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  1. Following. My parents are in the early 80s and also wanted intel before booking this
  2. While the last time I used Rony he didn't require a deposit, like others stated, I would book him in a heartbeat and suggest him to others. I travel as a solo cruiser and often many guides will charge a higher amount for just one person. Rony didn't. I also got to to a tour on how I wanted. Sightseeing, shopping (including local supermarket for coffee), some beach time and viewing places for staying there for a week. Highlight was lunch at a local place in a regular place that don't get tourist. The only reason I don't suggest Rony is when I know friends and family have limitations which make meeting the local tour guides outside the cruise area hard on them. Otherwise, first name out of my mouth for the island
  3. I did a sailing out of Tampa April 10-17th. I was staying overnight so no hurry to get off the ship. I got group 24. I was off the ship, taken an Uber and checked into my hotel at 10:10 a.m. I was with all groups off the ship. Want to say shortly before 8 a.m. they were letting self carry on off
  4. I did both ruins. Enjoyed them both, but history is my thing. I really enjoyed the boat ride to Lamanai really fun and gave something different to the tour. Yes going to Xunantunich is a longer ride on the bus. But also you are going across a portion of Belize to right at the Guatemala border. I always have a Kindle or book with me so the ride is no problem. Both sets of ruins are fascinating and worth visiting.
  5. Same with me, I stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn airport. I was in a room before 10 a.m. Went to Metro diner and it was packed with the Easter crowd. I went back to enjoy sitting outside
  6. Just returned from a solo cruise this Sunday on the Pride. I did one ship tour, but two of the remaining ports local tours. In Belize did King David Tours. It was not a big difference in what the ship tour was. But I had my own driver/guide. SUV without being crowded. The highlight was being at the site way before the ship tours. I got a bad knee and able to walk at my pace, sit down long as I want. I also into historical preservation and my guide and I sat for close to a hour in a deep discussion about this topic. By the time we left the buses were coming. Now in Roatan, I really enjoyed the ship tour. Less than 30 of us, VIP beach time with no vendors, drinks flowing, not crowded. Did beach time in Cozumel. When I do cruise sites like this, Trip Advisor and FB give insight on tours. With the exception of a tour in Barbados, my local tours as a solo been great
  7. FELLOW CRUISERS Overall 99% of my fellow cruisers were great. It was easy to strike up conversation and joke about things. Met people from all over the states. Everyone was happy to be sailing was the vibe. While a number of children, nothing crazy. They were having fun without being rude. Very polite group of kids on board. The only sour apples was that couple on my ship tour. Came across them later in the cruise complaining because a wait at brunch on last sea day. It was alot of people wanting to dine around 10 so extra wait. But they were not happy.
  8. PORTS Caymans- I wasn't going to get off at all. But my parents love the rum cakes and someone either from this website or FB mentioned free wifi at Bayshore mall. I went after the rush so tender ticket needed and was on shore about a hour. Walked to mall area, got on the wifi , check messages. Went to Del Sol for a child t shirt and then to store next to tenders for rum cakes. There are local vendors for 7 mile beach, stingray, island tours,etc. Pricing cheaper than ship. Later on board talking to a couple they went to 7 mile in mini van. They at first try to offer an island tour, but everyone wanted beach time. Belize- I booked a private tour to Altun Ha with King David Tours. I originally wanted to visit Cahn Pech. But due to our ship time in Belize couldn't. Opt for Altun Ha (already did Xunantunich and Lamanai). Excellent reviews from this website and other FB groups. No one on my ship inquired about the Altun Ha tour so just me. While about $35 more than the ship tour, was worth the cost! It was just me so I got on the earliest tender I could and once I arrived, left. Needed no city tour since this was my 6th overall visit to Belize. Got to the site. Only two other private groups there. Less than 10 people. My guide and I walked at my pace, sat and discuss the site and comparisons to the other site. Really enjoyable for both of us on talking various topics on the Mayan culture. By the time I visited the craft area, the tour buses arrived and it got crowded quickly. I had the option to eat local, but decided to head to the ship. Was back hours before last tender. For me worth having a SUV to myself, a driver and someone who didn't mind talking about preservation and upkeep of such sites ( I volunteer in preserving cemeteries at home and historical sites) having that one on one made it a great day Roatan I purchased the ship VIP beach tour. Was so worth it. Not a large number of people. About a 30 minute drive to the beach area. Escorted to the area. Soon had drink in hand. The water was perfect, no vendors asking every five minutes to buy. Lunch was good and the staff kept us happy. Did a 30 minute massage which was heaven. The only downside was a couple who wanted to leave earlier than the time we were told to be on the bus. Talking rude about leave them. This was a great tour and would opt to do it again Cozumel Been so many times, opt for a beach day. Decided to do Nachi Cocom. It was fair. Plus quiet vibe to enjoy drinks and breeze. No vendors asking to buy. However when I got there, even with my email info, I wasn't listed. Had to wait for manager to find my reservation. He did, but left a bad taste. Love how they attempting to keep the beach clean of seaweed. However slight steepness to get into the water and with my knee not the best didn't.. Ok day but not as enjoyable as in Roatan.
  9. SHIP ACTIVITES This sailing was all about relaxing. I did not go to any shows. I did trivia twice and enjoyed the movies twice. Saw the cruise director around. They don't make or break my cruise. One thing I didn't like was the space for the dive in movies. On the Valor and Glory more seating larger screen. Also you could use the app in 2019 to order pizza to where you were sitting. They now charge for popcorn. I still enjoy it because nothing is better watching movies. The option to purchase the feature movies not on our ship. While some may not, this is something I have in the past and enjoy doing. My main activity was sitting on my balcony watching the sea, catching up on reading ( I work 60 plus hours a week) and sleep.
  10. DINING AND CHEERS I caught a deal on cheers and purchased it. Did I drink the max number of drinks everyday? No. Close two days. But I enjoyed it because it was nice to just order. From a daily latte in the morning. On brunch days, Minosas. For dinner always a cocktail before dinner, during and something at the end. Also love the fact tried two drinks that I didn't care for. Easy to get something else. Hint the steakhouse bar is so underrated. Best place to have a drink without crowds and by day two knew what I like. I love the steakhouse and pre purchased three nights to dine there. Each time was excellent with the food so good. I did eat in the MDR under anything. For dinner there, always a short wait and love the ship horn for table ready. I ate solo and no issue getting a table. The nights I dine there, different areas, but each dining crew were great. The Lido dining this cruise wasn't that great. I would find something, last resort. Did the pay seafood and the platter was good. Guy's burgers and fries so good. In the afternoon my fave thing was a plate of fries with a rum and ginger beer. The crew working Guys see me and get a plate of fries ready. Tea time was good, now you have to choice but to sit with others. A few people walked out because of this. Brunch was good and had my longest wait of 20 minutes last sea day. Overall the food was good.
  11. CABIN 7133 I booked a balcony cabin for this cruise. Was in cabin 7133. This was the most forward balcony cabin every booked. Didn't seem that way on the map. I didn't like the location because of the walking, but it was needed after all the food and drinks. The pricing was higher because as a solo cruiser, will have a higher price. One of the things I hate about sailing. While I have no issue and booked inside and windows. I wanted a balcony because this cruise was about rest and just enjoying me. My room attendant was Prapa. She was excellent. My room was clean, ice everyday, double check behind me because I wrote my laundry slip wrong. The cabin was norm for the older ship balcony cabins. Would love to have an updated look to the room. The orange is tired. I had issues with the bathroom light and one of the table lamps mid way, Prapa took care of it right away. I was worried because both cabins on either side was a mixture of adults and children. But no issues on the balcony
  12. BOARDING AND TESTING Since my parents are older and have underlying health issues. I had my shots and tested several times also due to my jobs ( during Covid, both my full and part time job got busy due to Covid so increase hours). Had first going to use either CVS or Walgreens for PCR testing. However both need to update their websites, because several locations listed stated they either didn't do the testing or not the rapid. I end up using a local lab someone who travels alot suggested. It was quick,easy and right at a hour test results. I also upload to Verifly. Still took ,my paperwork with me as backup. I like to board after 1 p.m. As a solo cruiser works better for me. I can go right up to my cabin. No looking for somewhere to sit and items moved or table cleared if not done. From the time I got out of the Uber until walking on the ship, less than 20 minutes. Kept moving at all times. Used the Verifly so quick. Once on board and taking a photo of the first crew member since my December 2019 sailing, went right to muster drill. I love this new way and please don't take it away Carnival! Had my demo, checked off that I was there and then went right to my cabin to view.
  13. PRE CRUISE I joined a very active FB sailing group. It was a mix of new and vet cruisers. Young and old, single and family. New to Carnival, sailed nothing but Carnival. Everyone was great and supportive in suggestions and overall trying to make it a great cruise. One thing I was glad that I had foresite was to fly in two days early. Normally I opt for one, but the weather and crew issues made me think to add an extra day. Was really worried because the weekend before, bad weather had alot of people who missed cruises. One of my cousins live in Apollo Beach told me how bad it was and fingers cross on my flight. No issues getting to Tampa and was happy when landing there. Stayed at the Hampton Inn and Suites Avion park. Lucked out on a good rate and my status also help. As mentioned have family near and my cousin and I did tourist items. I will say she now use an electric scooter. Eye opener with some of the issues we faced at times during those two days.
  14. Hi everyone! Still feeling the sway of the ship at times when walking! Not as bad like Sunday night. Overall it was a wonderful cruise on the Pride. Not 100% perfect, but close enough. No pictures yet, just got home today and still working on them. BACKGROUND This is my 21st cruise overall, 12th on Carnival. I mainly sail either Carnival or Holland America depending on where they going, price and time of year. Also sailed on the Alaskan State Ferry round trip inside passage. The Pride wasn't on my radar to sail on. Was going to sail on the Dream 14 days out of Galveston and on Celebrity Equinox 7 days for my parent's 52nd wedding anniversary and my brother's 15th wedding anniversary. But Covid changed those plans. I opt for credit instead of cash for my portion of the Dream cruise. I also had a Southwest credit. During Covid I got more into genealogy so some of the time for cruising shifted to this. Mid fall last year, finally decided to book a cruise. Originally booked the Pride January 16th 2022, but my primary job was giving me issues about cruising first of the year so I opt for April. This wasn't my first sailing out of Tampa, last was in 2006 on the Dream so it been a long time
  15. Enjoy yourself! Just got off of her Sunday and overall a wonderful cruise. The steakhouse was above par and I love having my drinks there because bar never was busy and after day one, knew what I like! Love the secret garden area. Best place to read, do puzzles and reflect.
  16. Just got off the Pride. Was solo in my cabin. Had an excellent steward Prapa. She was excellent, always a smile and eager to assist. I opt for morning cleaning. Mainly because when coming back to cabin from shore or around the cabin, wanted to enjoy it in the evenings. Asked for bucket of ice when cleaning and she did so. Also sent out items for laundry and double check with me ( I messed up the slip) I actually like the once a day over the twice. The only reason I would opt for twice is if full cabin of four or more
  17. Just got off the Pride Sunday morning. The wait was really short. I was given often estimate of 10 minutes. However, it was often around five minutes. I was traveling solo and there is the option to share a table, but I never did. The longest wait for a table was last sea day brunch, it was about close to 20 minutes when I went to eat. No biggie but people were rumbling Even at the times like 6 p.m. and 7 p.m., short wait time.
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