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  1. When we need a carseat/booster seat provided we have used South Florida Shuttles (954) 227-0311...Amazing service for our round trip needs, even on return dropped us off at the different terminals our group of 10 extended family members needed at FLL. We stayed at Hyatt Place...used their $2.00 per room shuttle from FLL to hotel and then the shuttle company picked us up from there took us to Port Everglades and then picked us up on our return and back to FLL.
  2. But certainly someone has bid..how do you know no one has? Wouldn't they just accept (even a low bid) than to leave it empty, then try to fill the bidder's cabin category? Agree...they don't upgrade at the port any longer.
  3. Most of the ships we've been on you can easily ask for a shake to go...we've had no problem...even with our C&A BOGO.
  4. Actually just ask one of the servers in the WJ...they have straws but they don't keep them easily accessible any longer.
  5. A very popular private company on these boards when needing transportation from Heathrow to Southampton is Smith's For Airports. When we have needed to just get into London from LHR it's BlackBerry. Both amazing companies but for your particular routing contact Smith's For Airports for a quote as there local for Southampton.
  6. Thanks so much for sharing your info...very helpful.
  7. If you don't mind I'll just offer our experience as far as the restaurant situation with our private group tour this past May. About an hour prior to us meeting with the private guide for our Vatican tour we stopped in an area near Trevi Fountain and several restaurants were pointed out to us... We had the choice of what to do... shop, explore or eat. Menu's were posted out front and we could easily see the choices and prices...this was great to have this option and not be herded into a specific one...definitely a plus. We had time to visit the fountain and still have a quick pizza at a restaurant right across from what seemed to be a Catholic seminary as we saw many young men leaving and some even came into where we were eating...so we must have chosen a good one.
  8. Care to share what your winning bid was per person....and how many in your cabin ? Also was the website showing OS as being available for your cruise ?
  9. We've stayed a few times at the Sheraton Old San Juan...love the location. We use a taxi to get to the Pan American pier approx $18.00 .
  10. Yes they can, but quicker and easier to just show the SetSail Pass as we head to where we know to be.
  11. Good to know it's only recommended for people born after 1970...which certainly doesn't include us. We're current on all immunizations since we travel often and get our flu shot every year. Costco for immunizations is a great option if you're a member.
  12. We also spent a few pre-cruise days before our B2B and so decided to just spend the turn around day onboard...Sadly it was only less than 2 hours before the new cruiser's starting boarding...but that short time having the ship to yourself (with the 30 other consecutive cruiser's) was nice....Remember you have complete access to your cabin...quickly and easily without letting new passengers see you scoot in/out of those hallway doors that will be closed but not locked for your access not theirs.
  13. It is an extremely industrial working busy port. More than likely your cruise ship will contract with a local provider for shuttle service....probably for a small fee that they will allow you to use your onboard account for. Our RCI ship did.
  14. We actually saw this book for sale in several of the St Thomas gift shops...Perhaps you can contact one of them by a Google search.
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