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  1. This is part of the transit made requirements that that CDC has in place with the different modes of transportation and it’s infrastructure
  2. In reading a blog about Royal Caribbean, it seems the CDC will enforce the Mask mandate from all cruises deprting from Florida. Meaning everyone vax or no vax will be required to wear a mask everywhere except for eating or if they are in their room. Just a snippet from article “ The CDC said late on Friday that it will enforce its transit mask requirements on cruise ships in Florida that opt not to abide by its Conditional Sail Order (CSO) following a court ruling.
  3. Ok thanks . So it’s a turn around not a full transit
  4. Just curious what Cruise line was offering the Panama Canal Cruise ?
  5. it could take a week or two to get final approval from CDC after test cruise. But we can always hope.
  6. Try trinityreservations for park and cruise options
  7. What I find interesting about both Abbott and DeSantis they both keep repeating over and over how we have to get government out of interfering with private business / enterprise. But yet they are both doing the opposite.
  8. In addition, due to the health and legal requirements of many jurisdictions, those who are unvaccinated will need to undergo additional testing and other restrictions. That necessarily adds to their cost and adds limitations on the cruise for those people who choose to be unvaccinated. There would be no additional cost for children who are not eligible for the vaccine. So it seems those unvaccinated will have to bear additional cost to cruise. I am guessing for testing etc. To meet the requirements of those countries they cruise to.
  9. In reading today online at a popular blog site the State is going back to court on Thursday to fight the CDC and their Sail Order
  10. As of now if you sail out of Florida the governor signed executive order saying you can't be required to show proof of vaccinaction.
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