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  1. It is very easy to get to Pisa on your own from Livorno by either train or bus. You could spend a month in Naples and still not see everything within three miles or so of the cruise port. Some of the most popular sites are the Archaeology Museum, Cappella Sansevero museum, the Certosa di San Martino, the underground tours, the Santa Chiara cloisters, Via San Gregorio Armano, Spaccanapoli, the royal apartments, teatro San Carlo, etc.
  2. The map on the port web site still shows the fort as a pedestrian entrance/exit: https://civitavecchia.portmobility.it/sites/default/files/file_uploads/map_of_port_of_civitavecchia_eng_1465288193.jpg
  3. To purchase in advance go to the Trenitalia site and for partenza/departure enter either Civitavecchia Porto (if you also want to use the bus from the port to the station) or Civitavecchia (if you're going to get to the station on your own), and then either Roma S. Pietro or Roma Ostiense in the arrivo/arrival area.
  4. Be prepared to walk or sprint if needed to the train station, the local bus between the port and the station doesn't start until 7:50 AM. http://www.civitavecchiaservizipubblici.it/sito/servizi/trasporto-pubblico-2-2/
  5. You can take the Trenitalia bus from the port to the station, the local bus, or you can walk (1.5 km/1 mile). If you read the original post you'll see that this train only makes two stops, at S. Pietro and Ostiense. The Colosseum isn't at a train station, to reach it you would get off at Ostiense and take the metro two stops to Colosseo.
  6. euro cruiser


    Do not purchase tickets from a third party, even if you can change them the process will be complicated and waste time that no one wants to use on vacation. What train ride are you looking to purchase a ticket for? There is no reason to buy a regional train ticket in advance, there is no savings to be had and it actually costs more than just buying at the station, due to processing fees.
  7. Also, given that the sign mentions transfers with the "tour", I'll bet the transportation is just one way, to Rome, and you've got to find your own way back.
  8. There is a 9:32 Frecce from Bari Centrale that arrives to Venice at 17:35 (5:35 PM) or a later one at 11:32 that arrives at 19:35 (both trains require a change at Bologna, there are no direct trains between Bari and Venice until 2:30 in the afternoon). I would choose one of these and base the decision on the time of your arrival. The first might be a bit of a push, but likely do-able if you have a "normal" arrival and disembarkation time. The later is the safe option. Only Trenitalia serves Bari so it's your only choice. It's only a mile and a half from the port to Bari Centrale, the station you need. I've never disembarked there so I can't say for sure, but I would imagine taxis would be available and plentiful. https://www.trenitalia.com/
  9. One big clue, if you pay by credit card, is that there is no line to add a tip.
  10. It looks right to me. In the notes it says that the bus stop is at Largo Della Pace, at the CSP (Civitavecchia Servizi Pubblici) stop.
  11. Service is included in every restaurant bill in Italy, even if it does not say so in writing (and even if it did, it would not be in English). Tipping is a very hot topic here (and other travel boards, for that matter). Italians will round up for ease but often do not even do that. Nothing different is expected from visitors.
  12. Maybe something like this? https://www.getyourguide.com/naples-l162/capri-island-day-tour-t42520/
  13. Who do you think you would be tipping at the airport? I bring a group of mostly older folks to Europe once a year and each year at least one or two of them require a wheelchair at the airport. Inevitably the Americans try to tip the wheelchair pushers and in every case (when we are in Italy) they are politely turned down as they are not allowed to accept tips, no matter how much they do for you.
  14. Distance can be thought about in two ways, the physical distance between two points and the time it takes you to get from one to the other. (People who live away from big urban areas with a lot of traffic tend to think in terms of actual distance, while those who live in areas with a lot of traffic think of time. In LA, for example, in some places it can take an hour to travel five miles during rush hour so physical distance is a nearly meaningless measure.) It is true that Termini is marginally closer to the Colosseum than Ostiense but it's not a big difference, one and a quarter miles from Termini vs. one and a half from Ostiense. Timewise it's also about the same if you are using public transit because each is two metro stops away, on the same metro line (but approaching from opposite sides). The difference comes into play when you consider that you get to Ostiense before Termini, so you can be off the train and getting on the metro with the Ostiense train before the Termini one even reaches the station. One factor in all of this is that Termini is a terminus station (trains have to reverse to get out, there are no through tracks) and it's also the busiest train station in Italy. As a result trains have to slow down significantly for the last half mile or so before entering the station. So, if two trains were leaving Civitavecchia at the same time and making about the same number of stops, you'd almost always get to the Colosseum faster but getting off at Ostiense vs. Termini. However, two trains heading to Rome never leave Civitavecchia at the same time, so it comes down to which train gets you there earlier. The first Frecce of the day from Civitavecchia is at 9:16 and it arrives to Termini at 10:03 non-stop. The first Civitavecchia Express departs at 9:35 and arrives to Ostiense at 10:27, so you'd get to the Colosseum earlier with the Frecce to Termini. Unless, of course, you happen to be visiting on a Sunday or holiday. On these days the first Civitavecchia Express departs at 8:30 and arrives to Ostiense at 9:25. The first Frecce on Sundays and holidays departs at 9:16 and arrives to Termini at 10:03, so on Sundays and holidays the Civitavecchia Express gets you there earlier. You will pay more for the Freece train (16 euro vs. 10 euro at last minute pricing, 12,90 euro vs. 10 euro if purchased ahead, plus booking fee if applicable).
  15. It would be prohibitively expensive (for most people, anyway) to use a private transfer from Naples to Capri. Even ship excursions use the public ferries. It's easy to get yourself to Capri from the cruise port in Naples on your own, the ferry dock is adjacent to the cruise port. Once on Capri you could meet a private tour.
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