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  1. Ashland

    First Time In NYC

    Regardless if it's now owned by Hilton....It's still an amazing hotel and the location couldn't be more perfect.
  2. Ashland

    Cosol Tours 12/19/18: LOVED it!

    No, they stop everywhere...there were 9 people in our tour bus....again Cosol....an amazing choice...you won't regret.
  3. Ashland

    Uber in San Juan

    We were able to get off Freedom at 7:00am (self disembark) and easily at SJU and at our AA gate around 8:00am...The earlier you get to SJU the less crowded it will be...Don't forget you need to go through the agriculture check with your luggage (they will put a sticker on luggage) before you go check in at AA desk. You should have no problem with a 10:45am flight back to LAX. Best of luck .... enjoy Freedom and hope this bit of info helps.
  4. Ashland

    burial at sea

    Have all the necessary paperwork you may be possibly asked for. Obviously the mortuary that was contracted for this would have records. You should also have the receipt from the urn you purchased (if this wasn't done thru the mortuary). You will not be left to do this on your own...someone from the ship staff will accompany you and more than likely take the video for you. Best wishes in doing this for your grandmother. May she rest in peace at sea where she enjoyed their cruise's together.
  5. Ashland

    Coco Cay Bungalow(s) for large group

    I think you are way over the maximum occupancy limit even with two bungalows/cabanas. I'm just concerned about being able to book with 6 adults and 4 kids two of which will be under 4. Hoping that the under 4 year olds won't count towards that maximum number allowed. Best of luck.
  6. Ashland

    Restaurants in San Juan we "found"

    Of course nothing wrong with those places...was just giving some additions to perhaps others looking on this thread. We have also enjoyed the Parrot Club during other visits and miss it.
  7. I know this isn't exactly what you're asking but on our last Harmony cruise being in a Boardwalk cabin we were able to use our Eat,Drink,Play any day and time to eat at Johnny Rockets...it wasn't limited to lunch or sea day only. Also used our C&A BOGO milkshake perk in conjunction with this too.
  8. Ashland

    Restaurants in San Juan we "found"

    During our pre-cruise this past September we really liked : The Choco Bar (mallorca and an ice chocolate drink) La Bombonnera (mallorca) Roof top restaurant above the Milano Hotel (yummy happy hour coconut Mojito's and nachos) **** Barrachina (pina colada)
  9. Ashland


    What is the occupancy for the Water Park Cabana? Also I believe I read that if you have toddlers under 4 they don't count towards that occupancy maximum...any idea?
  10. Ashland


    Might have been better to wait and make the cabin switch once onboard.
  11. RCI signed a contract in late 2015 to start docking at Crown Bay in St Thomas. This is a 10 year contract with an option to renew. Prior to this only the Oasis class would dock at Crown Bay due to the depth (it used to be a submarine port) and other RCI ships were docking at Havensight. With the contract in place all RCI ships and I believe Celebrity now use CB...unless there is an over crowding issue with multiple ships in port. We too miss Havensight.
  12. Ashland

    cruises from san juan

    Look under Caribbean ports of call then page down to San Juan. Hope this helps.
  13. Ashland

    First Time In NYC

    We loved the Radisson Martinique...great location !!!
  14. Will you have your own car seats or need a company that will provide them? If so we've used South Florida Shuttles....they were there waiting for us...great service when we go off HOTS. (954) 227-0311 www.southfloridashuttles.com Best of luck with that early flight.
  15. Ashland

    Shuttle for 14

    Try pricing the Hyatt Place (convention center).....directly with Hyatt (member sign up) or using www.valuetrips.com The Hyatt offers a shuttle from FLL to their hotel for a charge of $2.00 per "room" not per person. They do offer a shuttle from hotel to Port Everglades or you can price out South Florida Shuttles (we have used them for our extended family group). (954) 227-0311 www.southfloridashuttles.com. Enjoy your cruise.
  16. Ashland

    Do I need additional insurance?

    Agree with the above....You should call and talk to a professional then make your decision. We have been using The Trip Insurance Store for many years (Steve the owner just Jan 7th did a question/answer segment here on CC). I wouldn't think of traveling with a minimal policy and also purchase one when we take our extended family that includes our young grandchildren....usually there is no charge for kids when added to their parents policy...check those details with Steve or one of his wonderful associates (we love working with Kim when Steve isn't available). (888) 407-3854
  17. Ashland

    2 rooms or suite?

    I would take the two cabins next to each other...but book them with two occupants each. Let the three of them share a cabin once onboard...sometimes grandma just need a break. Or get connecting cabins and once onboard have the two kid's in one cabin and mom/daughter in the other. JMHO as a mother of 5 and grandmother of 9.
  18. I would hope that RCI doesn't change their schedule and to assume everyone is a football fan...Why should this be any different than any other sporting event?
  19. Ashland

    Shuttle Service

    You can also try South Florida Shuttles: (954) 227-0311 www.southfloridashuttles.com We've used them and would certainly recommend.
  20. Ashland

    Best time to book upgrades

    The OP isn't cruising until 2020...why would they stop tracking prices? I recently booked 3 cabins for a family cruise in 2020 and will continue to check....Happy with what I got...but no harm in seeing if I can do better....right?
  21. Ashland

    Live update on vision of seas

    Thanks....I and a few other's keep asking about this...just hoping someone will end up knowing.
  22. Ashland

    Sunday - Sunday Itineraries

    We prefer the Saturday-Saturday sailings also....but when did RCI ever care what we prefer. I agree I'm seeing many more of these sailings for the caribbean itinerary that we would be interested in. Oh well I booked the HOTS from PC next May and it is what it is.
  23. Not quite true...On our recent Harmony cruise they didn't actually close at 5:00pm...We had to have our little one (Aquanauts) there by 5:30 and they took all the kids that were there to dinner in the WJ. A closed down area where they were waited on and entertained by the wait staff. This will be noted/explained in the "Kids Daily Planner" as "Adventure Dining" (don't confuse it with the Family Dining option). We peeked in on this option to see for ourselves how it worked and it was a great.!!! After they ate they returned as a group to the kids club to continue with the evening program.
  24. Even if you are able to download one there is a strong possibility they will need to take one at the terminal....I can't tell you during my recent cruise check in's over hearing how many were told it wasn't usable....Don't worry about this as it only takes an extra minute or two for them to snap one.
  25. Ashland

    Live update on vision of seas

    Do you have any idea if an Amazon Firestick can be hooked up to the in cabin TV's...or have you heard discussion about this subject onboard? Thanks so much for any info on this you can find.