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  1. On 1/30/2022 at 2:29 PM, braces43 said:

    We just returned from our cruise (1/29/22) and I wanted to give a summary of Amber Cove.  It is a cruise passenger only (owned by Carnival I believe) stop. We did dock (not tender) and the dock is medium in length -  5-10 minute walk depending on speed.   There is not much at the port itself.  There are, of course, the usual shops and a couple of bars.  There is a large pool with a couple small slides and plenty of free lounge chairs, but not much shade.  There is NO beach - not even for walking or snorkeling / swimming.  The water is lined on all sides by large boulders with no access.  There was even a guard making sure no one tried to climb on or over the boulders.  There were some taxis on the road if you exited the protected cruise port area, but nothing within walking distance. It is about a 25 minute ride into the nearest town - Puerto Plata. We however, went on a Carnival excursion and were very happy we did.  We usually avoid the ship's excursions, but here you really need to plan something to do if you don't want to sit by a pool all day.  We did the Mountain Views and City Sights tour.  It was great.  It was only $50/pp - it says 3.5 hours, but ours was 5 hours.  We were on an open air mini bus that was only half full (14 people on tour).  We had a great guide.  It is a beautiful, lush, mountainous island and I definitely recommend you try to see some of the island.  Our tour went to the top of a mountain where there is a beautiful botanical garden and the famous Christ the Redeemer statue.  After about 90 minutes on the mountain, we headed back down and into Puerta Plata where we did a nice drive beside the beach promenade, a walking tour of Plaza Independencia including the cathedral, and walked down Umbrella Street with a stop for local chocolate and homemade ice cream. We also did a drive by of  Fort San Felipe.  It was a great time.  We were back to the ship for lunch (1:00) and then still had time to get back off and walk around the Amber Cove port area before our all aboard at 3:30.  


    Thank you for this review.  It sounds like just what I am looking to do on my January 2023 cruise stop here!

  2. I will be in Copenhagen only 1 or 2 nights prior to cruise in September 2015. Just reading this today has helped me think of how I want to spend my time there.

    Couple of questions: safety of Tivoli Gardens at night for solo female travelers?

    Any suggestions for nice hotel/guest house in Copenhagen that will be convenient to HOHO bus, Tivoli Gardens, walking tour, and canal cruise, and not too far from ship port?

    Thank you!

  3. I was in Honningsvag summer 2011, small ship cruise up Norway's west coast. I did the small boat puffin [and many other birds!] watching trip. My friend went up to North Cape. We both had a marvelous time. But if you love nature, I would suggest the birdwatching boat trip. The photos posted above are very similar to what we saw. It was wonderful.

  4. I am sailing out of Bristol in March 2015 on CMV Azores. I have read there is train service from both Heathrow and Gatwick. I hope to fly into and out of Heathrow with frequent flyer miles. Would be arriving on a Friday morning, and staying in Bristol one night before cruise leaves at 1400 on Saturday. After the cruise, which docks in Bristol on a Thursday midday, I plan to stay 2 nights in Bristol area if a day trip to Cardiff is a good option. Do any of you have any suggestions re: this plan? I have spent a lot of time in Scotland and London area, but not much time in this part of UK. Any suggestions re: transport and accommodations in Bristol will be greatly appreciated.

  5. I enjoyed MV Discovery on cruise to Falklands, South Georgia Island, and Antarctica in 2008 and to Norway, Russia, and Arctic Ocean in 2011. Where will she go after she leaves CMV? I am booked on the Solar Eclipse and Northern Lights cruise on CMV Azores in March 2015. Would love to find a review of that ship.

  6. I have been to St. Kitts previously. Looking for something more active that is not beach related. Considering the Volcano hike at private tour, but also Carnival is offering this excursion. Has anyone done this? If so, what is your opinion? Thanks!

  7. If you are looking for some sort of active/adventure tour (he goes at whatever pace you set) then Javin is your man. Not only do you get a private tour but you get a unique one as well. Your able to get a personal authentic taste of the island with him. From what I've seen from the other tours nobody goes to the places or provides the opportunities to experience more that st. Kitts has to offer than he does. And he is very personable as well.


    I would like to know how to contact Javin to book a tour in October. Thanks!

  8. I a looking for a reputable shore excursion company that has a hiking excursion leaving from St. Thomas going to St.John. I have been to St. Thomas a number of times, and have no interest in staying on that island for the day. A number of years ago, I did an excursion that included hiking in St. John in the National Park, but also included a beach. Would like to find one that is solely concentrated on hiking. We will be there end of October. Thanks for any suggestions.

  9. Dileep, I don't snorkel either. Was that an issue for you regarding things to do? Also, re: "wet landings"--would Teva sandles be okay for that? I would assume it would be as they are good for kayaking etc.


  10. dileep,

    Thank you for posting all of this. 3 friends and I are booked on one either the Eric, Flamingo or Letty [the travel agency has not assigned us to a specific yacht yet] in May 2009. We will be doing this portion of our trip after doing Machu Picchu and the Amazon in Peru. We cannot wait!

  11. Happy New year to you all too!


    Sorry I wont be able to post on this thread for a while, we fly to Florida on Saturday, we have some time at WDW then are so excited to be going on our first cruise! We land back home 2nd Feb, I hope you all enjoy your visit to the Islands and have fun on your trips!

    Don't know if you will have time, but if you do, strongly suggest Boma restaurant and the Victoria Falls bar at Animal Kingdom Lodge for dinner. Really nice--you do not have to get tickets for Animal Kingdom or stay at AKL to go to the restaurant. If you go before dark, you can enjoy the giraffes and gazelles in the viewing areas of the lodge.

    Have a great trip! And thank you for all of your information/advice/etc.!!

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