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  1. I also asked what cabin categories are star class...thanks 2 bedroom GS on Harmony ?
  2. What cabins/ships are star class and have genie's?
  3. Hmmm Just how can you board the train directly from the ship...wouldn't the ship have to shuttle you to the train ?? As far as the ship leaving without you..many will be with you that have booked with the ship so they won't leave you either.
  4. Thank you so much...so confused about all this....appreciate your clarity.
  5. We'll also be in our first OS's In March 2022 a B2B on Explorer San Juan July 2022 Jewel Arctic Circle and Oct 2022 Serenade Panama Canal. So looking forward to this category...my other three 2022 cruises will be in GS's.
  6. It's the free internet that always gives me pause.....I don't understand why only these two classes of ships offer it to full suites?
  7. Are these completely separate from your cabin steward or do they share?
  8. Let me try and give you another number. (800) 205-9812 Customer Outreach Team
  9. Gasper's...I usually can't reach them...luckily DH can.
  10. Our extended family had the last 4 cabins starboard side deck #9 on Harmony. They were OK, view was limited...We actually booked them before it was announced that the new HOTS would have the Abyss. We were hoping for great views so a bit disappointed. Got them at a great price so we tried. Glad we did but won't book them again. If you can get the very last cabin on deck # 9 or 10 give it a try...you might feel differently.
  11. Can you book it directly or do you have to do the ship offered excursion? We have in the past booked directly with Chilkoot...they provide a great option.
  12. If so then maybe they should just forget the balcony discount and put mom in the balcony...Or...why can't they forget the balcony and book DH in the suite with them. Just changing cards isn't going to work...the DH will not be able to get the suite benefits if he's not booked in a suite. And what's crazy is the OP's TA gave them incorrect info about just switching cards !!!!!
  13. I appreciate this info above. We'll be coming into Tampa from our Panama Canal cruise Oct 2022 and will need to book a flight home to LAX.
  14. I'm just hoping our under 5 won't need a test to fly home or that RCI will let us pay for his onboard. We will be in a time crunch to get off the ship and get to MCO for our flight home. Maybe by May 1, 2022 our travel home date things will be easier to manage.
  15. Passport, vaccination card and the credit card you used to set up your onboard account.
  16. I think each boarding will be handled differently...probably no hard fast rule depending on conditions when you arrive. You'll either told to wait in line or will be waived on.
  17. You'll pay the prevailing rate to go up. Depends on when you book/change if you move down....before or after FPD.
  18. OP if you don't think the JS is worth it...don't book it...book up or down...then you won't resent it.
  19. The JS has always been "sweet" enough for us...larger cabin, walkin closet, tub/shower combo and an additional point. Those are the only reasons we used to book them. We've moved up to full suites now not really for the amenities since our D+ is fine for what we need .... but for the actual cabin itself.
  20. So not applicable to us .... arriving into PC and flying back home to SoCal.
  21. Yes...thanks....but my question is also will paper work be provided at the end of cruise and be applicable to a flight home cruise end day?
  22. I think you were in the right to just quickly pull it down to take a quick drink and then back up again. Those that don't have a mask on at all as they casually walk around sipping are wrong...I'm glad the crew takes notice of them....You, they shouldn't have made an issue with.
  23. Part of our extended family has booked that 2 bdrm on Serenade for Alaska 2022 and it looks great...they're excited...we booked the GS next door.
  24. So under 5 will get tested at boarding...Will they then also get a test at end of cruise onboard and can this be used to fly home day of cruise end? We don't cruise until end of April 2022 so I know things may change by then.
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