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  1. `Thanks for the heads up! It's been $50+ for a while, today it dropped to $34! For our May 11 Symphony cruise!
  2. I hope the cabin steward gets a bonus! Meaning a larger tip.. I mean, gratuity!
  3. I'm so glad someone else asked this question! I've been deliberating with myself whether to post/ask or not... I was going to ask for a 'friend'... They're not on CC.. SERIOUSLY!! I guess 'they're' good to go with the goods!....
  4. ....And the cruising continues, lol! I'll be on the Symphony in May! Have to make up for the lost days on the Allure! And yes, my friend is going, however my son is now 21 and won't need a 'sitter', lol! We'll be going over this post to make sure that we are ready! So glad that this has helped many, I no longer feel that I wasted my time in telling this story. I had so many flamers in my original post, that it was starting to become a chore in writing about this ordeal. Now I know that writing this was not a waste of my time. Thanks all, and happy and SAFE travels!
  5. Wife and I taking 2k on Symphony to the Carib.... Probably too much, but we can always bring it back.
  6. Just hand be a beer between the crack and I'll be fine.. 😉
  7. Great pix!! We'll be sailing on the Panorama, so looking at sista ships! 😉
  8. Patti, there's another thread here that's pretty current and discusses your concerns, Great info posted there.
  9. Funny, my boys started cruising when they were 3 and 9. When we went on cruises, we had them try foods that they would never, ever order nor try. Fish, escargot, frog legs, alligator, etc. Because of this, my kids have always tasted and loved ALL kinds of foods. They are now 20 and 26 and still enjoy cruising and eating, lol! I also tell my newbie cruise friends to widen out and try new stuff that they would never order in a restaurant while they are cruising, you never know what you might like!
  10. Done both many times.. i say that they are very similar. And throw NCL in there too. Similar shows, food, cruisers/demographics... I said similar, not identical..
  11. First Royal cruise was 2001, Explorer of the Seas, the LARGEST ship in the world! LOL!
  12. When I missed the ship on the Allure, the cabin steward and security were in my room OPENING THE SAFE to see if I left my passport or credit cards in there. My wife walked in when they were going thru the stuff. So yes, they can open the safes.
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