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  1. Booked my first Cunard cruise on Thursday afternoon (a six-week segment of the 2023 WC), looked into this forum for the first time hoping to find some answers to my questions about a Cunard WC (have had experience on HAL), found your post, read it avidly, and then noticed you are from my little corner of the world. Hope I have the opportunity to meet you on a future Cunard cruise! Be well and continue to stay safe, Deb
  2. I had a booking for this cruise that was to follow the June 7 Westerdam sailing from Venice RT. When HAL cancelled that sailing, I asked the TA to cancel the July 1 booking. It may interest you to know that I elected to take the deposit in the form of an FCC, even though I had plenty already, because the FCC that resulted was 200% of the deposit--and I could have that FCC applied to an existing booking. By the way, some of my FCC's have been extended--and more than once!
  3. One of the alternative to "covid fatigue" is that you could be suffering from CSWS (Cruise Ship Withdrawal Syndrome), Jackie!
  4. I hear you loud and clear, your viewpoints resonate with me, and I hope to meet you on the Westerdam because I am scheduled to board in Venice on September 12 for 24 nights after having been cancelled on virtually the same itinerary twice earlier in this year!
  5. Thank you for refreshing my memory--as if I will ever forget! I wondered last week when we had five consecutive days of daytime temperatures in the 50's and 60's, with Thursday being in the 70's, if I would be allowed into Quebec this summer from the only NH/Canada border crossing. I missed my annual pilgrimage last summer, I fully understand why, and I am cautiously optimistic for this fall, if not summer.
  6. I have no idea how you are "going to protest," Tom, but my suggestion would be if you do not get resolutions from your first protest, you may want to go higher, and when you do, a letter through "snail mail" or an email would give you the best documentation. Keep my email handy: deedeegroff@gmail.com, and I'll share the contacts I have in the executive office in Seattle if you'd like.
  7. The key word in your post, for me, is in the second sentence, it's "appears....." I have great respect for your cogent posts, but after reading this one, I'm wondering about the specter of appearance vs. reality. Stay safe!
  8. In the possible absence of a better answer, how about your asking HAL for a detailed explanation of their audit results? If you were to do this, then perhaps your review of their answer would trigger your recall.
  9. When planning for gala nights on cruises of 21 days or more, I'd suggest every fifth night as a rule of thumb, but that's not set in stone. Enjoy!
  10. Were you planning to sail on the Oosterdam on March 28? If so, are you now rebooked on the March 31, 2022 sailing?
  11. I am sure the OP may very well appreciate your suggestion about buying Carnival stock now while it's low. Your pointing out that Princess gives military and veterans a discount served as a reminder to me about a benefit that I had forgotten about because it's been at least several years since I've cruised with Princess even though I am Elite with them. I checked out this forum because I am in the position that I have had two HAL Oosterdam sailings cancelled in fewer than six months: September 27 from Seattle to Auckland and March 28 from Auckland to Seattle. I am begi
  12. The State of New Hampshire was very proactive in announcing that the website to register would be available at 8 a.m. on January 22. I logged on at 8:01, got an appointment at the closest location, even though it is 14 miles away (live in the foothills of the White Mountains at the northern end of the Lakes Region in a very sparsely populated area), and immediately after I was vaccinated, I was given a date (March 3) for the second dose. Couldn't be more pleased and hope to see some of you who post here on a HAL cruise later in 2021 or in the spring, summer, or fall of 2022!
  13. I started making a packing list for the 2015 Grand Africa Voyage, I have kept updating it for the 2020, 2021, and 2022 GAV's, and I continue to be optimistic about HAL sailings in the third quarter of 2022!
  14. I'm happy to see there is someone else who comes aboard with a "suitcase of books!"
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