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  1. I think you resolved your issue with Celebrity. They are not loyal in the sense that they plan to keep programs and benefits the same forever. They change them in most part, I bet, in that they are not being use enough or they have figured a way to make/save more money. We quit going to the evening events before they put drinks on our cards when we sailed with friends. We like the drinks on the card and meet plenty of people at the lounges all over the ship. I identify with you that another perk or Item you enjoyed may be gone. I used to get Boddingtons at the evening event and I enjoyed the events as an example for me. I even on my last cruise this past August, paid for a good craft beer at one bar vs using my card for a cheap beer or a standard wine on Captains Club list. We realize that the Loyalty program for us is chasing a preferred benefit that could be gone the day we make the next level, thus we do not play the Loyalty game. We sail Celebrity now about 50% of the time we sail and only if the itinerary and price and time of year align. Still like Celebrity and thank them for the nice perks they do provide us when we sail.
  2. Thanks for correcting me on this. We were on the drink package and DW got the expresso with water most days and I always got the latte
  3. Sounds like it. Fun to think back on a nice memory like that too!
  4. We had about $150 OBC on a Celebrity cruise 2 years ago and decided to go spend it on a Speciality Restaurant and a few more great martinis. It goes pretty fast once you start to spend it. 🙂
  5. Cookies and pastries are free and regular type coffee in free. Everything else costs. Gelato is across the room at a separate area as I recall. Never went over there though. The sweets and lattes were great, both in morning and afternoon/evening
  6. We did it through Princess our first time to Alaska and it was smooth in 2003. I am sure Celebrity is the same, but would see what information you can get on Alaska boards. Just did Celebrity this past August and got to see the Northern Lights from the ship our second night out from Seattle on a 7 day cruise! I hope you have a great surprise too! Have a great trip! Alaska is wonderfull!
  7. That is good to know. We have looked at a couple of themed cruises in the last year.
  8. I am sure there are plenty of quiet areas. My guess is they will NOT be close to water. We had attendent pull 2 loungers to where we wanted to sit on our last time at Coco Cay
  9. Hoping the weather will change tonight and you get to Coco Cay tomorrow. We missed Coco Cay a lot of times and know we were disappointed
  10. That is more than I would have thought. Glad for them!!
  11. Sounds like Celebrity would be a good cruise line to try! In the end, it is your opinion that matters. We like Celebrity very much, but I like Royal Caribbean for a more active cruise. We also like HAL, Princess and my last Carnival cruise (5 days to Cuba) was excellent. Not a big fan of Carnival.
  12. Want to echo getting a book on Alaska from library, actually 2-3 and see what peaks your interest. Also, the Alaskan port forum on CC has lots of good info too. I used in on our Alaskan cruise this past August, our 4th Alaskan cruise, so whether its your first or beyond trip, there is always good info there. As to specifics, the White Pass train ride in Skegway is neat for a first time excursion. Also depending on how long you are cruising and if you are doing a north or south inside passage cruise or one that starts in Seattle and returns to Seattle will help determine when and where to do some excursions. If you can swing it, try for a 10-12 day vacation and at a minimum have a few (if you do the north/south inside passage cruise my recommendation if possible) land based days to tour. If you fly into Anchorage you could take a train to Denali and back over a 3 day period, then take a train to Seward or Whittier for boarding your cruise. We did the above thinking it was our first, last and only trip to Alaska. We have now done 4 cruises and 1 land based only trip and will go back again in a few years for another land based only trip, I hope of 14+ days. Recent cruise from and back to Seattle was for 7 days. Lots of choices with lots of decisions. Have GREAT time planning and then experiencing Alaska!
  13. Never seen a toddler in a speciality restaurant and would think it is not a problem.
  14. Interesting that even with a dock, the wind and high waves prevent ships from visiting Coco Cay. Remember, Coco Cay in general is not a protected harbor. I can remember on a trip to Coco Cay, they had to turn the ship so we could get our tender back aside the ship.
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