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  1. As I was born and raised in Baltimore City the Fells Point /Canton area now residing north of Baltimore I have no problem visiting the Inner Harbor and the surrounding areas. Yes there are good parts and bad parts of the city just like any other major city. I would recommend the Harbor East area of the Inner Harbor ,very vibrant area with a lot of hotels and restaurants close by. You are in walking distance of the main part of the Inner Harbor ,Fells Point and Little Italy. You are a short ride to the Canton area in one direction and Locust Point (where the cruise terminal is located ) in the other direction. with a variety of things to do. As with any place that we visit when we travel we are always aware of our surroundings and never had any incidents . Enjoy your stay in Bsltimore Here are a couple of links for some info https://www.harboreast.com https://baltimore.org/harbor-east-hotels
  2. Yes, When you enter parking area there will be a security guard there. Tell the you are dropping off they will direct you around those who are parking their car at the port.
  3. Yes they do just let them know when you arrive and they will direct you to where to go.
  4. When we purchased a few souvenirs from a local merchant he converted our purchase to the America dollar at the current exchange rate. So I will ask again .So I will ask if paying with US currency.
  5. True but they are the ones who have final decision on all part security and MARSAC levels
  6. The security levels are set by the US Coast Guard with input from the Departmet of Homeland Security. Every year all employees who work at the Port of Baltimoe must take pass refresher test in security measures for them to renew their security credentials. The also must renew their TWIC credentials every five year.
  7. If you walk towards Eastrrn Ave cross the street and walk towards the Inner Harbor. You will cross over a couple of pedestrian bridges which go right past the aquarium. I would suggest if you know what day you are planning to visit is to buy tickets online as lies can be long at times.
  8. Yes about a 10 -15 minute walk.
  9. They are still on a 11 night cruise. St. John was deleted and an overnight in Baltimore was added. The port fees for St. John should be returned. Check-in and boarding times will still be on Thursday, September 5th, and all guests must be onboard by 3:00 PM on Thursday. DATES DAY ORIGINAL ITINERARY REVISED ITINERARY 9/05 Thursday Baltimore, Maryland Baltimore, Maryland 9/06 Friday Cruising Baltimore, Maryland 9/07 Saturday Boston, Massachussetts Cruising 9/08 Sunday Portland, Maine Boston, Massachussetts 9/09 Monday Bar Harbor, Maine Bar Harbor, Maine 9/10 Tuesday Saint John, New Brunswick Portland, Maine 9/11 Wednesday Halifax, Nova Scotia Halifax, Nova Scotia 9/12 Thursday Cruising Cruising 9/13 Friday Cruising Cruising 9/14 Saturday Baltimore, Maryland Baltimore, Maryland
  10. Why compensation ?. It's not Royals fault the hurricane closed the bay and ship traffic was halted
  11. Maritime has her sailing at 0630 Saturday
  12. http://www.thebahamasweekly.com/publish/local/Royal_Caribbean_is_committing_1_million_to_Dorian_disaster_relief_printer.shtml?fbclid=IwAR07aEOkLqUReoEOkTo_C8CTxmvWB2bvj-fM-X2biamOi4Q81avyzrMMZAU
  13. The only issues you have to watch out for is the closure of the Chesapeake Bay . Since the storm is expected to keep hugging the coast and is scheduled to be in the Norfolk area Sometime Thursday the Coast Guard may close the entrance to the bay for safety concerns.
  14. She leaves on Saturdays for 5 night cruise and on Thursdays for 9 night cruise while she is doing Bermuda doing warmer weather.
  15. Remember if you are buying anything make sure you ask if the price is in American or Canadian dollars . Since you get more for the US dollar.
  16. The funny thing was I never mentioned FB I referred to it as a Zuckerberg owned website
  17. Oh no you said the 2 words that will get you hand slapped and a email warning you that you can say those banned words here. F and T
  18. We had a similar issue once . We infored our cabin steward who entered their room to make it up and he smelled smoke. He called his boss and tbe problem was solved .
  19. Here is a link to the hotels at Harbor East https://baltimore.org/harbor-east-hotels The hotels are about a 15 minute drive (it's all city /local traffic) You would have to call hotels directly to see if they have cruise and park packages. You may want to check out this website since they specialize in cruise park packages. I have e used them myself. https://trinityreservations.com
  20. All I do know all is the money is pooled and distributed to not just the porters but the behind the scene workers as well.
  21. So I guess my 48 years working in the longshore industry doesn't count. There is a 4 minimum guarantee at some ports but they only get paid for actual time worked after the guarantee. Jobs do not automatically to senior men women The average income for ILA workers are around $60000 a year. I am not sure what the ILWU wages are. But since you may not know there are many other jobs that longshoremen do such as working on container , breakbulk ,ro-ro ships in ALL kind of weather They also work at container terminals and some work at the port railroad yards So what you see is a very small portion of what a longshoreman does
  22. You are so way off on your alleged facts. First of all the men assigned to work as porters are from the new hires to the senior men. There is NO starting salary for longshoremen they get paid for tbe hours they work and not on a salary. The do make overtime differential but this was bargained in the contract between union and management. Longshoremen in Baltimore agreed to a wage reduction and work and starting times flexability to accommodate the cruise line. Again the benefits package was agreed to by both union and management with fiscal responsibility on both parts and there are out of pocket cost they pay such as deductibles etc. Also they guys you see loading the ship stores etc. make sure you have enough to eat and drink are also longshoremen.
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