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  1. LMAO! No kidding, nothing to do with NCL and the forum at all.
  2. I agree, buy therma spa passes if available ......Also, spend more time on the Waterfront deck. Much quieter. I too am canceling my Encore cruise for 2021. I have no interest sailing with my two kids during spring break on the Encore now that it's apparent that the Encore pool deck has room for about 60*people now ...... It's a shame the level they're taking their money grab too.
  3. East Coast Departures for New York transportation questions: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/317-east-coast-departures/
  4. May I ask which cruise you are on? Did you have to mention what the website said in order to get them to switch it? Did they give you any grief?
  5. Interesting ...... That sounds good. I'm surprised they didn't tell you "Oops, too bad".
  6. One page of the promo says any and then the follow up page says select. I have two kids that we always sail with. I click on the few that I like under the promo and it still shows my 10 and 12 year olds being charged .... lame. I swear there isn't a cruise line website that is worth a crap and functions properly.
  7. It says any .... but it sure isn't. Only a select few and off peak ..... nothing to see here mostly.
  8. I've had the Encore booked since last new years for 2021 and got my balcony with three promos for my family of four for $500 less than an inside with one perk when they had the online pricing error for a day .......... and I'm still going to cancel. I have no interest, no matter what the savings, of having a pool deck that has room for like 60 people by the looks on a ship of 4000+. No thanks..... Did the Escape, Bliss for 15 , and cancelling the Encore and doing the Joy for 12 days instead. This new ship offers nothing new to be excited over and not worth the cost of the hype .... money grab to the extreme .... I'll pass.
  9. It came out about a week ago. I booked a 2021 cruise back in July and they applied it to that booking no questions asked and no change in price. Just had to call.
  10. Yes, they have some fun games and air hockey as well as the Virtual Reality Rabbids two person game that costs like $6 a game just on its own without the pass.
  11. Why are you not using the free at sea promo for your cruise? Nobody pays $4000 for a drink package on NCL. I paid $420 for my wife and I total for our 15 day Panama Canal cruise on the Bliss in April.
  12. Just book it for when you think you might want to go. They won't throw you overboard if you don't show up but at least you have your reservation. Just show up another time if you can't make the one you reserved.
  13. My wife said the one in the bathroom on the Sun was weak as heck and it took forever for her hair to dry.
  14. I sense a case of butthurt here ....... You, not me ...... better?
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