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  1. Your time counts when you get the entry stamp and stops when you get and exit stamp.
  2. Change it to Eddie Rockets http://www.rocket-restaurants.com/
  3. Might be a DNS server issue. A DNS server converts the URL to an ip address. If there is no server listing it won't work. The default DNS server of your ISP can be overridden in the configuration.
  4. $16,400 for cancelled April, May and June cruises plus $4,400 in deposits for other booked cruises.
  5. Try using Royal Caribbean's automated phone system, 1 866 5627-6256
  6. Maybe booking should open 6 months or less before saildate and can't be changed.
  7. We had ours in the Royal Suite. We got a bartender through the Event Coordinator. We used GAP points and Tour Conductor credits to pay for an hour then moved to a bar were everyone could use their drinks package.
  8. I use magnets clips with and run the cord over the ceiling.
  9. I had a similar issue. There was a couple at our table. What had happened is that they were at the right table but the wrong deck. So we got another table.
  10. Both the Allure and Oasis have Diamond Lounges.
  11. During a galley tour I asked the Jamaican chef about jerk chicken recipe. He asked for my cabin number and not only did I get the recipe but also got a whole cut up chicken cooked jerk style.
  12. There are basically two types of dining. Traditional and MyTimeDining. You need to check your Royal Caribbean invoice to see what you were assigned. The type of dining you referred to is MyTimeDining. With MTD there are two options, with reservations or just show up any time.
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