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  1. I would suggest hotels in the BWI Airport Dorsey Road hotel district. Many of past cruisers have used these hotel Also it just south of the cruise port. You may get a suggestion for the Best Western on O'Donnell street. The down fall is there is nothing in the area close by, you will be about 10 minutes north of the cruise port and will have to pay $6 each way for the tunnel toll.
  2. Yes as of May 2, 2019 There is a discussion going on here with a link to the article
  3. Well I guess it's only wait and see what Royal Caribbean will do with the cruise we booked for this December as all of ports to visit are in Cuba
  4. The step was formally announced by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday morning and scheduled to take effect on May 2. I did not read any grace period in thecarticke.
  5. I agree they can change ports but since this was implemented as purely a political event and not weather or ship mechanical issues involved hopefully Royal will allow options to us.
  6. Keep checking on your flight Southwest changed my flight number 2 times already and didn't notify me. If I didn't happened to check on it my self I would have never known.
  7. Just note the BW+ is about 10 minutes north of the cruise port with a $6 toll to pay if you use the tunnel. Other option is driving thru the city. Or you can checkout hotels in the Bwi Airport area. Many have shuttle service. Another option is Trinity Reservations. I have used them before. https://trinityreservations.com
  8. If you use a hotel package you are dependent on the shuttle time. How many people will also use shuttle and how long you have to wait for shuttle. If you park at port you walk off the ship collect your luggage and head home all at your time schedule. Not sure where in VA your from.,but the cost could be about the same as a hotel package but convenience wise it's better to park at port.
  9. No I didn't but it was pretty much my favorite first-time I saw them.
  10. Just watched some video that was taken on the Oasis. It appears the Aqua theatre took the brunt of the damage. The video was posted on a Cruise Critic banned social media site.
  11. Try https://www.trinityreservations.com
  12. Has any one contacted Michael Baiyley ? Regardless of being a frequent cruiser this needs to be addressed. mbayley@rccl.com
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