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  1. Thanks for posting. The next best thing to being there. Hope to sail on an Edge class ship in 2022 or 2023.
  2. We don't, but do like to see and read about them. We have sailed in one suite many years ago and found that we were not in our cabin, for the most part, to sleep, clean-up or change clothes. We do get balconies. Can't remember the last time we had an ocean view (5-6 times due in part to the ship we were on) and have done one interior just to try it.
  3. Can you NOT use the app? I go on cruises and put away all my stuff. My sea pass card is attached to a lanyard and so far after 35+ cruises have not lost it yet. Have somehow damaged it where it did not open cabin door though. I would be more concerned for leaving/losing my phone which typically would not be tethered to me like my sea pass card.
  4. Was reading this thread and thinking of AI (Always Included?) and its marketing by Celebrity. I would believe that many guests would want the 'good' martini's and they are NOT included as I understand without the up-charge which would mean they are not included in the standard AI promotion. I do not think it is a small size (included) vs a larger portion size (up-charge required). I found this on Celebrity's website: Elevate Package Make your vacation extra special by treating yourself to one of our premium cruise vacation packages. Our Elevate Package comes with all of the perks included in our standard rate, as well as unlimited specialty drinks and up to $200 to spend on shore excursions. Sip on craft beers, premium wines, or freshly squeezed juices in our restaurants and bars. Use your credits to sign up for thrilling excursions, such as snorkeling or guided tours around each port destination. We paid some uncharge$$$ and have, I think is called the Indulge level of AI on our upcoming cruise in December of this year. Guess 'unlimited' doesn't mean free or all the specialty drinks!? Just the ones that are cheaper than the Indulge package ones. Let me know if I misunderstood my TA. Sailer Jack, hope you and Sailer Jill have a great cruise and hope too you do give us one of your delightful reviews. .
  5. I agree that PUP's will not last forever. I still think PUP's can have some value even after Celebrity is fully up and running. Again, though it would have to translate into more bookings IMHO. Where I see it being the most helpful is for those close to the next higher level and wanting to reach that level prior to sailing and not having to sail a second time before getting any benefit of the next level.. I did one social media PUP activity earlier and it was somewhat of a hassle.
  6. Still hoping for some easy PUP's this month/summer. At moment of truth, I did not do last one where you had to post to social media.
  7. They might continue them if, IMHO, they see a positive cause and effect with booking cruises($$$). Otherwise I do not think they will continue them for much longer as they restart their fleet of ships..
  8. Take a screen shot for your records. Some have done the PUP requirement and indicated they have never received the points.
  9. Congrats!! Us too!!😀 I have had fun and am glad we had a way to earn points and become Elite Plus without having to sail one more time as Elite level. Not sure if there is much difference, but it was a nice way to pass time without sailing. Now if they can keep sailing. I think they will.
  10. I am sure they will post soon. I always take screen shots of completion if ever needed and so far never needed. I think they did post on the 14th of May for April. I am still thinking about the current PUP offer. I did do one social media PUP earlier.
  11. As I recall you were to watch the video and take the quiz. Will watch youtube again.
  12. Based on the video, what other number would you put, 130? The question. How many spa treatments are there? Over 120 is the only number they reference as I recall. I agree it was/is confusing.
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