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  1. I did! 2020MEMBERSURVEY for 1000 pts!
  2. FWIW -- PVP is on vacation, but the fill-in submitted a form requesting the OBC and seemed optimistic that it would be fulfilled! Worth a shot to anyone in the same boat! Good luck!
  3. A question for anyone who has received the cancellation email...does it state anywhere in fine print that the OBC offer would be extended to those who had recently cancelled their cruise before Carnival did? I know in previous cancellations, they have stated that they would honor offer to previous cancellations on or before a certain date. My folks cancelled their Thanksgiving cruise three days ago 😶
  4. Thanks so much, this is what I was hoping to hear! Better yet, hopefully they won't have to cancel at all!
  5. This I HAVE done! 😄 We actually got key copies from guest services for access to each cabin, and then used our own original S&S cards for charging purposes.
  6. Obviously, I know if it comes down to it I'll need to contact Carnival directly, but wondering if anyone has first-hand experience with a situation like this: We have multiple rooms booked on a cruise next month, including three connecting aft balconies. The couple in the middle may need to cancel. It would be ideal if we could swap rooms so that remaining two would be connected still. Any insights? Are we out of luck, or is there some magic booking dust we can sprinkle on this situation?
  7. The MLB game day doesn't actually stream the game, just updates plays in near-real time. Might be a gray area...
  8. Thanks everyone! I think we'll give value plan a shot and upgrade if we have to.
  9. Great to know! Back in 2015, it was hit or miss on the Magic... the sports bar covered some of the post season games, but showed more football than anything...not that there is anything wrong with that 😆
  10. That's exactly what we were thinking about! I guess at worst we can upgrade to premium if value doesn't work.
  11. I have purchased the value wifi package for our upcoming October cruise on the Vista. Does anyone have experience accessing MLB Game Day through this package? Thanks in advance, and GO 'STROS! 😁
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