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  1. The normal price of the beverage package is about $83 -$89 per day.
  2. Try www.dobell.com as they sell tuxedos.
  3. Extra day of Internet. Upgrade for welcome gifts. Bridge tour.
  4. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freedom-class_cruise_ship
  5. I am bring my 8th month old on a cruise next month for her first cruise. We do about 10 cruises a year and I am sure she will be fine. Your son will do ok.
  6. Not every passenger has been vaccinated. Childern under the age of 18 don't need to be vaccinated.
  7. Call +18665627625. There is a prompt to select if you booked through a travel agent.
  8. We fly United and their computer systems went down at midnight EST which is the morning time in Italy. That delay is about 20 to 30+ minutes. Don't forget immigration which will take 30 to 90 minutes. Mornings are buzy.
  9. I have a reservation with two named persons and one TBA. The cruise has been cancelled. I wonder what will happen to the TBA passenger's share of the fcc?
  10. Normally more than 20 depending on length. Only 10 currently booked.
  11. Not all flights to Barbados are daily. For example United has some flight to Barbados that are Sundays only
  12. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/pre-and-post-cruise-hotel-packages-in-barbados
  13. Most days are port days. You will be up early and back late. Then eat dinner, watch a show then bed. So you won't have time for much of anything else.
  14. There is a Suite deck with a bar and cabanas free to use for suite guests.
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