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  1. Carnival has only 2 (Splendor, Spirit) ships which are currently sailing in Australia. Those that come to Singapore are once in 3-5 years sailings due to drydock. If it's only Carnival then no, they do not have more ships in Asia than Princess. However Carnival in a whole has Costa, Princess among others. Currently All the Costa Asia Pacific fleet (Venezia,Romantica, Atlantica, Serena, Fortuna) are grounded along with Sappphire, Diamond and Majestic.
  2. Quantum will hang around Manila until the 14 after that she is due back in Singapore on the 18. Royal hasn't officially cancelled the April cruises on Quantum yet but it going to be soon after Malaysia closed its ports
  3. Probably cos Wonder is due to arrive in China in May/June. But sadly for Singapore, her deployment has been cut short.
  4. Quantum has updated her destination. She will be arriving back in Singapore on 24 Feb 2020 when she was suppose to arrive after her 9 night cruise. So i guess she will be doing a 6 night High Sea "cruise"
  5. This is from the satellite data on Quantum Of The Seas from Marine Traffic
  6. Marine Traffic. If You look at the area around there, north of Port Klang there is this blue arrow which says, "Position received via satellite" Few hours ago, it was heading north and now is heading southwards. That blue arrow is actually Quantum Of The Seas. Even Cruise mapper shows Quantum heading back down southwards.
  7. Quantum has turned back and is now heading towards Port Klang.
  8. If they are really doing this, I wonder when royal will start informing the guests who are booked on the original cruises leaving Singapore
  9. Spectrum and Millennium to be redployed to Australia and California for 2 months for Humanitarian efforts to support those affected by recent crises in both areas. They will offer complimentary sailings to volunteers and first responders community. Who knows if the situation doesn't get better, Spectrum will continue her deployment in Australia
  10. Royal only has one ship operating in Asia at the moment and is the Quantum, homeporting from Singapore
  11. I think this will happen too. In a recent dry-dock for Quantum which took 1 month, Royal Caribbean said that the dry-dock will make Quantum cater more to the "international" market. Spectrum is design for Asia, hence she will probably stay here. In the event that Spectrum gets sent to Europe ( could be a possibility to test whether the market love the Quantum Ultra class) and Asia returns to normal , Royal will just send her straight back to China.
  12. Hi, I’m on that cruise too and just checked with Gordon. He will be staying on for 7 weeks and he will be leaving the ship in Hong Kong once the cruise is over.
  13. Looks like she is going to Shanghai instead of Hong Kong. Quantum might head down instead and Spectrum to Singapore. Spectrum is designed for Asia so probably will stay in the region We will suppose to get China Phase 1 this week and we got this.. Interesting
  14. Happen on all my Royal Cruises. But if you have a cabin right outside the Crew Lift where they bring the luggage up, you will find your luggage outside your cabin. There were times when i couldn't find the bags, and right after muster drill when returning to the cabin, the luggage was right outside our door. Now I wonder if you paid for the Key, will the Luggage be right in the room or if is still still lying somewhere in the hallway?
  15. Are there any Coke Freestyle Machines onboard? If there are, are they working? Thanks
  16. Royal Announced they will be homeporting the Quantum Of The Seas/Quantum Class for the next 5 years in Singapore during the Winter period.
  17. Looking forward to booking Odyssey to Greece, but seeing the way they price Anthem I do not feel good about Odyssey being cheaper than Anthem considering its a new ship. Though Anthem itineraries to Norway are really good with the overnight in Geiranger
  18. Royal tends to reveal Singapore homeport sailings when a new ship homeports, or arrive in Singapore for the first time aka an important day for Royal. Same thing happen to Quantum which was announced during Mariner/Ovation double call in Singapore and during Spectrum arrival in Singapore. Nov 16 is when Voyager and Quantum calls together here. Expecting some news from Royal.
  19. Michelle Oliveria is currently on VY as a CD. When we went onboard Voyager first cruise after her amplification on the 20th she was the CD. Will go again on the 4 Nov and see if there's any changes
  20. When will the Wonder Repo from Europe to China be released?
  21. Voyager Of The Seas might head to the West Coast and homeport there. Just my 2 cents.
  22. The Guy on the left is Dr. Zinan Liu. He is the Chairman for Royal Caribbean Asia. The center is Michael Bayley. The Right I'm not too sure
  23. I was right! Oasis 5 will be coming to Asia in 2021 and will be name Wonder Of The Seas
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