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  1. Hi Lyncoya. Why sit at the bar? Get you a table and enjoy your meal! I ate twice last December solo on the Dream. Had a nice glass of wine and great meal which I didn't rush but savor. Doing the same in September on the Valor including dinner on my birthday. Nice to have a pre dinner drink but truly enjoy the dinner.
  2. Ditto. I primary do sail out of New Orleans because it's an easy drive and train ride. But I would love to sail on a newer ship and love if they tweak the sailings to different ports from time to time. Also looking at returning to sailing out of Florida again.
  3. I been eyeing RC for cruises and honestly the larger ships just don't appeal to me. Your review got me looking at sailings for next year and booking. Thanks for the wonderful review
  4. Thanks for posting there are a few I haven't seen. The movies are one of the best things Carnival added
  5. Fell in love with this when on the Dream! With the exception of one morning, ate at Blue! Can't wait until September
  6. Thanks for this info! I need to look at Lyft
  7. About to change next year. I had the chance when they changed the program, Carnival sent me an invite to take a cruise and be grandfather in, but was being laid off and didn't have any extra. Now I used to work for an airline and quite a few of my co worker would do three 3 days back to back and then either another 3 or 4 day and be platinum. Hate I didn't do this
  8. I'm sailing in September and taking the train to New Orleans. Staying at Homewood Suites in the Quarter. Then to the pier the following day. Returning back to port staying at Hampton Inn Garden district. Working on my budget and if I use Uber or Lyft what is a budget to set aside for one train station to Homewood. Homewood to port, port to Hampton and Hampton to train station. Thanks
  9. Glad to know you had a great time. That's the wonderful thing about solo cruising is that you are on your whims and no one else. I would often get up early to enjoy a cup of coffee and sunrise and later for a nice late breakfast. On my last cruise was the first time I didn't eat in the dining room except for one sea day brunch. I had the steakhouse twice and other days buffet which was fine with me.
  10. Like others posted it can vary. I have one booked with Celebrity that was a promo for $25. On Carnival had some low as $50. The most was at $300. So many factors. Also a tip if you are 50/50 most will allow a 24 hour hold. I learn my lesson few years ago and the deposit was $100 and I declined the hold. When I went to book it later that evening, it was $250 deposit. I now do the hold and drop if I don't book
  11. I also suggest Rony. I used him as a solo cruiser and not only the price reasonable, got to build a tour the way I wanted to. From shopping local for coffee and salad bowl set (a lot cheaper and nicer than in port), to going to a Garifuna woodcraft shop learning about his works and buying to see condos and hotels for an island vacation. Highlight was local lunch I wish on my recent stop there I used him again
  12. My upcoming cruise in September decided to try Cheers. My drinking on cruises varies. The main factor for the Cheers is items like coffee (I'm a heavy drinker), water (drink a lot) love smoothies also. I normally limit myself and end up buying quite a few of these items. Since I sail solo, no worry about another person having to buy Cheers. I also like if I try a new type of drink and don't like, could get another drink
  13. I did this a few years back on one of my Carnival sailings. It was fun seeing the back of the house, from I-95 to the bridge. Got to sit in the captain chair and also a group and single picture with the captain. While it was worth the cost and I enjoyed it, personally once was enough for me.
  14. Depend on the vibe on deck. If the vibe is fun and enjoying myself, will do the line dances and have a drink. Other times I rather stay on my balcony
  15. I love their pastries! A must stop I will go and pick out two or three along with some coffee and just relax. Yes I can get coffee and pastries on the ship, but cheaper and better. The do have some liquor that's either not on the ship or in the port shops and often cheaper. I will grab a certain brand that I like there. Also if you need some items like tampons ( came rather early), toothpaste, etc. a lot cheaper than the ship. Like others stated, it's not a tourist stop, rather just a part of local Cozumel.
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