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  1. For those that are confined to their cabin (Yikes) all they would have to do is take them off if their similar to the WOW rubber type wrist bands that RCI has.
  2. I called RCI this morning on my March 2022 change to Explorer...they verified the itinerary and said the back office is doing the cabins no way to know anything until I get an email conformation...but said they are trying to keep the same location, category as they make the moves.
  3. RCI said $100 pp...There are only two of us so not sure if there's three. But it's better than per cabin...right.
  4. I was just switched too from Freedom to Explorer San Juan March 20, 2022 & March 27, 2022. But happy to know my ports and sail dates aren't changing. OBC $100.00pp for suites.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if Celebrity follows RCI with the wristbands. Yes their removable...just a rubber type band...you can also keep them in your pocket.
  6. Yes...all OBC pp. I'm so glad my itineraries didn't change..I was always fine with St Maarten being the only repeated port.
  7. My March 20th & 27th (2022) are still not up. I called RCI and was told that luckily my itineraries will be the same. Same sail dates...only change is the ship and their working on assigning cabins and yes indeed blocking off the ones already booked and transferring to my exact same OS but with a different cabin #. The OBC for suites is $100 pp not per cabin. They said should get my email soon with confirmations. Fingers crossed all this is correct and that this ship sails.
  8. No...I just spoke with RCI and for suite's it's $100 pp not per cabin.
  9. I just spoke with RCI and was told my March 20th & March 27th itinerary would stay the same...only change is the ship. Also the OBC for suite's are $100pp not per cabin. Their working on cabin assignments now and should get an email but my OS location should not change just the #. I hope what they told me is all correct...but I was put on hold a few times so seems like they were verifying the info.
  10. I still don't understand why the ports had to change!! You would have thought they could have just changed the ship and let Explorer do the same itinerary. That word in my email "similar" is what gave me concern....and hopefully they'll be a price reduction going from a Freedom class to a Voyager class...their should be....but they've got us captured at least me as I got these cabins at an amazing rate.
  11. I booked a middle hump OS for both my B2B's...I'm hoping there's no change except I can see the cabin # is different on Explorer than Freedom.
  12. I'll have to call about my itinerary: 1st leg was St Maarten, Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire 2nd leg was St Thomas, St Maarten, St John Antigua, St Lucia, Barbados I hope it hasn't changed !!
  13. Yes mine said that also but is it $100pp suite or $100 per cabin?
  14. How did you find out your new cabin # and what the itinerary is going to be?
  15. Oh...so she did get it...I thought I had read it was cancelled...Thanks good to know.
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