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  1. We have always received double points by staying in a junior suite
  2. Your font makes it almost impossible to read
  3. I think you may see the elimination of the all you can drink happy hours in the Diamog lounge. I see it going to just the 3 preloaded drinks on your seapass card during this period. Feet wise that would be a tremendous savings for them going this route
  4. Plan B https://www.trinityreservations.com Plan C Check with hotels in the White Marsh area they are right off of 95 and about 10 minutes north of the port
  5. Oops sorry misread your post. I would have your TA call and get more of an explanation
  6. I would park at the port. When you drive in you pay drive over to the drop off luggage area and park your car. After you park you are probably a couple hundred feet from ship,Its all outdoor surface parking not like the garage at Bayonne. Also the only hold up you may encounter is paying for parking. I have sailed out of Bayonne and have seen the backup just to drop off luggage. When cruise is over just load luggage and drive home. BTW the cruise terminal is right off I 95 very easy to get in and out .
  7. Depends on what type of air you booked From Royal Caribbean website : If you purchased refundable air or hotel accommodations through Royal Caribbean, they will be automatically refunded to you within 45 days after we process the cancellation. ◦ if you booked non-refundable air through Royal Caribbean or booked on your own, please contact the service provider directly for your options with them.
  8. I did not receive any notification from Royal about my FCC. I did receive one frm my TA stating that I do have the FCC. It seems hit or miss if Royal sends it to you or not. I posted this question to Royal via another social media platform. The response was that all correspondence will be sent to my travel partner(TA) since they have ownership/ control over my booking. That if there are any questions concerning this please contact my TA
  9. Are we talking about the same hotel ? You can walk the sidewalk from the hotel along Key Highway and cross the street at the intersection which has a traffic signal. There are no chan link feces or running across 95 as walk under 95 to get there.
  10. There is a new Courtyard by Mariott at McHenry Row. This is about a 5 minute walk to the cruise terminal. Its located in the Locust Point area of Baltimore
  11. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/2020/04/01/coronavirus-state-dept-halts-passport-services-most-travelers/5102705002/ In an effort to the slow the spread of coronavirus, the U.S. Department of State has temporarily halted its passport services with the exception of travelers who have a "qualified life-or-death emergency." The reduced services went into effect March 20 after the department raised a global travel advisory warning Americans not to leave the country. Citizens who qualify for a passport must have a family emergency that requires them to travel outside the country within 72 hours. Qualified emergencies include serious illnesses or deaths of immediate family members such as a parent, child, spouse or sibling, aunt or uncle. These travelers will be required to provide proof of the emergency which can be a death certificate or a signed letter from a hospital or medical professional. They will also be asked to show proof of international travel such as an airline ticket. The Department of State did not say when it would resume normal passport services. If you filed for a passport prior to March 20, the Department of State said it still plans to issue those passports.
  12. MSC Shipping is the 2nd largest shipping company behind Maersk Lines
  13. The Port of Baltimore is closed until further notice. Only allowing the Grandeur and the Pride will discharge passengers who must go thru enhanced screening upon disembarking.
  14. This is from his live press conference which is still in progress. This is being broadcasted on all local channels
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