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  1. We have never cruised out of NOLA and our best flight option for return home is 11 am. Having cruised out of FLL 15 times we have never had a flight before noon. Do you think an 11 am flight is wise? I realize a lot can happen on a ship's return to port for disembarkation. Customs, illness, and other situations can come into play. Thank you.
  2. We have cruised 17 times, never MSC. We just need a winter getaway and thought MSC might be interesting. However, there are so many negative reviews on many sites that I am beginning to doubt . We aren't expecting anything other than good service, nice staff and descent food. Comments, please?
  3. The staff throughout the ship was wonderful! Guest services were the best. However, I was so disappointed in our stateroom. Perfect location, though. However, 2 seniors with 2 bunks, one on each side of the bed, was a bother. We have our beds placed together and I was against the wall and it was a chore to get out of bed. No refrigerator/coolers, no chair other than dressing table ottoman. Our stateroom attendant was superb. Those rooms, though. Never again.
  4. DH is considering a cruise from Barcelona. However, we aren't bilingual and unless he finds a group from US traveling together he doesn't feel confident that us seniors could handle the language barrier. Any suggestions? I tried to explain that most hotels have bilingual employees, but he is concerned about the other facets: restaurant, transportation from the airport and to the ship. Thank you.
  5. Thank you Steve. I agree. Our supplement does reimburse. However, are there any policies in your store, which I have used, that works without traveler having to have money wired to a foreign country? This has caused us to consider no more travel outside US and we love to cruise.
  6. Thank you! That is how I buy mine and do comparison. unfortunately I have called 3 reputable companies and none offer anything other than reimbursements, even though their website stated otherwise. Another problem is that I had to ask for an English speaking rep and there were none. Bust.
  7. Do you mind sharing the names? I haven't seen Steve's response. Thank you.
  8. What are some of the plans that 'pay up front?' My husband has been planning our first trip to Europe. We don't want to live in fear and stop traveling outside US, but we had never given thought to foreign medical treatment. Thank you for your input.
  9. We are seniors and just returned from a cruise. We always purchase trip insurance, but until we had a conversation with another couple we had not contemplated how we would pay for emergency medical needs while traveling. We retired and chose to lower our credit limits on our cards and I doubt we can get that line of credit increased. Here we are plannng our trip of a lifetime to Europe and we are seriously frightened about what might happen if we had an emergency that was more expensive than our credit limit. Suggestions? Stop traveling outside the US? Our Medicare Supplement plan does afford us a lifetime limit and it is a reimbursement as well. Thank you Steve.
  10. Our Medicare Supplement pays about 80% after our copay and there is a lifetime limit. From what I have recently been told the Medicare Supplement lifetime limit could easily be maxed by 1 medical emergency.
  11. I will check into this. Thank you.
  12. We are insured when we travel. I just had not given thought to 'pay up front'. I understand it and thank you.
  13. I feel more confident traveling when we purchase trip insurance. However, we had a nice discussion with another couple on our recent cruise regarding air evacuation. I understand that coverage is reimbursement on approved expenses. I was shocked when I learned that a recent medical emergency of a cruise passenger was $60,000 UP FRONT. Not everyone has that money readily available. They would not evacuate until money was wired. Anyone have firsthand knowledge of similar situations and do you mind sharing? Secondly, how do you prepare for such a thing? It suddenly has me second guessing our travel. Thank you.
  14. I have read of this in the past. I don't doubt their word, as we have cruisd RCCL 8 times; however, if there was a known problem prior to returning to port, I would suspect it is legit. NOROVIRUS sometimes causes delays. I hope not on Empress. Just keep any eye on your emails or APPS? They don't want everyone arriving early and we sorta have priority boarding, but not really.
  15. I didn't see your port, but ours is Miami and we were given an 11:30 boarding time. Email this morning stressed that Coast Guard was doing an inspection on our ship and not to arrive any earlier.
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