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  1. Thanks, how many days is your sailing?
  2. How much more are you paying for the family veranda per person over, let’s say, a standard balcony next door? Any ideas ?
  3. I'm thinking that is a cruise I would not want to take. It'll be a great ship but with a bad itinerary along with bad dates. Your opinion may vary ......
  4. Really? You're going to point that out when the Celebrity website has major issues causing inconveniences? Get a life ......
  5. I would love to see your pictures, have any? I'll assume not .....
  6. No Issues, eh? That's because you've never been on the Edge. Maybe you can make another fake review for the moderators to take down again and tell more fake stories to perspective Edge cruisers using more fake screen names . Tell us again how great Margaritaville was again on the Edge even though that's an NCL venue ....
  7. Have you read the info, terms and conditions on the NCL site?
  8. I would try Trip Advisor and Google for this . Not so much the Norwegian cruise line forum for Rome hotel questions .
  9. One reason why I never use a travel agent and never will.
  10. For sure, my 15 day on the Bliss next weekend has balconies for hundreds less than ocean views ........weird but whatever. NCL has some strange pricing at brief moments. I booked an angled balcony on the Encore for 2021 for four people with three perks for $500 less than they wanted for an inside with one perk. I snagged that one up real quick. Why it was less even that far out was beyond me.
  11. Same exact problem here for two weeks . I also emailed web assistance . Very frustrating to say the least. Thanks as well for your update.
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