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  1. Hello All, well, I’m sitting in SLC waiting for our flight to Minneapolis so we can meet our granddaughter! She will be 2 months old next week. Is smiling now. So anxious to meet her after all the videos and pictures. Lots of people flying-not much different than before. I sat on the plane waiting to take off and wanted to cry. Last year at this time I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be able to travel again. Yes the masks are a constant reminder that we aren’t back to normal yet but I’m just so thankful to be able to do this! The new airport is still a work in progress. I’ve only read some of the recent posts so still need to finish up. Sharon
  2. I’m so sorry Cynthia. Wishing you the best and I hope the repairs are minor. Sharon
  3. Guess I shouldn’t complain about our warm temps when so many are experiencing real “weather”! Hoping that those dealing with storms are ok and their homes as well. Sharon
  4. Debbie, car shopping, I hope you find just what you are looking for.. With our last car purchase we used an auto broker and she was terrific! No stress, great price and I actually hugged her when the transaction was complete! Of course this was before Covid. DH and I just aren’t good at the high pressure sales experience, probably because we don’t do it often enough to learn all the tricks of the trade. it was pretty warm here today too. Just not ready for summer temps. Sharon
  5. Kat, sounds like a lot of good times ahead for you! Well except for possibly your home projects. Yay, concert tickets! Way to go! 40 rows closer, that’s a score for sure. Warming up here-ugh! That usually means poor air quality and of course wildfire possibilities. Tomorrow will take advantage of the nice morning temps and meet friends for coffee Got my hair cut today. There we were, by ourselves, both vaccinated BUT still wearing masks🙄. He owns the shop and each stylist has their own room (this was a former medical office). We still stuck to the rules but felt good that our risk was very low. OOTD 32 degrees cool pants and one of my summer tees.
  6. Melody, we too are on wood burning restrictions so no wood fire pit for us. We haven’t used our fireplace in years, well except for candles. Lois, your plans sound well thought out especially with the short time frame. Very nice that your TA is comping your room. Debbie, yes isn’t it nice that those of us who are fully vaccinated no longer need a mask in many outdoor situations. To be honest, DH and I haven’t been wearing a mask when we walk. We have them handy should we find ourselves near others. Most of the time we never see anyone else anyway. Your plans for today sound “normal”. I haven’t been in any clothing stores since last February. Not sure if I remember how it all works! Cynthia, congrats on your second shot. I hope you can stay comfortable until your AC is fixed. 84 isn’t too bad unless it comes with humidity which I’m guessing might be the case where you are. Lots of ice water on the menu today?. I believe that I read that drinking a lot of water after getting the vaccine can help with the side affects. BTW! Kat, I hope your weather clears up soon. Since we are nearing the end of April I bet you have had enough already! Sharon
  7. Anita, if that is how your hear turns out when you cut and color it yourself, then you have talent! You look great! Sharon
  8. Christy, great family pictures! I bet it was so special to be together again. Kat, glad that your TJ total was not shocking. I went a few days ago, didn’t buy nearly as much as the last several trips and I did not buy any meat or alcohol this time. Was totally unprepared for the “bottom line”. Still can’t figure out how I could have spent that much! Guess I’ll just have to adjust my expectations! OOTD it’s raining off and on today and several degrees lower than our recent temps so jeans and a long sleeve top. Sharon
  9. Melody, looks like a good time was had by all! Well worth all the hard work that went in to the new gazebo. Sharon
  10. Hello Everyone, lots to catch up on. Melody, I’m so sorry about your friend’s passing. We also lost a good friend a few days ago. He had been dealing with several issues over the past 2 years. So sad for his family. Debbie, thanks for the info on the Pfizer boosters. Interesting how this trial is set up. Lois, I really hope that all works out for your cruise-it sounds amazing. Letting the cruise line handle all the arrangements make sense right now. Sherri, I’m glad that your DR trip was a success. I too am not happy when strangers get too close. Will be flying in a few weeks and not looking forward to “unsolicited closeness”. Kat, sounds like you had a great adventure and your pictures are so well done. Like Lois, I’m not a camper but your site looked pretty nice. “Glamping” might work but I’d rather have a cabin with all the conveniences and maybe a deck overlooking a lake. OK I know, you are laughing. Hope your future camping plans come together as you’d like.....and that your pillow gets to go along too. Hoping all those in the path of the storms stay safe. Rain predicted here and we desperately need it. OOTD Well right now pj’s ‘cause it’s almost 11 pm. Sharon
  11. Debbie, I echo your feelings. I too am disgusted with those who have all sorts of reasons, some of them ridiculous, to not get the vaccine. Our county has more vaccine appointments than takers so we have to give some of our doses to other counties even though we still have many who should get vaccinated. Our Dept of Health has done so much to address people’s’ concerns and to make sure everyone has access to the vaccine.but still there is hesitancy and refusal. In many cases I see it as selfishness and refusal to do the responsible thing. I am making allowances for those who, for legitimate medical reasons, cannot get the vaccine but those would be a minority if everyone else was vaccinated. On a better note, you and your family deserve our gratitude for participating in the Pfizer trials. A question-now that you are unblinded, will everyone in the trial get the vaccine booster or will there still be those who will get a placebo? I hope that you get your cruise plans figured out. Sharon
  12. Cynthia, I had no idea that Carnival CEO said no vaccine requirements. I received a survey from HAL today with several questions about my readiness to cruise this year. Had I known about the vaccine thing I would have worked that into my answers. Like you, i won’t feel comfortable unless everyone is vaccinated. DS and DIL want to plan a 2022 family cruise on HAL so not sure how this vaccine stance will affect this. I second your comments! Sharon
  13. Catching up once again! Looks like Sherri and Kat are off on their adventures. I hope they have lots of good times. Melody, that is a really nice gazebo/pergola. Lots of warm weather fun ahead for all of you. Lois, how are your cruise plans coming! Sharon
  14. Hi girls, Christy, where in CA does your daughter live? I think you have mentioned it but I don’t recall. Debbie, congrats are in order for your daughter. That is quite an accomplishment. I’m sorry that she will most likely live farther from you. If it weren’t for the traffic, it probably wouldn’t be a problem. Just seems to take so long to get anywhere on So Cal. Lois, I have been following the trial too. The prosecution has had excellent witnesses. Tonight there is a curfew in Hennepin, ( Minneapolis) Ramsey (St Paul) and Anoka counties. National Guard is also there now. I just hope that all is calm by the time we arrive. Still have a few weeks before we go. Kat, sounds like you have a tough decision to make about returning to work next season. It always feels good to be appreciated. When are you leaving on the camping trip? Sharon
  15. Christy, happy birthday a bit late. What a nice celebration you had even though it sounded like a lot of work for the birthday girl. Being with your family must have been the best gift ever! How long will your daughter and family be with you? Kat, so your last day has arrived and now the fun can begin starting with the camping trip! Woo hoo! By the way, I also agree that it is great that we are all there for one another. Wouldn’t be possible if you hadn’t started this thread. Debbie, it sounds like you are so good at your job that the others can’t get along without you! Sometimes setting limits can be difficult. Good luck! Sharon
  16. Hi Girls, thank you so much, Debbie and Kat. Yes, no parent should ever outlive their child(ren). Kat, it’s always difficult to find words, but yours were very much appreciated as are those from everyone else. Just thinking about this forum and how many times we have sent encouraging words to one another. Can we count this as a good Covid affect? I think so! Thinking about those who have worked from home because of the pandemic and the different reactions. I totally get what Cynthia has said and I also understand Debbie’s viewpoint. The different viewpoints are very interesting, something that probably would not have been a subject of conversation had it not been for the pandemic. Kat, first of all, happy birthday and I hope you have an enjoyable day. Seems like birthdays can bring on many different feelings and then add thoughts about retirement and it’s the perfect storm. I like what Cynthia said: “Thoughts on your birthday -- keep moving confidently forward. Consider the risks and plan accordingly. It's far-sighted to realize at some point we have to make a few adjustments, but don't make them prematurely” Debbie, I also agree with your statement that even with the vaccine things just don’t feel entirely normal. We hear the doctors and scientists say we aren’t back to normal yet and everyone is wearing masks so hard to ignore these constant reminders. Baby steps for me...... OK on an entirely different note, finally, my new microwave will be installed tomorrow! Can’t wait to get the little back up micro off the counter and put it away. It seems like ages since the old one bit the dust. Tomorrow we are also going to get our TDAP vaccine to protect our granddaughter from Pertussis. Should be fully effective by the time we visit. On that note, good night all. Again, Kat, lots of good wishes coming your way. Sharon
  17. Anita, your gardening skills are amazing! Melody is right, you will need a farm stand or neighbors who don’t have the green thumb that you do! Grace kitty is so pretty! It looks like she’s making sure everything meets with her approval. BTW, thej Raman recipe sounds good and it must have been lots of fun sharing the prep with DS. Your birthday pics are great-looks like a very enjoyable celebration. Since I’m just catching up here-Margaret, great zoo pictures.. You always take the best pics. Sharon
  18. Lois, Cynthia and Melody, thank you so much. Lois, I bought 2 large zucchini intending to give your lasagna recipe a try. However, I forgot the ricotta so I hope the zucchini last until my next shopping trip. Cynthia, so happy to hear that you finally got your first jab. As for working from home, looks like other companies have also realized that working home works well. Melody, nice job! An early happy birthday to Les🎉 Weldon, good idea to laminate a copy in case there is a need to add additional doses to the original. I also have a picture of mine on my phone. Sharon
  19. Hello Everyone, enjoying all the news and hearing about everyone’s activities. Certainly different than a year ago. Let’s see we have grandchildren visiting with some of you, Cynthia and Lois, describing some really yummy meals, Debbie describing her gardening plans, Kat looking forward to a work hiatus, Melody, working on a new gazebo and several of us receiving at least one vaccine dose while those of us with both doses can now do the “ happy dance” among some other things. Christy ‘s Limoncello looks perfect! I don’t think I have the patience to peel all the lemons avoiding the pith! Oh and Sherri with a cruise planned!! Debbie, so glad to learn that you did not have Covid and are now well. DH and I are proceeding cautiously adding activities back into our lives. However, we are very encouraged by the ongoing reports of great results from the vaccines. Last night we visited with neighbors who are also fully vaccinated. We sat on their patio, sans masks and toasted our little bit of normalcy. Our DIL received her first dose on Saturday and hopefully our granddaughter will soon benefit from the antibodies from her mom’s doses. Our son has also received his first dose while our DD has had her second dose. Feeling pretty relieved about this. On a sad note, my youngest cousin passed away ( not Covid related) at the age of 57. He has been ill for awhile and we think he just gave up, Unfortunately, my 95 year old aunt, his mother, is still alive and heartbroken. We were able to Zoom with him about a month ago so very glad for that last “visit”. Moving on, we are slowly working our way thru our project list. Funnily, we cross one thing off and add 2🙄. Wishing all a good week. Sharon
  20. Hi Girls, wow so much to comment on! Lois, your new dining room light sounds very nice. Too bad you can’t find a picture but it sounds like you aren’t the only person who liked it. Chicago, how exciting! As others have said, so much to see and lots of great food choices. On our last visit, we did the architecture boat tour. Very interesting and we really enjoyed it. Mmmm- another carrot muffin recipe to try! Yummy. Debbie, your yard looks lovely! So, no Zucchini this year? Awww, what will the little critters eat when they visit your yard? Kat, yay, vacation plans are coming together nicely! Thanks for the tip on the Away luggage. I’m going to look at their website. Cynthia, I hope you weren’t in the path of all the bad weather. Christy, your hair looks great! Love the purple. Now if you can loose 15# by Thurs, please share your method😊. Seriously, you are going to have a wonderful, long awaited visit, no matter what. Cindy, nice to hear from you. Yep, I think you are not alone, I too may have to step it up a bit-well maybe more than just a bit! Melody, yes, tornados and earthquakes-no time to prepare. OMG! On Friday, we actually went to some stores just to look and not because there were things we needed to buy! It’s been sooo long since I’ve done that. Of course, masks were a constant reminder that we still need to be careful. Later, we ordered take out from a favorite local restaurant and while we were waiting we wandered into a little shop that is next door. They have hand made items as well as vintage. As we were leaving I noticed a display if knit sanitizer holders that fasten to the outside of a purse, backpack etc. It included a refillable bottle although my 2,5 oz bottle from Target also fits. No need to remove the bottle to use the sanitizer. Yep, I bought one. Just watched the CNN special on the Pandemic. Very interesting to hear the interviews and it all explained from the beginning. Speaking of the Pandemic, I’m glad to hear that so many states are opening up the vaccine to everyone over 18. Wishing all a good week ahead. Sharon
  21. Happy birthday, Anita! A bit late but just as sincere. Hope your boating adventure turns out to be lots of fun. Cooking with your DS is a fabulous idea! Maybe you will share the recipe with all of us? Melody, congrats to your grandson, that is quite an accomplishment! Sharon
  22. Debbie, I too am very sorry about your brother’s untimely death. I can imagine that you and your family miss him a lot. Anita, I know very little about the various types of guns-thank you for the explanation. As others have expressed, I feel very sad about not only this senseless shooting but all the others as well. Kat, well you are going to be one happy and comfortable camper. As for the mattress, my thought is that as we age, comfort becomes very important. Besides, you won’t have much fun on your trip if you don’t gat a good night’s sleep! Lois, speaking of sleeping, sounds like you are really glad you chose that adjustable bed. Melody, more snow? I hope a warm up is on the way. Went to Costco this morning and couldn’t help noticing the difference compared to last year at this time. No mad rush for the TP-in fact no more limit on purchases. Didn’t seem as if anyone was stocking up as if they were going into hibernation. Also big supplies of things like hand sanitizer in gallon bottles, masks etc. Tomorrow we meet with our CPA. What fun.😏 Sharon
  23. Hello Everyone, several good posts since I last checked in. . Kat, glad you made it home safely ( that sounded a bit scary before the road was plowed). Soon you will be a lady of leisure with lots of plans Of course so maybe not so much leisure? . Lois, your new bed sounds like it was worth waiting for. It must be great for reading in bed. Your oven cleaning situation sounds similar to mine just a few months ago. Same thing, food spilled on the bottom of the oven so I used the cleaning cycle and all was fine afterwards. Took awhile for the smell to go away though. Good score with the vaccine Cynthia. Soon you will be doing that “happy dance”! Debbie, sounds like you had a great family week end. I think that family time has become so much more precious after the year we have all endured. Well, finally had the plumber come today and fix a few things that we had been putting off because of the virus. Slowly working thru’ our list. Happy to hear that the Stanley Tucci series will return. Yes, Veneto would be interesting and I’d like to see the Abruzzo region (east of Rome). However that is not a big tourist region so probably not. OOTD jeans and a sweater. Our weather is warming up so could be the last time this season that I will wear that sweater. Sharon
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