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  1. So the same area we would have checked in and dropped off our luggage a week prior?
  2. At those speeds would I be able to make a non-video call - just audio - for work?
  3. Where do you collect your luggage on debarkation day if you are not taking a RCL transfer?
  4. Hi Everyone, RCL is requiring everyone leaving from Nassau to have a negative PCR test taken 5 days before departure. Questions for those that have sailed: 1. Is 5 days the Monday or Tuesday before the Saturday departure? 2. At your local Walgreens and CVS, how long does it take to get results back and what was out of pocket cost with insurance? Thank you!
  5. How has the internet been on Adventure of the Seas?
  6. According to Adventure - they are swiping in the lounges. So you get a certain allowed for the day.
  7. Does this seem counterintuitive? Close the Suite lounge to pinnacles, but don’t capacity control Diamond lounge by cramming Diamond, Diamond plus, and pinnacle into one lounge. Oh well. So it goes!
  8. How is the internet speed onboard with the surf and stream Voom?
  9. Currently on Adventure. Loving this slogan. It’s catchy, fun, uplifting, and really symbolic of the moment. Great job RCL marketing. You can find great photos and videos on social media under #theroyalcomeback and #royalcomeback and can even tag your own photos of you this summer! As they said this evening, this is just the beginning. More to come this summer and beyond. I can’t wait!
  10. Is this for June sailings only? Booked for July, and didn’t receive any communication.
  11. That is first step. Give it a few hours. It will then show up as Odyssey.
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