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  1. Hello All, well, I’m sitting in SLC waiting for our flight to Minneapolis so we can meet our granddaughter! She will be 2 months old next week. Is smiling now. So anxious to meet her after all the videos and pictures. Lots of people flying-not much different than before. I sat on the plane waiting to take off and wanted to cry. Last year at this time I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be able to travel again. Yes the masks are a constant reminder that we aren’t back to normal yet but I’m just so thankful to be able to do this! The new airport is still a work in progress. I’ve only
  2. I’m so sorry Cynthia. Wishing you the best and I hope the repairs are minor. Sharon
  3. Guess I shouldn’t complain about our warm temps when so many are experiencing real “weather”! Hoping that those dealing with storms are ok and their homes as well. Sharon
  4. Debbie, car shopping, I hope you find just what you are looking for.. With our last car purchase we used an auto broker and she was terrific! No stress, great price and I actually hugged her when the transaction was complete! Of course this was before Covid. DH and I just aren’t good at the high pressure sales experience, probably because we don’t do it often enough to learn all the tricks of the trade. it was pretty warm here today too. Just not ready for summer temps. Sharon
  5. Kat, sounds like a lot of good times ahead for you! Well except for possibly your home projects. Yay, concert tickets! Way to go! 40 rows closer, that’s a score for sure. Warming up here-ugh! That usually means poor air quality and of course wildfire possibilities. Tomorrow will take advantage of the nice morning temps and meet friends for coffee Got my hair cut today. There we were, by ourselves, both vaccinated BUT still wearing masks🙄. He owns the shop and each stylist has their own room (this was a former medical office). We still stuck to the rules but fe
  6. Melody, we too are on wood burning restrictions so no wood fire pit for us. We haven’t used our fireplace in years, well except for candles. Lois, your plans sound well thought out especially with the short time frame. Very nice that your TA is comping your room. Debbie, yes isn’t it nice that those of us who are fully vaccinated no longer need a mask in many outdoor situations. To be honest, DH and I haven’t been wearing a mask when we walk. We have them handy should we find ourselves near others. Most of the time we never see anyone else anyway. Your plans for today
  7. Anita, if that is how your hear turns out when you cut and color it yourself, then you have talent! You look great! Sharon
  8. Christy, great family pictures! I bet it was so special to be together again. Kat, glad that your TJ total was not shocking. I went a few days ago, didn’t buy nearly as much as the last several trips and I did not buy any meat or alcohol this time. Was totally unprepared for the “bottom line”. Still can’t figure out how I could have spent that much! Guess I’ll just have to adjust my expectations! OOTD it’s raining off and on today and several degrees lower than our recent temps so jeans and a long sleeve top. Sharon
  9. Melody, looks like a good time was had by all! Well worth all the hard work that went in to the new gazebo. Sharon
  10. Hello Everyone, lots to catch up on. Melody, I’m so sorry about your friend’s passing. We also lost a good friend a few days ago. He had been dealing with several issues over the past 2 years. So sad for his family. Debbie, thanks for the info on the Pfizer boosters. Interesting how this trial is set up. Lois, I really hope that all works out for your cruise-it sounds amazing. Letting the cruise line handle all the arrangements make sense right now. Sherri, I’m glad that your DR trip was a success. I too am not happy when strangers get too close. Will be f
  11. Debbie, I echo your feelings. I too am disgusted with those who have all sorts of reasons, some of them ridiculous, to not get the vaccine. Our county has more vaccine appointments than takers so we have to give some of our doses to other counties even though we still have many who should get vaccinated. Our Dept of Health has done so much to address people’s’ concerns and to make sure everyone has access to the vaccine.but still there is hesitancy and refusal. In many cases I see it as selfishness and refusal to do the responsible thing. I am making allowances for those who, for legitimate m
  12. Cynthia, I had no idea that Carnival CEO said no vaccine requirements. I received a survey from HAL today with several questions about my readiness to cruise this year. Had I known about the vaccine thing I would have worked that into my answers. Like you, i won’t feel comfortable unless everyone is vaccinated. DS and DIL want to plan a 2022 family cruise on HAL so not sure how this vaccine stance will affect this. I second your comments! Sharon
  13. Catching up once again! Looks like Sherri and Kat are off on their adventures. I hope they have lots of good times. Melody, that is a really nice gazebo/pergola. Lots of warm weather fun ahead for all of you. Lois, how are your cruise plans coming! Sharon
  14. Hi girls, Christy, where in CA does your daughter live? I think you have mentioned it but I don’t recall. Debbie, congrats are in order for your daughter. That is quite an accomplishment. I’m sorry that she will most likely live farther from you. If it weren’t for the traffic, it probably wouldn’t be a problem. Just seems to take so long to get anywhere on So Cal. Lois, I have been following the trial too. The prosecution has had excellent witnesses. Tonight there is a curfew in Hennepin, ( Minneapolis) Ramsey (St Paul) and Anoka counties. National Guard is
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