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  1. Also, keep in mind that guides in Italy are different than most other places. They are not drivers, you would need to hire that separately.
  2. What time of year will you be going? That may also impact your decision, but the primary factors should be your interests.
  3. The 7 AM Frecce train from Rome gets you to Napoli Centrale at 8:12, allowing plenty of time to get downstairs for the 8:48 Campania Express train to Pompei (arrives at 9:22). This is a much more comfortable option vs. the regular commuter train. Campania Express info: Campania Express 2021 EN | EAV srl
  4. My understanding is that the prohibition against cruise passengers getting off the ship on their own in Italy is from the Italian government, not the cruise line. Therefore it applies to all lines. I would wait until you can get off the ship and do what you want, a steady diet of ship excursions is not for me.
  5. Yes, picking up a car from the airport keeps you outside of the ZTLs in Florence. Before any driving in Italy, do read up on ZTLs as you will encounter them everywhere, including small villages.
  6. A new, smaller version of Alitalia, to be called ITA (Italia Trasporto Aereo), will take over the assets of the failed airline and fly some of its routes. More detail here: ITA to start off with 2,800 workers (22) - English Service - ANSA.it
  7. Reading Riffatsea's comments reminded me that we don't know when this trip is. When are you going? Capri is miserable (in my option) in July and August, chockablock with other sweaty tourists. If you're planning to just do a boat tour around the island, and/or hikes away from the two villages, maybe but I wouldn't go and do the usual tourist things in those months.
  8. Personally I would choose Capri in a heartbeat among these options. Sorrento is perfectly lovely but it's essential a small English resort town. The views along part of the ride (the last half of it going, the first half returning) are nice but it's a lot of time in a bus for not much "there" when you get there. But that's my interests, what draws you to one or the other?
  9. This was agreed to in 2019 and originally was expected to only impact cruise passengers, because it would be easier to charge a "captive" audience. Covid prevented anything from happening at that time, and now banning cruise ships from the canal takes out the easy targets. Now they are talking about turnstiles to enter the city so we'll see what happens. Apparently in the first couple of months since tourism restarted people have been behaving badly (at least according to an article in La Repubblica), jumping off bridges into the Grand Canal, paying no mind to Covid distancing guidelines, etc. The article is interesting, it says that local officials were kicked into action by this behavior, and notes that they had all of the Covid shut down time to come up with a plan but didn't, then seemingly slapped something together this summer in reaction to what's going on. Venezia, dall'estate 2022 tornelli e tassa d'ingresso. L'overtourism fa già paura - la Repubblica
  10. Non of NCL's ships are small enough to enter the canal and port in Venice. Until NCL makes other arrangements and decides to share them you're going to be left hanging, I'm afraid. FWIW, NCL is not alone in continuing to list Venice as a port, other cruise lines are doing the same thing.
  11. They probably will provide a shuttle bus, which would be the easiest option. On your own you could take the train from Venice to Ravenna (between two and a half to three hours, depending on the train). Note that all train options will require one change en route, at either Bologna or Ferrara. Once at Ravenna the easiest option would be a taxi from the station to the cruise port, which is about eight miles away. Flixbus offers direct bus service but the only runs are later in the day. This will work if you are travelling the day before your cruise departs but not day of.
  12. According to the port map, Norweigan Epic, Seven Seas Splendor, MSC Fantasia and others are/were there today: Port of Civitavecchia: arrivals and departures in real time | Port Mobility Civitavecchia For some reason they don't have the August schedule in the calendar but you can see last month here: Civitavecchia Port Cruise Calendar - CivitavecchiaPort.org
  13. I suspect you are looking at a date too far in the future, the full train schedules are not loaded into the system that far in advance. If you look at the schedule for next week you can see what's available. For example, there is a Frecciargento from Rome Termini at 6:12 that arrives to Genova Piazza Principe (the closest to the cruise port) at 10:45, then a Frecciabiana at 6:57 that arrives at 11:50. These trains run seven days a week.
  14. According to the forum rules you can't recommend a tour you haven't personally taken, see here: You can't recommend a tour you haven't been on! - Italy Ports - Cruise Critic Community There are plenty of folks here with experience with them who are happy to recommend them.
  15. I've stayed at the Accor Mercure Angioino, which is walking distance to/from the cruise port. I don't know if they have day use rooms but it's worth asking. Mercure Naples Angioino hotel - ALL (accor.com)
  16. How far is your hotel from the Vatican? If you don't have tons of luggage you could bring it with you to the museums and check it there during your tour, that would save you the time required to return to your hotel before heading to the port.
  17. Budget has an office at Piazzale Immocolatella Vecchia, a short walk inside the port area from the cruise port. Hertz has an office a little further down the port at Calata Porta di Massa. Be sure you read about and understand ZTLs in Italy, they exist in every city and town of any size and even some small villages. Naples is covered with them. You can drive from the port to the highway to get out of town but you cannot drive into the city.
  18. The Starhotel right outside the front door of Napoli Centrale station is listed as a day-use hotel but I don't see anything about it on their web site. You could e-mail them and ask if it's of interest: Naples Accommodation | Services | Starhotels Terminus
  19. Okay, I did a little digging and found one right near Termini in Rome: Marco Polo Hotel Day Use in Rome Official Website (hotelmarcopoloroma.com)
  20. I don't know of any off hand but I would look at hotels near one of the two train stations rather than at the airport.
  21. Good advice above. If you're willing to pay for a private tour you should get exactly what you want, and that requires doing the research and knowing what you want. The pre-packaged tours give you an idea of what they are asked for most often, that could be a starting point for a place you haven't been before. If you'll be going to ports you've already been to you might want to dig deeper to find something a little less on the beaten track. If you'll share your itinerary we can make suggestions. Regarding getting back to the ship on time, the well known and reviewed car service companies know that their reputation and future business depends on getting back. They will always build in "pad" time to ensure you make it back.
  22. "Best" is a qualitative judgement, it depends on what criteria are important to you for this decision. Are you looking for easiest/most convenient? Lowest cost? Fastest? There are options from very low cost public transportation that takes a lot of time and some (sometimes considerable) effort, to expensive door-to-door car services with options in between.
  23. Why not go back to Rome? You could spend months there and not exhaust all there is to see, do and experience in the city and its immediate surroundings. We can certainly suggest a day trip or two that can easily be done from Rome if you want to mix things up. If you think about it, two nights in Rome prior to your cruise is really only one day. You arrival day won't get you into town until afternoon, most likely, and you'll have jet lag to deal with if flying in from North America. On the third day you're going to be focused on packing up and getting yourselves to Civitavecchia, so not much time then for Rome either.
  24. I'm actually a little shocked that something got done, it seems definitively, so quickly. And not because it's Italy, the States are no better at solving intransigent issues that pit business interests vs. the environment. Can you imagine the current congress resolving such an issue? There was never going to be an answer that pleased everyone. If sailing into/out of Venice still appeals there are other options; ferries, vaporettos, boat taxis, boat rentals. You won't get that "master of all I survey" experience of riding in on a ship larger than the surrounding buildings, but that probably was as bad for your psyche as it was for the environment.
  25. While there is a train station called Tarquinia it is down in the valley while the town, ruins and museum are up on the hill, too far (3.2 km/2 miles) and too steep for most people to walk. The more direct public transit option is, as noted above, by bus. The trip takes 25-30 minutes on one bus and costs just 1,30 euro. The stop closest to the port entrance (the one where you get the free bus to/from your ship) is on Via XVI Settembre, near the intersection of Via Cadorna. If you make a google map of the address 19 Via XVI Settembre Civitavecchia and go to street view you'll see the yellow bus stop sign (Fermata). The stop in Tarquinia is Barriera San Giusto, from there to the museum is about 200' (one short block). Bus schedule info here (difficult website, sorry about that): Orari (cotralspa.it)
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