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  1. A bit off topic, and I do understand clo's point of view, but I believe the OP trusts us, so I'd like to add that a European deep cleansing facial with extraction every six to eight weeks may do wonders.....
  2. If anyone is interested, HAL is accepting $100. to put your name and your top three cabin choices on a waiting list for the 2021 Grand Asia so that when it's announced, you will have the opportunity to pick your cabin and give the initial deposit (less the $100.). My TA told me this morning HAL didn't give any information when the announcement would be made, but what's happening with the 2021 Grand Asia echoes my experience in this past spring with the 2020 Grand Africa.
  3. Has anyone seen or heard anything about a Grand Asia voyage in 2021?
  4. Has anyone heard or seen anything about a Grand Asia voyage in 2021?
  5. I read where you have a pashmina, but I'm wondering if you have any scarves that you may have overlooked. Also, do you have access to information (including online) for creative uses for scarves? I have two colorful very large silk scarves I inherited from my mother some 25 years ago, and while I hardly ever wear them at home, they are very definitely "wardrobe boosters" when I cruise.
  6. Agree with Anita Latte. Enjoy your cruise!
  7. waterbug123, I follow this procedure because the first time I was stopped, it was the jewelry that triggered the stop, and the TSA officer wanted to open the bag and do an inspection in front of everyone in the immediate area. Every time I go through the scanner at Logan, the TSA officer manning the screen calls for an inspection. Because I've never seen the screen myself, I have no idea what the jewelry in cases looks like to him or her, but when the screening is conducted, each officer has told me it is the jewelry and not the cameras and camera bodies nor the prescription medication that needs to be "closely examined."
  8. You may want to try REDKEN "frizz dismiss" after you towel dry your hair. It seems to be widely available, I buy the small plastic bottle at the local Walmart, and it has worked well on permanently colored hair.
  9. Am catching up reading posts that I missed while I was away. I have found very interesting and instructive material discussed here. One piece of information I did not see covered in the posts is that when any of us passes through TSA checkpoints, one has the right to ask for "a private screening for valuables." I ask the TSA officer as I approach the conveyor to screen me and my valuables in private to maintain my security. What I have just stated can be found on www.tsa.gov Please remember I am a "golden senior" who is mainly flying international routes from Logan Airport in Boston to board long cruises (at least a month), I am polite, and I always make clear that while I recognize TSA has the right to inspect the contents of my carry-on bag (and sometimes a small backpack that I use as a "personal item"), the items being inspected (jewelry, camera bodies and lenses, and prescription medication in original containers) are my property. When the screening is about to be conducted in a private room, I very nicely ask that only one officer touch the items and that he or she keeps his or her hands visible to me at all times. I have never been denied such an inspection and have never needed to wait to have the inspection performed. To add some levity to this post, during one such inspection last year, I had the female TSA officer remove necklaces and bracelets (one at a time), hold them up to her colleague who was standing off to the side, whistle (in appreciation, I think), and ask me, "Girl, don't you know you're crazy to be traveling with all this stuff?" I informed her that I had no intention of leaving the jewelry at home in a safe, and when I wear a piece, I am honoring the memory of my mother or my aunts who left me the pieces because each had reason to believe I would wear a given piece--and not keep it in a safe or safe deposit box. Her reply was, "Girl, now you go on, get out of here, and wow 'em!" Some would find her remarks offensive, I found them hilarious.
  10. Thank you very much, cougaraz!
  11. Has anyone had any experience with either of the two facilities there? Am mainly interested in the NEX, but would welcome any comments anyone would care to share.
  12. Please share your experiences once you're home from your cruise.
  13. Has anyone had any experience with the facilities at either of the two locations in Sasebo? Am mainly interested in the NEX, but would welcome any comments anyone would care to share.
  14. Good to see you here and know you and Lenny will be aboard, Bonita!! Please come over and join us on the roll call when you have a few minutes. Cheers, DeeDee (aka Deb)
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