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  1. Go for it. When I was planning my 55th birthday cruise [coming up next month], my first choice was Antarctica, my second was Galapagos. I am sailing solo to Antarctica, and I plan to do the same in a couple of years to Galapagos. Seems like a perfect solo destination to me!! Have fun planning!!

  2. Gixer,

    I have recently learned that my cruise includes an excursion while in Stanley. It is called West Point Penguin Rookery, a half-day tour to a Rockhopper rookery. I do plan to take that, and then to walk around Stanley for shopping, pub etc. I also may take the minibus up to Gypsy Cove. How long does it take to get there from Stanley?

    Thanks again for the invaluable information you have given!

  3. I have been looking at options for booking an independent tour during my day in Stanley on 19 January 2008. I wondered if Gixer or anyone had any knowledge of a company called Falkland Islands Tours and Travel Limited. The name on the website is Andy Williams. They offer a helicopter tour to Sea Lion Island. I have written an email but no response yet. I see by the posts above that someone heard they will not deal with ship passengers. Another company I emailed was Penguin Travel, again have not had time to hear back from them. The VisitorFalklands.com website lists several other tour operators that I may also contact, however Sullivan Shipping is not listed there. If any of you have suggestions, I would appreciate them, especially as to the companies that will or will not deal with ship passengers. Thanks.

  4. I am confused by all these different Penguins. ;-)


    So if only going to Gipsy Cove, using the minibuses at the dock is sufficient.


    However, anything else, such as the Bluff Cove, one must arrange for a tour (or using the ship's excursion which is what I would try to avoid.)


    They are 2 different species. Here is a website that will clear up your penguin confusion!



    Here is a good one about the Falklands:


  5. Gixer,

    Thank you for the invaluable information! I plan to print the entire thread to reference for my trip.

    Okay, so what are Diddle Dees?! I will certainly buy a jar of the preserves! I really do appreciate your listing the unique items that may be purchased. I definitely plan to purchase knit items. Is there a particular shop you would recommend to purchase wool yarn and knit wear?

  6. Greatly appreciate your posting this super info, Gixer. I am really looking forward to visiting your home land! And cannot wait to see the penguins there!

    So..since you brought up shopping...what would you recommend as unique purchases in Stanley? Any foods that are peculiar to your area? Any crafts or wool or other specifics?

    Thanks again!

  7. Hi there, Can you tell me is it safe to go around the island - I have 2 teenage daughters. We would like to take the boat in La Restinga to see the seahorses - has anyone used Marcos Tours? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks


    We were there a few years ago in November. There all day on a Princess cruise. We took a ship excursion that went to La Restinga and some nature reserve that had a maze you walk through, then by the Pearl shop very briefly. The boast trip on the lagoon was excellent and we had a wonderful guide. The maze was a waste of time and we didn't stay long enough at the pearl shop. We got back to the port area in time to shop at the vendors' stalls there.


    We took a ship tour because the year before we had docked outside Caracas and it was pretty grim with soldiers, tanks, etc. So we felt safer on the ship tour, though we never saw any of the military to the degree as was in Caracas.


    My understanding is that the cruiselines go here on Southern Caribbean cruises to refuel more economically.


    My recommendation is that you go and enjoy what is there and learn something from any citizens who tell you about their lives and experiences. Have a great cruise!

  8. I sailed on the Stardancer in May of 1986 Mexican Riviera cruise. It was my second cruise, my first having been on the SS Constitution in Hawaii---after the miniscule single cabin on the Constitution, the double room I had on the Stardancer seemed huge---we even had a bathtub!

    I still have the brochures and the article in Cruise Travel about her, as well as the Daily Breezes [the daily paper with all of the activities]!

    We had a great time on that cruise!!

  9. I dined at the Captains table not once but twice on a 7 night Hawaiian cruise on American Hawaii Line in 1985!!

    Last bridge tour I had the option for was 1996 on Seawind.

    Received streamers for sailaway last in 1986 on the Stardancer.

    Received a nice travel kit on RCCL in 2005.

    Toured the galley on Princess 2 years ago.

    Had a "make your own sundae" on Princess 2 years ago.

    Soft serve ice cream on RCCI 2005.

    Decks of cards and an embroidery kit on Princess 3 years ago.

    Fruit baskets on Princess last year.

    Costume party I last attended was on Seawind 1996.

    Oh, well....!!

    What I do love are stabilizers and refrigerators!

  10. I sailed on her in the early 1990s. Several of us traveling together got the least expensive inside cabins, thinking they would be tiny. Were we surprised when they were huge---looked like they could hold 4 twin beds, but had only 2, and the bathrooms had tubs! We had a blast on the private island which was not developed or built up at all.

  11. We were in AA minisuite B210 last November for the Panama canal on Coral. Agree with the writer above who was in B217 that it was a great location. The balcony was partially covered. No passenger rooms above us---on the Aloha deck above that area are the officers' quarters and bridge. It was easy to view the canal from our balcony or the front deck on Baja or to run up or down the steps to the public decks for good views. I did go to the stern deck on Baja as well, though that was the entire length of the ship to the rear.:)


    I am booked in minisuite C221 for my Alaska cruise in May.


    Coral Princess is a beautiful ship---have a great cruise!

  12. Whatever happened to the American Hawaii Line's S.S. Constitution? I took my first cruise on that ship and loved the line and the classic style of the ship. I had a single outside cabin with one single bed, a closet that was literally about a foot wide, and a shower that was about 18 inches in diameter! :p [Makes me greatful for the new ships' amenities!!] I had a fantastic time on that cruise!

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