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  1. Why not go back to Rome? You could spend months there and not exhaust all there is to see, do and experience in the city and its immediate surroundings. We can certainly suggest a day trip or two that can easily be done from Rome if you want to mix things up. If you think about it, two nights in Rome prior to your cruise is really only one day. You arrival day won't get you into town until afternoon, most likely, and you'll have jet lag to deal with if flying in from North America. On the third day you're going to be focused on packing up and getting yourselves to Civitavecchia
  2. I'm actually a little shocked that something got done, it seems definitively, so quickly. And not because it's Italy, the States are no better at solving intransigent issues that pit business interests vs. the environment. Can you imagine the current congress resolving such an issue? There was never going to be an answer that pleased everyone. If sailing into/out of Venice still appeals there are other options; ferries, vaporettos, boat taxis, boat rentals. You won't get that "master of all I survey" experience of riding in on a ship larger than the surrounding bui
  3. While there is a train station called Tarquinia it is down in the valley while the town, ruins and museum are up on the hill, too far (3.2 km/2 miles) and too steep for most people to walk. The more direct public transit option is, as noted above, by bus. The trip takes 25-30 minutes on one bus and costs just 1,30 euro. The stop closest to the port entrance (the one where you get the free bus to/from your ship) is on Via XVI Settembre, near the intersection of Via Cadorna. If you make a google map of the address 19 Via XVI Settembre Civitavecchia and go to street vie
  4. Here's one you can try e-mailing. They offer a similar full day trip to Procida, you could ask about a customized tour to Capri. Although the web site is in Italian they offer tour guides in various languages, including English. Visite Guidate e tour a Napoli - Guide Turistiche Napoli
  5. I'm trying to remember if I've ever encountered an elevator that couldn't accommodate my aunt's scooter, I don't think so. The issue is whether it will accommodate the scooter and another person and luggage, that I've seen plenty of. I remember one small place in Venice where she always had to use the elevator alone with her scooter while the rest of us waited and dealt with the luggage and ourselves on the next run.
  6. Is there any part you'd be willing to do on your own? I'm thinking specifically of the ferry ride to Capri and back. The reason is that there are several different types of licenses for guides in Italy. Technically, someone who accompanies a group from place to place is a different kind of license than someone who guides a group at a location. Licenses are established at the regional level, and both Naples and Capri are in the same region (Campania) so that's not an issue. Some places require location specific guides, ones that I've hired stayed with the group and led us around
  7. What do you consider reasonable, in euros? For example, the Hotel Smeraldo gets good reviews and is selling for about 110 euro/night this August. Is that in the ballpark? Hotel Smeraldo Rome | Official website (smeraldoroma.com)
  8. I can see where a guide would be helpful for the walk up to Villa Jovis and to explain the ruins, but other than that the island is pretty self explanatory. Rather than pay for someone to get you over from Naples (very easy to do on your own using public ferries) I'd pay for a licensed guide to meet you on the island and accompany you on the walk up to the villa (there is no other way to get there).
  9. Even better news about this connection, I just checked the Quadri, the on line version of the big schedules you see on the wall at every train station, and both trains use the main track head at Naples. The IC train from Civitavecchia is scheduled to arrive to track 12 and the regional train to Salerno is schedule to depart from track 20, a short walk in a straight line. Also, if your first train is delayed there is another train to Salerno, leaving from the same main tracks, twenty minutes later and your ticket will be honored on that train.
  10. Good point JB about the transfer point. It is indeed a three block walk from the tracks where Civitavecchia local trains arrive in Termini to the main track head, where trains to Salerno depart. If you look at the schedule there is another connection that takes an hour longer (four hours, vs. three hours for the fastest connection) and gets you to Salerno almost two hours later, at 13:30. This change is at Naples, which also requires a walk from the main tracks to the regional tracks, but it's no where near as long as the walk at Termini. The other benefit of this con
  11. The first time I visited the Vatican museums I didn't know how good I had it. I was on one of the first planes to Italy after 9/11 when there were very few people travelling. I knelt on the floor of the Sistine chapel so our then 6-year-old could use my shoulder as a pillow while she gazed at the ceiling, and no one bothered us or bumped into us. We were in there for an hour ... little did I know how different my next visit would be.
  12. It's possible that the taxi was based in Fiumicino and the fixed fares don't apply to them. You simply take the next one in line that is a Rome taxi.
  13. If having a seat is more important than the amount of time you have in Rome this is a viable option. Note the first departure time Monday-Saturday, at 9:35 arriving to San Pietro at 10:15 and Termini at 10:30. For most ships which arrive at 6 or 7 AM, this means giving up at least an hour in Rome vs. taking the regular, overcrowded commuter train. It becomes a tradeoff of time in Rome vs. comfort. The returns are better timed for cruise passengers, I might be tempted to pay for the round trip express ticket but not use the front half (take the regular train in and pa
  14. I'm being nosy here ... a 4:30 PM flight out of Italy is pretty unusual unless you're going somewhere else in Europe or perhaps to Australia. If you're headed to the States or Canada you'd likely have a long layover, overnight, somewhere in Europe before a flight in the morning across the Atlantic.
  15. If they don't it's pretty easy to do something on your own from this port. You don't have to go into Rome if you don't want to/don't have sufficient time, there are closer places to visit.
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