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  1. We just bought a 5 zone BIRG in Civitavecchia and are on our way to Rome on the 11:46 regional now. Does it make sense to get off at Roma San Pietro to see the Trevi Fountain then walk to the Colliseum? What else is a must see in Rome? What is a good place to get coffee and pizza? Is there an online trip planner for the subway?
  2. Buenos Aires cruise port terminal (Terminal de Pasajeros Benito Quinquela Martin) Av. Ramón Castillo 13, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  3. We made it! The terminal is called Terminal de cruceros Quinquela Martin if anyone else is lost. Locals only know where to go if you tell them that it is by "El retiro" which is some type of customs house
  4. Does anyone have the physical street address of the cruise port in Buenos Aires? We are sailing on the NCL Star today and everything I found online says Puerto Madero is the cruise port. But when I Google it I don't see any ships. I'm wondering if Puerto Madero is the name of the entire neighborhood?
  5. Looking for information on how to do a DIY visit to see penguins from Ushuaia. I'm seeing mentions of boats to Isla Martillo or Isla Yécapasela from Estancia Harberton, but the only places listing prices are the overpriced shore excursion operators. We are looking for a public transit option if possible and hopefully info about where to meet independent boat owners who would take us to the reserve. We are bilingual Spanish/English. Thanks!
  6. The actual cave is very small and it is roped off. You just look at it and take pictures in front of it. The experience is not claustrophobia-inducing at all. We did not pay for the tour, we just walked there from the ship. Google "la grotte Napoleón" in maps if you want to see the way beforehand. Otherwise just head up in to town from the docks. It is a 20 minute walk, uphill but not a serious hike, and there are signs pointing the way. We didn't Google it beforehand and we got there just fine. When you get to the pyramid with the statue of Napoleon, just veer left, it is basically embedded in the pyramid on that side. After we saw the statue and the cave, we walked back down to the sea. There are very clearly marked bus stops for the number 5 bus. Take it away from the port to the last stop and you will find a nice area to hike and see sea views. Then take the 5 back again. The last stop in that direction is the port
  7. Thanks for all this great info! I'll run the options by my husband
  8. What is there to do in Livorno itself? How far away is Pisa? Is it worth it to take the train there? As always, also seeking pizza/gelato recommendations in the area. TIA!
  9. We are docking in Naples tomorrow and want to go to the National Archaeological Museum. Can we walk there from the port? Or take public transit? We are in Civitavecchia today and clearly we were not ready for Italy! For some reason we have terrible cell service here, even though it was great in Barcelona and Ajaccio. We would like to be more prepared/less confused tomorrow. It was also surprisingly hard to find a pizzería with tables to sit in and wifi here. I would love a good pizzeria recommendation for Naples!
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    We have booked the Patrick Watts tour to Volunteer Point from Stanley. The cost is $190 per adult and $165 for my 11 year old, which seems reasonable for a tour in small vehicles that involves hours of off road driving. Patrick has been very responsive and informative and there is no deposit required. Really looking forward to this! That Martillo Island tour is not available the day we will be there, but I am going to keep looking for similar tours. Gypsy Cove looks like a good option for people who don't want to spend their whole day with penguins, but we definitely want the up close and personal penguin meet and greet! It looks like there are a couple of penguin watching tours from Puerto Madryn. I will continue to look into this. I hate the idea of manufactured walking sticks, but they might be a necessity here. I'll look on Amazon Unfortunately the Solo Expediciones torres start too early for us. They look great!
  11. Thank you! 2 hours really seemed excessive, but it makes sense for start/end of cruise. I'll ask about all aboard times on the NCL board
  12. We're not new cruisers but it has been 3 years since we cruised, due to the pandemic. It has been a long 3 years and I can't seem to remember some very basic things 😄 We are sailing on the NCL Epic from Barcelona in a few weeks and I'm trying to plan our dinners and port days. Are these the times that the ship pulls in to port/sails away? Or do we need to add 2 hours to each time for when we can get off the ship and when we need to be back on board? TIA!
  13. Thanks for the reply! About how much would a taxi cost? I don't really want to spend a lot on transportation
  14. We will be in Palma from 1 pm to 8 pm on Saturday, October 1 on the NCL Epic. My husband loves scenery and trains and stuff like that, so we want to go to Soller/Port de Soller. It seems pretty much impossible to catch the 1:30 pm train, so we would need to take the 3:10 pm. That would put us in Soller at 4:10 pm. We could spend 20 minutes in Soller and catch the 4:30 pm tram to Port de Soller, arriving 5 pm. That would give us 30 minutes in Port de Soller. We would have to catch the 5:30 pm tram to Soller, arriving 6 pm and giving us another 30 minutes in Soller before the 6:30 pm train back to Palma, arriving 7:30 pm just in time to catch a cab back to the ship for an 8 pm departure. Is this too tight of a timeline? We would basically be going for the scenery we would see on the train and the tram. Is it worth it?
  15. We are flying in to BCN on 9/24/22 and cruising the next day. I can use hotel points to get us a room in Molins de Rei and it seems pretty straightforward to get there from the airport by bus/train, as well as getting from the hotel to Sagrada Familia and other tourist destinations. Where I'm having trouble is getting from the hotel to the cruise port. My maps app keeps wanting me to take the train a short distance and then take a taxi the rest of the way. I would prefer to either get all the way there via public transportation or else get to the closest stop and just take a taxi from there to the pier. Someone mentioned a blue bus that picks up at the cruise port. Not sure if blue is the color of the physical bus or the color code of the bus line. Can anyone clarify for me please? What is the closest rail stop to the pier? How far is it and how much would it cost to take a taxi from there to the pier? Does the public transit system in Barcelona have multiple fares, or could we buy a train ticket at the hotel and use it to transfer to the blue bus? Is there a 24 hour pass that we could buy at the airport in the first day and just use that to get around for the day as well as go to the port the next morning? Thanks!
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    Thank you all for this information! I will follow up on these leads and then post again
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    My mother (72), my daughter (11) and myself (46) will be on the NCL Star this Christmas and New Years. We will be visiting Puerto Madryn, Port Stanley, Ushuaia, Punto Arenas, and Puerto Montt. We love wildlife and my daughter is crazy about penguins. What are some of our non-ship or DIY excursion options for seeing penguins? We all speak Spanish, have lived in Ecuador before, and are comfortable riding local public transportation, but we have never been to Southern South America. Our top priorities are: seeing multiple species of penguins and other wildlife, having an authentic experience, and not overpaying for tour operators when we could just jump on a bus or take a cab. Thanks!
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