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  1. Looks like you have found a great hobby that also pays you “dividends”. Do you ever check out consignment and thrift stores when shopping for items to make over?
  2. Those carts can be a real time saver-if the airport has them. I’ve never seen them at SLC and I frequently connect there. Minneapolis, on the other hand, has pretty decent cart availability. I remember making a connection at phx only because there was a cart waiting four four of us.
  3. Interesting concept. I assume it only applies to those pax on late arriving or tight connections and not those who don’t allow enough time to arrive at the gate on time? Also wonder how the software determines “walk” time between gates. This can vary depending on so many factors not the least of which is that some folks are able to walk much faster than others.
  4. Cute pj’s. Thanks for the close up of the hem. I like the look of that hem-very professional looking. Will that stitch configuration eliminate the stretching and puckering that can occur when hemming knit fabrics? Sharon
  5. Beautiful skirts! You have a good eye for fabric. I have sewed for many years and my old Bernina is still going strong, although these days just fixing and altering things. I have no idea what a cover stitch machine is let alone what to do with it but I will look forward to seeing your creations. Sharon
  6. I used to purchase fabric that just sat in the closet along with the left overs from items I completed. I have long ago given away all those “what was I thinking “ purchases and almost all of the left over pieces. I don’t think I had as many bags to give away but I do hope someone else made good use of all of it. Now days my machine is used for simple repairs and alterations so no need for a fabric stash. That said, I don’t think we are in the minority. I am guessing that many have a “stash” of items for their hobbies-sewing, knitting, etc, you name it. It’s a good day when you can find a new home for things you no longer want. Sharon
  7. This should work out as long as you are sure you can leave your ship in time to make the train. Flam is a tiny port and everything is within close walking distance. Just an FYI, if you want to use an atm, there is one in the train station/tourist center. It’s the only atm in Flam and there are no banks. That’s how small Flam is! Our ship docked right in the town-very easy. Now we were the only ship in port and I don’t know where a second ship would dock. You might want to check and see if yours will be the only ship in port.
  8. For the OP, a few weeks ago we flew Delta from SLC to AMS and then CDG to SLC. We flew main cabin and were in the row right behind comfort +. I took a good look at the leg room and saw no difference. There was no separation between this area and main cabin. Service was exactly the same. Same meal choices and complimentary alcohol choices. The only advantage that I could see was that comfort pax enter and exit the plane a bit before main cabin. On long international flights, purchasing main cabin and then upgrading to a preferred seat as close to comfort are as possible is worth considering depending on the cost compared to comfort. On both of our flights, we purchased preferred seats and since the configuration of the plane was 2-4-2, we chose the row with 2 seats and I believe the cost was an additional $50 per person although the cost can vary, I think. So this may be an option for you that will give you all the advantage of comfort ( as others have said, it isn’t much) and save some money too. That said, I would consider the configuration of the aircraft that you will be flying and keep in mind that equipment changes are common.
  9. We purchases a one day pass that included public transportation as well as admission to several museums. We found it to be a good deal. We purchased it at the tourist office just after we got off the ship. I used a credit card and no pin was needed because I purchased from a person not a machine.
  10. Should have added that we were on Holland America and I believe you said you are on Celebrity so I don’t know how long you will be in port. For us, each segment seemed to be timed to work together. Depending on your time in port you could also do the boat trip to Gudvangen which sales thru Naeroyfjord and then return to Flam by bus with time to do a round trip on the train. You will need to research the return from Gudvangen by bus option. I came across this when we were researching our options for this port. I do not recall the name of the bus company but it is a short trip so there would be time for the train. If you choose to do this, I would consider booking all ahead.
  11. You may not have to choose. We were able to do our own “Norway in a Nutshell”. We booked the cruise one way to Gundvangen, took the Skyss buss to the Voss train station, took a train to Myrdal and finally the train back to Flam. We booked and paid for all except the the Skyss bus in advance. Skyss tickets purchased from the driver. Beautiful scenery all the way and our cost per person was much less and we saw more than booking any excursion thru the ship.
  12. I second this suggestion. Did this for our Norwegian Fjords Cruise in May. It rained in two of the ports and my shoes were fine. No wet feet even though we did a lot of walking, especially in Oslo, where it rained the entire time.
  13. We are HAL newbies so just learning the ropes. A few days ago I checked our accounts and discovered that we weren’t given any credits for our 7 night cruise and our onboard spending. I spoke with a Mariner Society rep who could see our account but said neither of our Mariner numbers were associated with our cruise! She researched it and called me back to say that our credits had posted to two entirely different Mariner numbers. Couldn’t explain how this could happen but she deleted the second numbers and posted our credits to our original account numbers. This took only a few hours to remedy but I still wonder how this could happen in the first place. We were assigned Mariner numbers with our cruise docs so it really makes no sense to me. At this point I actually have very little faith in HAL. One in our party has a dairy allergy and even though HA was informed prior yo boarding and it was discussed with the head chef shortly after boarding, the dairy allergy became a gluten intolerance in HAL records! It took 5 days to get this remedied. Each day, we were promised that it had been taken care of and the next day we would discover nothing had changed. In the case of a food allergy, there is no room for mistakes like this.
  14. The menu we were given offered wine, beer and a list of spirits. I am no expert on brands but I saw Brand name whiskey, rum, vodka, cognac, and Bailey’s Irish Cream. I asked for sparkling wine and received a sealed bottle that equaled 2 glasses. This was an international flight so I cannot speak for a transcon flight. I do believe that Delra offers meals in main cabin on some transcon flights but don’t know about alcohol on those flights.
  15. Just flew Delta SLC to AMS and CDG to SLC in main cabin and was pleasantly surprised by the included amenities. Large bottles of water, printed menu with meal choices for the 2 meals, complimentary alcohol, snacks and bottled water always available, hot towels, complimentary ear bids for the seat back entertainment which featured many current movies, packaged pillow and blanket. Last several international flights have been in Delta One so I was glad to see that main cabin travel wasn’t all the that bad. Love using the app to check baggage status. Can also check upgrade lists as well as the stand by list. Easy to check status of connecting flight on the app also.
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