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  1. It’s is hard to understand ....at least for most of experienced cruisers. Some pricing makes no sense. There are (were) times when the moment was right to book but there are more times not to book anymore. I know what I used to pay for the NCL experience. Now they want more for a lessened unknown experience. Bad approach .
  2. This is incorrect for her cruise date . 120 days still.
  3. We have had an April 2021 cruise booked on the Encore for almost two years now. We got an excellent deal on it. We lost our 2020 Alaska cruise. However, we are apprehensive....... We will NOT make final payment in December as they are currently expecting. 120 days advance payment with nothing to base cruising on is a ridiculous expectation...... We have no idea what will happen on board if there is a Covid case and if the ship or us will be stuck in quarantine in some form at the end of the cruise. Masks, testing, etc ...... Too many unknowns at this time to drop that much coin on. I hope NCL is listening because they better adjust final payment date for 2021 like they did for the final couple months of possible 2020 cruises in Nov/Dec.
  4. They check everyone coming in and take their seapass card. I doubt passengers who paid the money for the experience of peace and quiet would not appreciate random people coming into the spa area to check on their significant other ..... No pay, no entry ....
  5. That is not how it should be described .... as a port hole.
  6. Always $1 cash tip per drink .....Excuses they are tipped enough are not accepted.
  7. In the NCL forum, why are the mods allowing people to post their personal non cruise videos of lighthouses, Halloween stores, etc to promote their own YouTube page? Reported posts go ignored. Why is this allowed? Do we not have anyone moderating and organizing the forums anymore? Can I post my YouTube videos of my kids birthday parties then?
  8. OK, thanks .... Not even going to bother calling the help desk ..... Thanks!
  9. NCL doesn't recognize my user name, password, email address ...... Anyone else or just lucky me?
  10. No, I wouldn’t even make final payment on any cruise right now let alone throw money at excursions on those sailings as well ....
  11. Can you stop posting your personal YouTube videos in the NCL forum? This forum is for NCL related discussions. There are other forums you can post lighthouse and other non NCL cruise videos in ...
  12. Florida Departures forum and Cruise Air forum for airline flight info and questions.
  13. That’s like asking what tonight’s lottery numbers will be. Who here on CC could possibly know that if the cruise lines don’t ? Posts like this make me cringe.
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