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  1. Quantum is not restricting you to the cabin. You can freely go out of your room and enjoy the activities and stuff to do onboard. Only drinking and dining you will have to do it your room. Once the government lifts the restrictions, it will be back to normal just like the past 5 months since Quantum restarted. But hey at least Singapore is still cruising.I will take that anytime over no cruising.
  2. Seems to me that they are stops for bunkering except from Singapore to Shanghai.
  3. Looking at the Prices even more sadder. But its a new ship so can;t help it.
  4. Whats even worse now is they cut the Starwater show into half and the other half is a performance by the Violinist on the 3 night cruises. |The violinist is good, but cutting the production show into half just doesn't cut it for me
  5. Slim Chance and the Repositioning cruises with guests onboard probably will not happen due the situation. With at least 14/15 nights each way and possibly stopping in many countries along the way, I don't think Royal or anyone would take the risk. I hoping she would. If she does, it will probably be half the capacity.
  6. Quantum Of The Seas has changed Captain. It's now Erik
  7. Yup we did. We had the earlier appointment at 2.30pm and managed to book all shows. Was onboard the ship in 15 mins starting from luggage drop off.
  8. Hi, I just disembark from Quantum today. There were 1690 Guests onboard. Crown and Anchor count was about 300. Highest is 567 points. Here are some tips: Bring your trace together tokens or download the app. I have seen people getting turned away and asked to go home and collect their token. If you lose your Tracelets, head down to guest service. No charge Book the earliest appointment slot for your check in. The shows and activities were mostly sold out by 5/6pm Once you clear immigration, immediately use the APP to book the shows! We did it right by the ship before boarding and booked all the shows and activities needed . if you want to play bumper car, book the earliest slot on the first day. Once you finish, you can rebook. This gives you additional bumper car rides for the other days. Skip the Normal North Star and go for the Free Mode North Star aka North Star Extended. Pay 40USD onboard. Only can be booked onboard. Doors to the Shows open up 30 mins before. Get there early and get the good seats of your choice. XBox and table games are 20 mins each. Book them at the sea plex counter on your first day. As we were Diamond, we get 4 drinks free daily. Max 12 USD or below. Can’t be used at the Bionic Bar. No dinner at the Windjammer Everyday. We enjoyed the service and the food offered. No Swab Test is needed after arrival into Singapore. you can just head home.
  9. Carnival has only 2 (Splendor, Spirit) ships which are currently sailing in Australia. Those that come to Singapore are once in 3-5 years sailings due to drydock. If it's only Carnival then no, they do not have more ships in Asia than Princess. However Carnival in a whole has Costa, Princess among others. Currently All the Costa Asia Pacific fleet (Venezia,Romantica, Atlantica, Serena, Fortuna) are grounded along with Sappphire, Diamond and Majestic.
  10. Quantum will hang around Manila until the 14 after that she is due back in Singapore on the 18. Royal hasn't officially cancelled the April cruises on Quantum yet but it going to be soon after Malaysia closed its ports
  11. Probably cos Wonder is due to arrive in China in May/June. But sadly for Singapore, her deployment has been cut short.
  12. Quantum has updated her destination. She will be arriving back in Singapore on 24 Feb 2020 when she was suppose to arrive after her 9 night cruise. So i guess she will be doing a 6 night High Sea "cruise"
  13. This is from the satellite data on Quantum Of The Seas from Marine Traffic
  14. Marine Traffic. If You look at the area around there, north of Port Klang there is this blue arrow which says, "Position received via satellite" Few hours ago, it was heading north and now is heading southwards. That blue arrow is actually Quantum Of The Seas. Even Cruise mapper shows Quantum heading back down southwards.
  15. Quantum has turned back and is now heading towards Port Klang.
  16. If they are really doing this, I wonder when royal will start informing the guests who are booked on the original cruises leaving Singapore
  17. Spectrum and Millennium to be redployed to Australia and California for 2 months for Humanitarian efforts to support those affected by recent crises in both areas. They will offer complimentary sailings to volunteers and first responders community. Who knows if the situation doesn't get better, Spectrum will continue her deployment in Australia
  18. Royal only has one ship operating in Asia at the moment and is the Quantum, homeporting from Singapore
  19. I think this will happen too. In a recent dry-dock for Quantum which took 1 month, Royal Caribbean said that the dry-dock will make Quantum cater more to the "international" market. Spectrum is design for Asia, hence she will probably stay here. In the event that Spectrum gets sent to Europe ( could be a possibility to test whether the market love the Quantum Ultra class) and Asia returns to normal , Royal will just send her straight back to China.
  20. Hi, I’m on that cruise too and just checked with Gordon. He will be staying on for 7 weeks and he will be leaving the ship in Hong Kong once the cruise is over.
  21. Looks like she is going to Shanghai instead of Hong Kong. Quantum might head down instead and Spectrum to Singapore. Spectrum is designed for Asia so probably will stay in the region We will suppose to get China Phase 1 this week and we got this.. Interesting
  22. Happen on all my Royal Cruises. But if you have a cabin right outside the Crew Lift where they bring the luggage up, you will find your luggage outside your cabin. There were times when i couldn't find the bags, and right after muster drill when returning to the cabin, the luggage was right outside our door. Now I wonder if you paid for the Key, will the Luggage be right in the room or if is still still lying somewhere in the hallway?
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