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  1. I'm 60... mine is right there with ya!
  2. Actually, they are about a mile and a half apart. The closest hotel to NASA is the Marriott Courtyard in Nassau Bay. Lots of quick eats within walking distance and the facility is about 30 years newer. Kemah Boardwalk is five miles from Space Center Houston. .
  3. The contrasts in your post are curious, so I will answer them. Yes, it might be just you. No. No. Good for you! As long as the host (Carnival) permits this then why worry? Do you stand with a glucose meter at the chocolate buffet and check to see if FPG is above 100? Worry about the person in the mirror, the rest is just details. .
  4. We've carried them with us since the first Yeti was introduced and had no problem having them filled with using the Bottomless Bubbles package. We did this as recently as three weeks ago on the Valor. Other ships that we have personal experience were the Conquest, Triumph, Breeze, Vista, Freedom and Liberty. .
  5. Perhaps the best tip so far. We love Grand Cayman and while the "On Board" time is posted, as long as a tender line exists I'm setting in the shade off to the side with a cold drink. We've done this many times. Being platinum gets us one way priority tendering, but getting back aboard they don't give a fat rat in a beer can if I'm any base metal. We do the same when in Key West and we dock at the NAS. You can't walk to the ship, it requires a tram ride. We just can't figure out why people line up in the sun and wait. You'll find my fat, aging bottom sitting across the street nursing a Dos XX and waiting for the line to go down. The exception is debarkation. We self-assist, walk off with the diamond and platinum, I hustle to the shuttle bus, get my truck and am back at the terminal to retrieve my wife and luggage. We were on Harborside Drive at 8:31am on our return to Galveston earlier this month. .
  6. Here's my fix. This 22" Eagle Creek carry-on fits lengthwise in overhead airline storage bins, rolls perfect for cruises, and is on the couch here at the hotel with me tonight for business travel. The Resmed 10 CPAP fits perfect in the bottom of the bag, the mask and hose fit in the outside zipper compartment and the power supply tucks in a well. This machine cost me $700 after insurance and 75 pounds lost and three years later I cannot sleep without it. There is no way I'd risk it getting lost or damaged. For my air travel the carry on fits perfect lengthwise in overhead bins and is super lightweight. Spinner wheel luggage cannot be pushed forward and this one works great with urethane wheels. On cruises it carries my iPad, camera(s) and the CPAP away from that case that looks like a 90's computer case. I also carry a 9' flat three prong extension cord and it has worked on every cruise on several class ships, most recently on the Valor. I wonder for those who use it 100% of the time like I do how sleep without it? I struggle mightily. See you at sea.
  7. A small quantity of non-alcoholic beverages (i.e., sparkling water, sodas, energy drinks, juice, and milk) packaged in cans or cartons may be brought on board on embarkation day and must be in the guest's carry-on luggage. A small quantity is considered a maximum of 12 sealed, unopened cans/cartons of 12 ounces each or less per person. I'm not sure how aggressive if at all they enforce it at port stops, but it's there. That's the text from the Carnival website and link below: https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2633/~/liquor-and-beverage-policy
  8. https://photos.app.goo.gl/88CEW8ETKMeM49E48 Twenty-nine on the funnel folks in the books, this completed our Conquest Class set, great time, fun crew, good food, perfect weather and we introduced two new couples to cruising from just down the freeway. The Valor is a little worn, a little dated but it's a great time. Download the Hub app (it worked flawless) and plan your days well in advance. I loved the reminders about things we wanted to do. Chair hog population is Texas style feral...
  9. Same thing on the Valor two nights ago. They honored the old price when I called it to their attention. .
  10. We do have tides here, even in the channel. The wind has been howling out of the north, and it pushed water out the bay. The surf line was near the end of the jetties all along Seawall Blvd all weekend. We fished along the jack up rigs across from the cruise ships on Sunday and the running tide kept us moving around far more than usual. .
  11. I don't want to correct your post, but you have the right groups but wrong order. Diamonds, Platinums, FTTF and then self-assist is the order for debarkation on the Breeze and fleet wide. I'm pretty sure that's what you meant. .
  12. OK, you look over 21, so here's what we did when we arrived last time on the Conquest. Walk off the ship and down to the left to the public ferry. I think it's 50 cents. Ride across the bay and walk the one block to the shuttle stop for the van ride to Bacardi. They have three or four different tours priced by duration and what you see. Here are some of my favorites from our visits there: https://www.flickr.com/gp/leeusry/pH8oR0 Casa Bacardi: https://www3.bacardi.com/casa-bacardi/ Tour Info: https://sanjuanpuertorico.com/tour-bacardi-distillery/
  13. Cool! First and second cruise were aboard the original. In 1976 I went with my family for my high school graduation and then again in 1987. .
  14. BallFour4


    We have. It was a cold and rainy December day. I was ready to go back to the ship after lunch. Cozumel is beautiful. Cruises exist today sailing here from Galveston that are 4 nighters, or three full days aboard. One headed there, one in port and one headed back. Using that logic can I suggest saving a few coins between now and your cruise and looking at some of the beach resorts like Nachi Cocum, Playa Mia or Mr. Sanchos. All offer some the same things yet are different. The reason I say that is Nachi Cocum has a place to get out of the rain, sit and enjoy the view it it's cold and if warm as in most days enjoy some of the prettiest water in Mexico. The cost is $17 each way for the taxi and $55 per person total before gratuities. I will add some for that. The point is the shops in and around the port sell essentially the same thing, and after about five of them they all look the same. Expect a plethora of replies to your question, but at least review the shore excursions offered through Carnival or what independents like the two I mentioned (and many more) offer for making a great memory while in port. Here are some of my images from our many trips to Nachi Cocum. https://www.flickr.com/gp/leeusry/627Rj5 We've had fun at Mr. Sanchos, Playa Mia and Passion Island too.
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