/venue to get a drink?
  10. So great about the water. I'm still confused on the in room dining. Everything I've read/seen says we can order room service (no fee for GS or higher excluding tip) and we can order from the MDR during regular dining hours right to our room (and from the reviews I've read this seems to be one of the favorite perks among suite guests(GS and higher), I hope it's an option still). Wouldn't they set up a dining table for us? We also have a balcony. I'd like to clarify this to be sure. Cheese platter at 150 cp sounds amazing! And yes, I'm thinking once we do a suite it will be hard to ever go back to just a balcony cabin!! Looking forward to it!
  11. Ok, good to know, thank you. Did not realize about the water. DH purchased the water package, maybe he should cancel it. Thanks for the heads up. I thought they bring you a dining table for room service in a grand suite or higher? Guess no? Great about 150 Central Park, it looks like my kind of place. Thanks for your input!
  12. Family and I are sailing this spring on Allure in a Grand Suite. We've never done a Grand Suite before. So, have read some different things about dining and wanted to get some advice, etc., about our dining options. I understand we can dine in Coastal Kitchen - do we need to make reservations in advance on our cruise planner or go through concierge or no? I've also read that the In-Room Dining during Main Dining Room hours is an excellent perk and imagine we will do this. Considering the Speciality restaurants - should we or no? I'd love to try the 150 Central Perk and Sabor (for lunch). What I'm mostly conflicted on - should we get one of the dining packages or no? The 3 night and BOGO dining packages are enticing but looks like we have to go there the first day, correct? We always do specialty dining when we've sailed in the past but usually once or twice. We are sailing on a 7 night cruise. Lastly, we did the get the Deluxe Beverage Package for both DH and I. Kind of glad we did after I saw how possibly crowded the lounge can get. Considering refreshment packages for my kids also, but not sure (they aren't really soda drinkers, I'll have to weigh the options). We did buy a water package for the room. So, in a nutshell, what are our options exactly and would it be overkill to book specialty dining if we have Coastal Kitchen and In Room Dining available to us? Any other advice, things to know, etc.? Thanks!
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