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  1. Do not see us cruising till, at this point, late spring or early summer at earliest. For sure wishing the cruising industry the best, but not convinced they can control an outbreak if it were to occur.
  2. We love sailing out of Tampa. We sailed Brilliance many years ago and would like to sail and M class out of Tampa depending on where they sail to.
  3. What info does anyone have to state/suggest that Connie and Infinity are most likely to leave Ceebrity's fleet?
  4. As I understand a spin off, Celebrity would become a stand alone company. It would have its own stock, board, assets and liabilities and there would be none of the typically overhead consolidation savings that mergers/take overs tout. Celebrity would be on its own and whatever debt it had to take on in this scenario would have to be Celebrity's and not shared. Not sure why anyone would want to do this at this time. The argument must be that there is hidden/untapped 'value' in the Celebrity brand that could be leverage to provide more value to shareholders AND there is so much of this 'value' to take the risk of a spinoff. Secondly, spinoffs are done typically with very different businesses if not always with different businesses under one corporate umbrella organization. This would not be the case here. Unfortunately, I think a lot of unique features and their benefits have been removed from Celebrity Brand/cruise line as it was when it was independent. Clearly if they were separate and independent and wholly on their own, they would be closer to the consumer and could make decisions that would be best for them and not have to worry about Royal Caribbean, et al for setting a precedent not in line with the overall corporation. A spinoff that I remember was when Circuit City Stores, Inc spun off CarMax, Inc. in the USA to gain value. CarMax flourished and Circuit City went under! So much for getting more value.
  5. Think it is a good way to get information on what we like, ie bundling. Although I could tell them to make it flexible to spread I would also think that keeping people engaged would be a good use of power points. My fear is that the levels will move up with grandfathering in for those who have already attained a specific level. Gain 10 points via Power Point promotions, but now the points needed to get to the next level for me increased by 50 (for example). HOPE not. So, I would think another easy way to earn a point (survey), then back to more commit/effort to get the next few points.
  6. Giving 100 power points = 10 Captains Club points for booking Retreat.
  7. We will be heading to the FL panhandle this year for our beach fixes. Still like to think about cruising again though.
  8. Good question. Domestically, Alaska. We have sailed 3 times and done 2 land trips. I actually like the land trips as you get to the interior of Alaska. We spent a week on the Kenai Peninsula south of Anchorage, AK. Fishing for Salmon on the Kenai River and drove down to Homer once and to Anchor Point once to do Halibut fishing. Anchor Point was interesting as they had a tractor take us way out as it was low tide that morning. Even drove down the eastern side of Peninsula to Seward for a sightseeing trip. Caribbean, have not done it, but think Saint Lucia would be nice to find a good beach resort. Loved snorkeling under the view of the Pitons.
  9. I think they are doing clinical trials. My understanding is that the Govt will 'speculate/take the financial risk' that the vaccine undergoing the 3rd phase of clinical trials will be effective and thus will underwrite the cost to at the same time, ramp up production, thus have the vaccine available IF/AND ONLY IF it passes whatever the criteria is that would make sense to put into commercial production. Typically, after successful trials, private companies have then and only then ramped up production, following a serial timeline. I hope this is what they are doing. It would save months of time and have millions more of an effective vaccine available earlier.
  10. I think a Miami, Ft Lauderdale or Port Canaveral embarkation and disembarkation sailing with a stop at Coco Cay and 2 sea days would be a good test run. Then expand from there. I personally think that a sailing of the following would be nice. Day 1 Embarkation Day 2 Sea Day Day 3 Arrive at Coco Cay in morning Day 4 Coco Cay departing early evening Day 5 Sea Day Day 6 Disembarkation The US Government needs to help cruise industry restart and can, if they want to help, relax some rules/regulations for a period of time. .
  11. As Roseanne Roseannadana (Gilda Radner's character on Saturday Night Live from many years ago) would say "It's always something. If it's not one thing, it's another" 😀 Wishing all cruise lines will be able to 'weather' this crisis!
  12. I for sure see my time in casino as entertainment and I bet small and win/lose small. I do have a budget though(entertainment cost limit) For me, I have won just under $500 on a cruise and lost no more than $200. Typically I win under $100 or lose under $100. For $500 win I was playing a slot thinking I was betting 2 cents times 40 lines when I was playing the machine default of 25 cents after a few pulls, I won a pot of approx. $450. 🙂
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