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  1. On our September 5th sailing on the Oasis we had to show our vaccination card several times before we boarded
  2. https://www.trinityreservations.com
  3. No Between the track stop across the street the drug dealing down the street and the ladies of the night visiting the truck stop. But some has stayed there and got luck with no problems
  4. On Oasis now was told by concierge we are sailing with about 2500 passengers
  5. There is plenty of parking in the South Locust Point Marine Terminal where Cruise Maryland is located
  6. Not many options for this cruise also. I booked originally the Kennedy Space Center tour. But now with a 2pm arrival and the center closing at 5 pm ( confirmed by phone call ) it made no sense to pay $100 plus per person.So I cancelled
  7. The September protocol has been released on their website.
  8. The one on Eastern Ave is new. Nothing really around the area. The sleep inn is on the edge of downtown I don’t recommend this place. Honestly be careful when picking hotel in Baltimore City. Yes there are some good areas but crime is rampant and the city states attorney doesn’t prosecute crime as she is worried about the federal criminal investigation again her and her husband. the website is trinityreservations dot com
  9. Yes that is a good area as it’s within the BWI Airport district many cruisers have stayed in different hotels in that area.
  10. Recommendation for hotel as we will be leaving for cruise this October. Thanks
  11. Looking for suggestions for transportation. We will be flying into San Diego to visit family and then going to terminal Unfortunately they will not be able to drive us up to cruise terminal.in LA
  12. Did you read my post where I apologized for the post ??
  13. If you read my prior post you would have read that I apologized for the information
  14. Have you ever checked out the Amtrak Auto Train from Lorton to Orlando if going to Disney World ?
  15. You are correct I was looking at old info
  16. It’s any drink that in the diamond lounge menu
  17. Yes 5 free drinks around the ship per day, but you must order from the happy hour menu. But since you are in a grand suite you can go up to the suite lounge and have free select beer wine and soda form 11 am to11 pm. You do not need to use your drink voucher in suite lounge unless what you order is not available as free drinks in lounge
  18. This is part of the transit made requirements that that CDC has in place with the different modes of transportation and it’s infrastructure
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