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  1. Beer selection sucks if you want craft beers. Had some on last Celebrity cruise and they were in my vernacular 'skunky' and were heading south fast. Thus, the challenge for Celebrity. Have a good variety that passengers are drinking each cruise then replaced with new fresh shipments. For me, Celebrity having 2-3 good IPA's would be great. Especially if there is a connection to a local brew. Enjoyed our Alaskan cruise last summer with Alaskan Amber onboard. I bought it vs drinking the 'free' beers at the Captains Club evening hours. Celebrity does some great th
  2. I think you are spot on with your reference of many Elite +'s who enjoy a generous conversion calculation. I am one of those and have enjoyed the fruits of that conversion process from sailing in late 1990's and early 2000's. We do spend money (our's in speciality dining, drinks, some shopping, donations to Celebrity's bottom line via Casino) but not like some 'whales' as they are referred to. I do ponder about Gen-Xers and there being enough of them to meet Celebrity's financial projections. The real fact of the matter is without profits, Celebrity goes away. So.
  3. Have never heard any horns when we come back. 🙂
  4. Which is the correct number? Take a screen shot and email to them if you can if, adding the above explanation. Maybe 2 separate systems. Does seem odd though. Good luck on your quest to get synced.
  5. I could do a 3 day cruise to nowhere or add a private island in and increase to 5 day.
  6. It changes each day. For me yesterday, it was NOT being up on the pool/observation decks feeling the breeze, enjoying a beer and listening to some Caribbean inspired music.
  7. Somewhere I read that ships are coming into ports every week or so to resupply and if needed, change crew.
  8. Do not see us cruising till, at this point, late spring or early summer at earliest. For sure wishing the cruising industry the best, but not convinced they can control an outbreak if it were to occur.
  9. We love sailing out of Tampa. We sailed Brilliance many years ago and would like to sail and M class out of Tampa depending on where they sail to.
  10. What info does anyone have to state/suggest that Connie and Infinity are most likely to leave Ceebrity's fleet?
  11. As I understand a spin off, Celebrity would become a stand alone company. It would have its own stock, board, assets and liabilities and there would be none of the typically overhead consolidation savings that mergers/take overs tout. Celebrity would be on its own and whatever debt it had to take on in this scenario would have to be Celebrity's and not shared. Not sure why anyone would want to do this at this time. The argument must be that there is hidden/untapped 'value' in the Celebrity brand that could be leverage to provide more value to shareholders AND there is so much
  12. Think it is a good way to get information on what we like, ie bundling. Although I could tell them to make it flexible to spread I would also think that keeping people engaged would be a good use of power points. My fear is that the levels will move up with grandfathering in for those who have already attained a specific level. Gain 10 points via Power Point promotions, but now the points needed to get to the next level for me increased by 50 (for example). HOPE not. So, I would think another easy way to earn a point (survey), then back to more commit/ef
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