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  1. You used to just be able to click on websites offered in posts...Now you can't seem to do this ....Why ???
  2. Ashland

    Link to website ????

    Not a copy & paste......With the old CC site I could just type it out and it worked to add it to post's...Not now....it was so easy before to provide links now this is getting too high tech for me....What's the point ?
  3. Ashland

    Link to website ????

    I posted this link for someone and you can't seem to click on it to take you there. www.southfloridashuttles.com
  4. Ashland

    Link to website ????

    Hmmm...Just another chink in the new website for me...not surprised. Good to know other's aren't having this problem.
  5. You're very welcome...I actually opted to call and speak directly to them since our family group was needing a carseat included. They worked out great for us....even for the return trip stopping at three different terminals for drop off on our return flight home. Best of luck.
  6. Ashland

    What other lines will honor C&A points?

    I recently cruised on Celebrity and am a D+ on RCI so I was an Elite on X. Nice ship we sailed the Eclipse in an Aqua class category which included internet & drink package any other perks weren't of interest. Much better food than RCI and the itinerary (why we chose to sail on X) was amazing...Ireland, Iceland & Scotland. However I'll stick with RCI...JMHO.
  7. Hmmm...And we all know how accurate their website facts are...right ??. Sorry I still don't believe it has or they would make this kind of major change and no one has "Posted" about it recently happening.
  8. Ashland


    It's an easy 10-15 min walk...absolutely no taxi needed (unless you have a lot of luggage). Storing luggage is their specialty...have no concerns...they start accepting it as early as 9:00am.
  9. Ashland

    Royal Caribbean boarding times San Juan

    Yes...as soon as you pick up your luggage go out to the taxi line (very easy to follow signage). Tell the person directing the taxi line you need to go to the Pan American pier...priced by zones very regulated so have no concern. Checkin needs to be approx 90 min before sail away so you'll be fine. Enjoy, we were just on Freedom this past September.
  10. Try South Florida Shuttles (we've used them and would recommend them) (954) 227-0311 www.southfloridashuttles.com Sorry you used to be able to click on the link provided...but this new site doesn't seem to allow you to easily do that.....what a nice improvement !!!!!
  11. Since when did this change in Florida? I don't believe it has...the only difference is they appear to have flights no earlier than 2:00 for arriving into POM and flying out of FLL (the reverse is true also) it used to be 2:30pm. If you're flying out of the airport closes to where you ship docks it's flights no earlier than 11:30am. Where are you getting your facts ?
  12. Ashland

    Vision of Sea drydock

    What cabin category are you in? We've sailed Vision many times although years ago and am scheduled to sail on her next May Med/Greek Islands...great itinerary. Would appreciate a bit more on your specific complaints rather than pool and Ben & Jerry's. Thanks for more feedback.
  13. As long as the carrier you're using participates. You should be fine with your flight time. Policy is flights departing no earlier than 2:30pm when arriving into POM and flying out of FLL.
  14. Ashland

    Bringing the grandchildren

    We've cruised with our son and grandson...mommy was too far along in her pregnancy. Grandson (age 3) had passport as well as we all did. Our son had notarized letter from his wife and supporting documentation...we made sure we had copies of any and everything that could possibly be asked for...No one did...but we were well prepared just in case.
  15. Ashland

    Marigot - is it worth going to?

    I'm sorry to say but personally I don't think it's worth it. They can do just as well staying in downtown Philipsburg. We were just there this past September and my have things changed since that last hurricane. We've been to the islands many times and found this to be truly sad. They are trying to rebuild but it's an huge undertaking.
  16. Ashland

    For those who have been to Shanghai

    The Grand Central Hotel sits just behind and to the left of the Sofitel and in my opinion is a much nicer hotel (I just returned from my 4th stay)...You might want to check out the pricing as a comparison. Enjoy whatever works best for you. BTW: You will definitely need Yuan for your taxi ride (safe to at least have 200 Yuan for this trip to the hotel from PVG it's usually 150 Yuan) and anything else you purchase....I only use my credit card for the hotel.
  17. Ashland

    Budget Rental Code

    If you're a member at Costco try pricing your Budget rental with them....We've gotten great deals using them.
  18. Ashland


    Yes UberXL's is a consideration...but with four passengers (each vehicle) and luggage it might be tight. A private company we have used and would highly recommend is South Florida Shuttles. www.southfloridashuttles.com (954) 227-0311
  19. Ashland

    For those who have been to Shanghai

    We just experienced some great taxi drivers from PVG to our hotel and then the return trip. Very clean taxi's, seat belts, no smoking signs and competent safe driver's....what you experienced isn't always the case any longer...we have found that things have changed for the better actually over our last four visits to Shanghai. OP, do have Yuan for your taxi rides....and have the address/directions printed out in Chinese. I always keep the cards provided by the hotel for each visit...they come in handy for future trips since I always stay at the same hotel.
  20. Ashland

    For those who have been to Shanghai

    We love the Grand Central Hotel...amazing hotel and location (to Nanjing Road, The Bund and MRT station). I just came back from my 4th stay there. Use a taxi (from the taxi line) to get from PVG to the hotel.
  21. Ashland

    Tour company "required" info

    We have had to give our passport info when doing private tours in certain countries. Their tour/country their rules....If you're uncomfortable look else where.
  22. Ashland

    Inheriting C&A status

    She won't ever be "dragged down"...unless RCI changes something. I would assume it will be several years until she has a "SO" to be concerned about.
  23. Ashland

    Early Flight from Ft.Lauderdale

    I always do express departure aka self disembark and have had good luck getting to early flights...FLL the earlier you're there the better. I would guess you'll be fine with that flight.
  24. Ashland

    To Excursion or Not to Excursion in the ABC's

    We were just in Curacao in September and was very surprised the floating market was gone...and many of the shops were closed/boarded up...unlike other times we have visited this port.
  25. Ashland

    A fantastic Restaurant in Old San Juan

    Absolutely agree. We were there this past September....OP go early enough for the happy hour 2 for one drinks (Coconut Mojito my favorite)...Yummy food ..... wonderful service and rooftop views.