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  1. cruisekitty, glad you got your run in before curfew. I guess curfew in Santa Monica starts at 1:30? Gosh, next it will be a total lock down! Then there is the concern that the Covid numbers will rise with all of the large gatherings. That’s a scary thought! OOTD is pretty similar to yesterday and not much make up.
  2. We also had a peaceful protest march here in my city. All ages and races. Organizers frequently reminding everyone to remain peaceful. We do not have a curfew here and I hope it remains that way. DS and DIL own a condo in downtown Minneapolis, not far from 35 W where the large, peaceful march took place yesterday. The same protest where the tanker truck drove thru’ the crowd. We have spent a lot of time in Minni and are familiar with the downtown so watching all of this destruction on the news is particularly difficult and sad for me. So far, there has been no activity in my kids’ neighborhood, for which I am very thankful. While my kids are avoiding the crowds, they have purchased brooms and other supplies and have helped with the clean up in the affected neighborhoods. So many are doing this and to me this it is one bright spot in an awful situation. My heart goes out to the Floyd family and to all those who have lost their businesses and employment because of those who have used this very sad situation to riot, loot and burn. So many other cities are suffering a similar fate and it is my hope that it ends so that we can get on with making things right so this never has to happen again. My OOTD- ankle length pants with a Talbots tee. Temps are not bad today but we expect a warm up to start soon. Sharon
  3. Heard about your curfew. Hopefully it won’t last as long as the pandemic stay at home orders. What a nice outing with your family! Hoping there will be many more ahead and that soon you will be hugging those cute grands!
  4. Anita, ok I can see why you are super anxious to see the progress. Interesting that the agent sort of jumped the gun with the pictures. I wonder how many other buyers just didn’t pursue this listing based on the pictures. Hoping all goes smoothly for you. Sharon
  5. Anita, I hope the home inspection goes well for you. Sounds like you have already started some updating in the kitchen and baths. How nice to look forward to putting your own personality into a previously owned home. Sharon
  6. Good point! Thanks. BTW love your coordinated outfits!
  7. Thanks, Lisa, for including the measurements for the gaiter. These are a great idea to use in place of a conventional mask.
  8. cruisekitty, yes, probably better to wait until your salon opens and hopefully it won’t be long. Newsom seems to be quickly moving things along. Well, the heat must have decided to change its planned destination. It is 105 here🥵! Just hoping that PG&E can hold it together.
  9. cruisekitty, you look very well coordinated and I love that mask. Hope it isn’t as warm (hot) there as it is here, Salons are open now in my part of the state. I went to Costco this morning-hadn’t been there since mid February, before all the madness so I saw quite a difference. My list was long and I was able to take care of most of it. They were out of some things or the brands available weren’t what I wanted. This location is usually very busy but maybe the heat kept some home. I almost fainted when I saw the total $! However for a 3 and half month absence I guess it was actually pretty normal. The clothing I wore was pretty much what I would have worn if this were just a normal Costco trip. Didn’t bother much with makeup since the mask covers up so much of my face anyway. Sharon
  10. I also saw a picture of that bridge and thought the same thing. Not sure how most of those people could even move! Anita, glad you two found some space away from the crowds. Hope it goes better for the next try!
  11. Wow, Kat! I guess that is something to consider. Here in CA I believe that owners have to disclose deaths, no matter what the circumstances, that occurred in the home in the past 3 years and maybe other things that the seller is aware of. Now there’s a possible loophole!
  12. So Farmer Anita it is! Yes, a name for your new digs would be great! Since you have already done some research into growing things, would you try going Organic? i grew up in So Cal-Anaheim, not very far from Disneyland. Then I lived in the Midwest while going to college, returned to So Cal before finally moving north before I was married but not the Bay Area. However, we made many, many visits when DS and DIL were living there. Sounds like you have an exciting adventure ahead!
  13. With all the talk about the number of homes one has lived in, I decided to count mine up. Including college dorm rooms and apartments I came up with 15. That surprised me. However we have been in our current home for 38 years-the longest of all. I too could go for a downsized home but haven’t found any that I like and DH isn’t really onboard yet. Margaret, Michigan is also my home state although we moved to CA when I was 2. I guess that counts anyway. While I have been to MI a few times, I have not been to Detroit to see where we lived. Where are you from? Anita, I hope your son and his friend find a great flat that meets all their requirements. As for the discussion about raising chickens, I’ve heard that freshly gathered eggs can taste amazing. BTW with the amount of land you will have, are you also planning to grow your own veggies and fruits? Will we be calling you “farmer Anita”? Sharon
  14. Congratulations, Anita, on your new home purchase. Exciting times ahead! Good to hear that your son’s living arrangements and belongings are now worked out. Hopefully he will soon know how his school will arrange things going forward. Sharon
  15. Nice job, Lisa! HAL should commission you to design and make totes for their on board shops! Yours are unique and colorful. Sharon
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